Monday, February 7, 2022

Well, hello again Monday…it is time to link up with Sarah and Holly to share about our weekends.

So…my regular readers now that I missed two weeks ago at the end of the week because I had Covid and then spent the weekend stuck at home. A week ago I returned to school and had three days before we spent Thursday at home doing virtual learning in preparation for a big ice storm. Then, Friday they just called a do nothing good old fashioned snow day because they were worried that some would love power and we got snow on top of the ice. I really wanted Jack and Mason to come home from college because their classes were cancelled, too, but they stayed on campus. It still feels weird to have an empty nester snow day.

The ice/slush on Thursday:

The snow that came after:

I finished this book and I do recommend it. It was different than I thought it would be.

I stayed home from Wednesday afternoon until Friday late afternoon and then the cabin fever set in! But, nothing was really open on Friday. I did go look around Barnes and Noble for a bit.

I got take out Mexican (I have been cooking almost exclusively/eating at home for so long!) and made my skinny margarita. I used my new wine glasses. Mason told me they looked like rejects from the Star Trek set last time he was home and saw them.

Tom and I generally split fajitas and then I use my own low carb tortilla. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing at all! And, it was Friday so I did have some chips and queso, too.

I started this and it’s so good so far! I really love Christina Lauren books.

Friday night I fell asleep bingeing Younger. I already think I will need to go back and start it over because it’s so good.

Saturday morning felt like a Sunday after being at home for so long. I made myself a Keto bread egg in the hole.

The roads were still kinda bad, but I was ready to go run errands. I needed to get out! I was happy to enter Kroger for the first time in maybe a month? I had just done grocery pick up.

I did my Valentine mani.

I roasted vegetables that were about the go bad and made a cauliflower rice, chicken, roasted vegetable bowl with a bit of mozzarella cheese. Yum! It turned out great. I am really trying to do better with using up food and not tossing it.

Later in the afternoon, I visited a little boutique and added to my fancy cocktail earring collection. This is what I do; I go a little bit overboard. I can’t help myself. Now I have tequila, rose, prosecco, and whatever these white bottles are on the left. Do you all ever get obsessions like this? They had White Claw, mojitos, and vodka, too. No, I am done. I think. Invite me out for a cocktail and I will wear the drink of choice, k?

We went out to eat with our friends at Harry’s and the UK game was on.

I tried their grapefruit sangria and it was amazing!

Gotta love their bread and butter!

My friend and I split the chicken teriyaki bowl and I can’t wait to order this again.

And, some sushi!

It was nice to get out and see some friends because it had been awhile.

Sunday morning I slept in a bit and then started reading this…

Kristen, I apologize, this Fairlife is sooooo good! I am trying to go more natural with my foods (and replace Premier for this) and this tastes like a melted Wendy’s Frosty. I want to try their vanilla now.

I made myself a Spanish omelette/frittata for breakfast.

I’m really into marinating lately. I have a sundried tomato chicken pasta planned for this week and I used the oil from this along with some olive oil to marinate my chicken. Warning: raw chicken photo ahead…

I will be sure to let you know if it turns out. My crochet Target sweater order was cancelled! It said it was out of stock. Why did they promise it, then?

So, to get back at Target I went there.

These two teas were recommended. The left is for evening wind down and it is caffeine free and the right is soooo good. I have had it before. It does have caffeine so that might be a late morning or afternoon tea for me.

Shout out to Tom for doing our taxes every year… but he says we may hire a professional this year?

And, he fixed a problem with my car. I was so stressed out about getting the car to the shop and being without a car (I have had lots of car issues in the last year) and he went to the auto parts store and spent $20 and a couple of hours and did it himself.

For Sunday lunch, I used the rest of the roasted vegetables for a roasted Greek bowl. It’s really good this way, too!

This will be a busy week!

I can’t remember the last time I worked at school for five days in a row. I will be exhausted after this week I’m sure, but the students need the continuity, as do I. We are expecting milder temps and no chances of snow.

What about you? Highlights of the weekend? Are you over winter, too? Are you ready for a 5 day week?


20 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We are still buying the Fairlife! It’s not as easy to find as the other protein drinks though. And, yes, I have used it in coffee too 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better!


    1. Yes, I luckily found one of two cartons at Kroger! Thanks for the rec. I really want to cut as much nasty stuff out of my diet as I can. It seriously tastes like a melted Wendy’s Frosty. I want to try to find other flavors and I may have to go to the dreaded Walmart.
      It was really nothing – I never would have stayed home for it to be honest. I was so much sicker in September/ October and didn’t take off then either. I also think 10 days is ridiculous and I told the nurse my runny nose started much and then my quarantine ended much quicker. Stupid!


