Tuesday, February 8, 2022

It is time to link up with Whitney and others – we can talk about whatever suits our fancy!

I want to talk about hot rollers! Did you know they are back in style? I never got rid of my last set – until last month. They were the really big size and all the same size and they didn’t give me much curl. I have really fine hair but a lot of it.

I want to apologize if you think I have been talking about this topic too much. This is the last time – I promise!

So, I went to Amazon to get a new set with multiple sizes.

The final product:

I bought this set. I don’t love it. I was trying to save money so I went with a cheaper option. I don’t like the clips and I don’t like the way the rollers are stored on a metal bar. I guess I will get used to it if I use it a lot.


It is super quick to roll up your hair and then do your makeup while the curl is setting. You really only have to remove them and go.

It looks very natural – maybe she didn’t do anything to her hair and just woke up like that?


I like the curls that I achieve with my 1 inch barrel traditional curling iron better.

Start with clean, straight hair.

I like to dirty it up a bit with the dry shampoo so that the curl holds better. I also like to use this heat spray.

Roll it up!

Take it down and spray with hairspray before doing anything else. Or, at least that is what I do.

Style with comb or fingers.

I could have added a few tweaks with my curling iron but I didn’t.

Curling iron hair:

I guess there is not a huge difference now that I look at the photos.

So, I think hot rollers are a great option and might be all the curl that some of you all might want in your life.

Do you hot roll?

Did you hot roll?


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk – Hot Rollin’

  1. Your hair looks great curled! I have the oldest set of hot rollers and hardly use them because the majority of them are smaller and the curl is too tight. I would love to try a set with lots of larger ones to give me hair like yours!


  2. So much volume! Looks so pretty. When my hair was longer, I would use hot rollers and did love the fact I could do my makeup while they set 🤣all about time management. Now I just use my curling iron as a wand…thanks for a tip from hadley 😂


  3. I’ve used my hot rollers (not the same set) since the 80s, minus the perm years. I like them for the reason you said. I can roll it up, make the bed, make my lunch, eat breakfast, etc and I’m not chained to doing it bit by bit with a curling iron which just seems like a waste of time. I’ve never owed a curling iron so I might be missing out, but rollers work for me! So glad to know I’m back in style. Haha!


    1. That’s so cool! I can’t believe it’s the same set! So true – if you like the curls they achieve it is a no brainer. I also just bought a new old fashioned curling iron for less than $20 and I love it – you may want to try one, too, just to see! I can be done in less than 8 minutes.


  4. OK, second day of reading blogs – priority you know! 😀
    You say that you don’t love the rollers… I love that you DO say you don’t love the rollers! (complicated…) I actually have a set at the cabin, courtesy of my late mother… maybe I should try them? I think you look great with your curls, great volume! I have a set of soft curlers “in a hot case” and I suddenly realize that they are from when I was in high school – OMG!!!!!


    1. I keep trying them because I want to like them I guess. I got a new curling iron and I’m loving it. What is up with me and new hair appliances? Try them! That is funny!


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