Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Well, yesterday gave me a taste of spring weather. It hit 60 degrees here! Erica and I walked on the track while the track team was practicing. We could also see the baseball team practicing. It felt like spring! But, alas, we do have a winter weather advisory coming tomorrow. It’s too early anyway. February is still winter.

Also, today is Groundhog Day! Will he see his shadow? Ha!

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I am sure you can find so many different lists with so many different trends, but here are some I found that I will briefly talk about.

Are you trendy? I still like to study trends and try some out. Why not?

mini skirts – I think the best skirt length for me is knee length and I do have a jean mini skirt. Now, I’m not too comfortable going too mini.

gingham – love it! I could totally go for a gingham blouse.

seersucker – love it! I’m kinda in the south so we see quite a bit around here.

matching sets – I guess this means like a blazer and shorts or a sweatshirt and shorts. It looked really odd to me at first, but it is growing on me. I think I could try this if it were the right thing.

catsuits – no thank you. I need to use the restroom sometimes.

crochet – love it. I am a fan of the 70s vibe. I have seen some really cute light crochet sweaters that would go over a blouse or t-shirt.

fringe – depends on what it is. I have been known to love some fringe.

statement cutouts – this feels too much like the cold shoulder trend which was odd in my opinion. I’m not going to say never, but I will be cautious about this one for myself.

shrug sweaters – ummm, this feels very Clueless or Friends era. I guess I would have to see the modern iteration of this trend.

white– yes! I love white! But, white does not love me. I always spill something.

bras as tops – ummmm, no thank you. A bra is a bra and a top is a top.

What trends are you excited to try?


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