  2. I have got to watch Younger next. I’m just about done with the Woman Across the Street. I didn’t realize Fairlife had protein drinks, 30g of protein sounds terrific. Too bad about the crotchet sweater from Target. This weekend went by way too fast – we had volleyball all day on Saturday and then family stuff on Sunday.
    Have a great week!


    1. It is so good! I want to hear what you think. I think it is the same amount as Premier but I got to thinking about the nasty stuff in many of the shakes. That sounds fun but busy!


  3. I love your valentines Day nails! We don’t have Harry’s anymore, but Drakes has that teriyaki bowl and I love it. I also make two meals of it. I hit up the bookstore this weekend too 🙂 your earrings are so fun! Have a great week


    1. Thank you! Oh, good tip. We go there sometimes, too. I could have eaten the whole thing! It really hit the spot and I have been so hungry lately. I think it is Covid residuals and just the fact that it is winter. Bookstores are so great!
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. We had an icy mix of “stuff” on Friday and woke to a light dusting of snow on Saturday morning. Then today we’re supposed to get a mix of “stuff” ending with a dusting of snow tomorrow. So yeah… I’m over winter. Everything is frozen and so icy. Your food photos look yummy!


  5. I had the laziest weekend, and it was wonderful… Poor hub has a really bad back pain so we were stranded in the apartment the whole weekend – bliss! Normally we are such busy bees, so it was fantastic to just do… nothing. (OK, I corrected some tests, but otherwise… nothing). I started a new book: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it seems really good. (Recommended by that high maintenance Texas blogger, Mix and Match…)
    Rejects from the Star trek set, that’s funny! (I think, I don’t speak klingon :-))
    Could the white bottles be champagne? Because that is what I’m buying for you when we meet! 😀
    Last week I had no time for reading blogs… This week I’m game!


    1. That sounds incredible! You probably needed it! Yes, City of Girls is talked about quite a bit. Lol! Oh, yes – maybe the white are just champagne! I cannot wait for our meeting with champagne! You must make room in your life for your blog reading! Ha!


  6. New reader here! I would love a snow day or even a virtual day! It has been too long, and going in 5 days/week is tough. I teach reading, grades 6-8, in Florida. We’re not allowed to be virtual, even a month ago when our Omicron numbers were very high. I’m also an empty nester- my husband travels and my sons live together in Orlando. I liked the Target crocheted sweater, too, but I read that crochet can only be done by hand, so it could be produced in a sweat shop. I think Target was getting some criticism. I’m wondering if they stopped carrying it for that reason? I hope you have a great week!

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    1. Hi Susan!
      You need a personal day! Lol! Non-educators can’t really understand. Oh, I bet your house gets quiet but after school that is nice? I’m still not used to being an empty nester.
      Target cancelled my order! I bet you are right! I didn’t even think about that when I ordered and know I feel bad.
      Welcome and you too!


  7. Tay just sent me a snap using that Fairlife and she loves it! I went to Stanford for a skin appointment on Thursday. Spent the night, went and did window shopping at the HUGE Stanford Mall. It is an AMAZING mall and I have decided that the girls and I are going up in December for a mom daughter shopping trip! I hope they agree! We then drove to the beach house and it was a lovely weekend. I have been letting myself go again with my healthy eating so time to CUT BACK NOW before our next trip. You are doing so great on using up your food! Isn’t that a great feeling. I loved the Healthy egg roll in a bowl so going to make that today for the rest of my week lunches and snacks. Yes I used it for snacks too. Cant beat the point value! Also prepping Birdballs! Tony loves them so I am making them for dinner Wednesday night and will freeze the rest! Have a great rest of your week. The 2022 International Ag Expo (largest in the the WORLD!) kicks off today in our little town. We get over 100k visitors I believe. No eating out for the rest of the week. Our little town more then doubles in size!


    1. That is cool about your AG Festival. It will help with your goals to cut back to not eat out anyway, so they helped you! Ha! I am so happy you liked the egg roll in a bowl. I think it’s really good. I am going to make your birdballs! Excited! It’s hard to stay the course. I can see what you are saying about maintenance being even harder…not that I’m there yet – I hope, at least.


  8. It looks like you made the best of a wintery weekend. That sangria looks so yummy! I’ve never had an egg in the hole. Maybe I’ll try one this weekend. Thanks for linking up! Your valentine’s mani looks great!


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