Wednesday, February 8, 2022

I really want to be a plant lady! It doesn’t come naturally to me. My issue has always been that I water too much. I also didn’t know a thing about a thing called drainage – ya gotta have it. Now I try to neglect my plants a little. I am a recovering helicopter plant mom.

Let me introduce you to my plant family:

I have a monster peace lily and a smaller peace lily from my Dad’s funeral. These live in the mudroom where they get lots of sunlight and I really think they like the noise of the washer and dryer.

I love my spider plant and he lives in my bedroom which currently has construction materials in it.

I don’t know what this is called but I bought him at the flea market at the end of the summer. I liked the neon green color of the leaves.

This was a birthday gift from a friend and it is called “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” I think. I love, love, love the white planter it came in, too.

This pothos is my pride and joy. I ordered one from Amazon and my former student tried to revive it to no avail. She has a little plant biz and I bought this replacement one from her. She put rocks in with the soil for drainage I think she said. I love watching it get longer and longer and I really covet those who have crazy long ones!

This tropical-ish guy lived outside and I have had him for maybe 2 years? I brought him in and honestly I think he looks sad inside, but it’s just too cold. He is sitting next to the Covid testing kits – maybe that’s why.

I bought my first air plant this fall. You spritz them and give them a full on bath every now and again, but they have no dirt. I want to get one of those cute plant spray bottles that look old-timey.

I also have a few artificial plants (mostly really small) sitting in various places. I like a good fake and I don’t think it’s bad to mix a few in.

Now, I know nothing about re-potting! Do I need to? Any suggestions on plants to add to my collection? I have a problem. I am running out of things to set them on. I would love to have a row of plants somewhere. Maybe a bench? I love to look at plant decor on Pinterest.

Are you a plant lady? Or a plant man? Plant person?


28 thoughts on “Plant Lady

  1. I love this post! How can you make a subject like this so funny and entertaining!?
    I love plants, but I have no interest in taking care of them… We have a couple of porcelain flowers that are formed like circles (do you understand?) in the windows, and that looks quite nice. I also have a couple of green plants that even I can’t kill… At the cabin I try to plant flowers, but it’s hard with that soil (or no soil to be specific). And the deers eat everything, little monsters!
    Tulips come spring are beautiful. That’s the only “cut” (?) flowers that I buy – I love them!


  2. I love plants but I kill them so I have no living plants in the house. I cannot even keep a simple herb garden alive. We got a huge peace lily when my MIL passed away in 2020 and have it on the back patio. It has managed to stay alive – I try, I do but clearly not hard enough.


  3. Hi, I’m new here.
    I had my first houseplant in grade school (a piece of philodendron growing in a bottle) and haven’t stopped since. I currently have about 30 plants and can’t imagine ever not having any.
    As far as repotting, you usually only need to repot if the roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot or if when you remove the plant, the roots are growing in circles around and around because they have run out of room.
    You might try philodendron (similar to pothos), or relatively new to the houseplant scene, a ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia), which is good for low light and low water. And I can never resist the “Christmas” cactus (really a Thanksgiving cactus) that I always see in the stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Beautiful flowers and they rebloom the next year. I’ll stop now…


    1. Don’t stop, Mary Ann! And, welcome! I am screenshooting this rec right now! What kind of plant stands or furniture do you place your plants on? That might be a dumb question?


      1. Some are on the floor. I have a slim, 4-shelf metal stand in a corner, and a lot are just on whatever tables are around the house. Two with low-light requirements are on the mantel. They are basically part of the decor.


  4. I want to be a plant lady too but tend to kill most plants I come into contact with! I do, however, have a peace lily from my grandmother’s funeral I have kept alive for quite a few years now and even more impressive I have a spider plant I got after my husband’s grandmother passed away. She died right around the time we got married so I’ve kept it alive for just over 20 years! Since it was a mature plant already it has had many “babies” that I’ve rooted and potted and a few I’ve even given away as gifts. They like to be pot bound so they don’t like being repotted. It was starting to look very yellow and I thought it was dying but my sister in law is a real plant lady and she told me it just needed more nutrients and to throw some potting soil on top of everything. It perked right back up! I was so relieved. Three years ago I inherited a few Christmas cactus and they’re doing well and blooming. I found sunny spots they like and just don’t move them. This past summer when my sister moved away she gave me two more plants and so far they are thriving. She found them dying by the side of the road ; tossed out from a nursery. She took clippings, rooted them, and now I have these huge plants that I know nothing about. She assures me they are hardy and easy to care for.


    1. Me too! My hub apparently has a green thumb, so I have taken his lead on the watering. 20 years is amazing, though! I am scared to re-pot and re-root! I wish I could do the clippings thing. Maybe I will research it this summer and try to experiment.


  5. I would love to be a plant lady. But I’ve found that being a plant lady and a cat lady at the same time doesn’t work out so well for the plants. So I will live vicariously through you.

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  6. I do not have a green thumb AT ALL. I have 2 smallish prayer plants that I keep alive in my Mom’s den area. One was from my family when my FIL passed away and another is from when my dad passed away. They like it in there apparently and I water them every week. I have a succulent garden outside and I do nothing to it (it has a drip system) and it is lovely! Its also very huge now. But I love it- especially in the California heat. they thrive! I wish I could keep a fiddle fig tree alive in my house but I have done a couple attempts and they all die. So I have a fake one.


  7. I love plants and often give them away in a fun pot as a gift! Just remember to take off the dead leaves on some of your plants. You’re doing a great job and I love all your plants!!!


  8. your plant choices are interesting! i think you are not intimidated by trying a variety of plants with different needs and that is smart. i agree with the reader that said being a plant lady/cat lady ( like i am) is tricky but my current cat ari is pretty good at staying away from my plants. andrea from momfessionals recommended happy happy houseplant plant food and it seems to be working really well. she has alot of gorgeous plants so she must be on to something! your sago palm is one of the most ancient plants out there. i have one in the ground that got coveed up by another plant and when i rediscovered it, it was thriving under there through texas summmers and winters.


  9. The peace lily actually doesn’t like bright sun. If you join the facebook group “House Plant Hobbyists” you can ask any questions about your plants and you’ll get about one hundred answers right away. You’ll always get to see people posing nude with their plants blocking their private areas. So, it’s both informational and entertaining!


    1. I don’t get that much in the mudroom? I did join that group and it was so weird and constant I had to get out. It was like a cult! But, you are right – they would be good to ask!


  10. Recovering helicopter plant mom 🤣 you have so many wonderful plants. I only have two that I try to keep alive on the regular. In the spring, I will buy a few smaller ones from TJ or fresh flowers. I don’t have much of a green thumb


    1. Lol! I have not had much luck with the Trader Joe’s plants I seem to buy every March! Is it me or them? I have had good luck with the ones from Home Depot! Tom is really good with plants so I’ve been trying to learn from him.

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  11. I am definitely a plant whisperer as my friends say. I haven’t always had such a great green thumb, but I love my plants. Your plants also look really healthy. They are a great hobby and I don’t think you can ever really have too many.


    1. Oh, I want to be one so badly! They really add so much to any home. I really do believe they affect the air quality. I agree! I am itching to add more and to add more plant stands or shelving.

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