Tuesday, February 1, 2022

It is time to link up with Tanya and many more to share what we bought from Amazon in January.

I bought these glasses and I really like them and they hold a ton! Anyone watched this yet? I love how Kristen Bell pours her wine. No, I do not do the same! I think there are some less pricey versions of this style.

This was a happy accident. I really like the new to me Soothe & Sleep.

Have you heard hot rollers are back? I just donated a set of very large rollers. I wanted a variety of sizes so I got this set. I don’t love the clips to hold them on and I don’t love the design to be honest. I probably should have spent out a bit more, but I picked a cheaper option.

Big, Texas hair, anyone?

Yeah, I’m not so sure.

Now, I have not styled this yet so it may go back… It is total t-shirt material so I sized up. It is really long, but I will probably tuck it.

And, same with the skirt above – I haven’t styled it yet and if it doesn’t work I will send it back.

I love this sweater! I have worn it maybe 3 times already! I sometimes think Amazon doesn’t use the real photo because I can’t see how this would ever be off the shoulder and I don’t even think the neckline is the same?

And, I wore this to school yesterday and I really like it.

Just so you know, I am very, very picky about materials and I won’t wear something that is even remotely scratchy.

Also, I love the sneakers!

Now, the next products you can find on Amazon, but I bought them in the stores.

Now, please don’t take my feminist card away, but I have information that I feel I need to share. Do not waste your money on Scrub Mommy. Scrub Daddy is way better.

I gave Mommy a chance but I recently went back to Daddy.

This is a great lip product! I learned about it from Polka Dotty Place on Instagram. It feels amazing! It is called Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick.

I use the bottom first – a pencil on one end and then a little sponge brush on the other then follow it up with the top one. Great products and won’t break the bank.

What has the blue van been bringing to your house lately? Why did that sound creepy?


16 thoughts on “Amazon in January

  1. I nearly bought that same (first) heart sweater but thought it would be much too thin to wear for me. I have a hard time finding nice thick sweaters on Amazon.


  2. Love your hair with the hot rollers. My hair is so dry, I’m on the fence as to whether I should have another set. Love the skirt, I’m putting it in my Amazon cart to order.


    1. Thanks, Ruth! I don’t now much about what to do for dry hair because I think mine is probably the opposite. The skirt is pretty decent quality and it has pockets. I am 5’4 and it’s pretty long on me and I may need to get it hemmed.


  3. The blue van comment had me so confused. I live out in the middle of nowhere so I still get the big brown truck. LOL Amazon sweaters are definitely hit or miss. I ALWAYS check the reviews to see actual people wearing the clothes before I purchase. I am not sure that I have ever ordered any clothing from there that had no reviews with pictures. Even with the returns being so easy, I still have to drive 45 minutes to drop at a UPS store. These are my very favorite Amazon sweaters. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WWYS6PJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1


    1. We have the blue Prime vans sometimes and sometimes the Amazon packages come by way of USPS. But, you probably have seen those vans on commercials? I need to get better about checking the reviews. I usually only order things that are recommended by certain bloggers I trust. That is not easy to make a return. My UPS store is next to my Kroger and they are a one minute drive. I have seen those sweaters a lot! They are really cute!


  4. Great finds! I definitely think some of the Amazon clothing photos lack accuracy! I always take them with a grain of salt and depend more of real life reviews like yours! Thanks so much for linking up!


    1. Thank you! I need to practice some more! I really like my two sweaters. I am super into sweater and jeans lately as you might have guessed! Scrub Daddy is so good!


  5. I said it before- you are a dead ringer for Farrah Fawcett with those hair rollers! Va Voom!! I am still going strong on the 12 in 2022 clothing. I see all these amazon clothes and I just think – not today Satan HAHA! For you, I get it. You are changing sizes (yay for you!) and you need to update your wardrobe! You are at school and need items. And I really like those wine glasses! I dont need any but I like them!


    1. Lol! Not the look I’m going for! Yeah, I think you did a good job building a wardrobe that fits your size and you are remaining that size and that fits your lifestyle. I would like to eventually have the same.


    1. It’s really long and I did size up since it’s true t-shirt material. I washed and dried and it shrunk a little. I’m super happy with that brand. Yes! I am thinking about getting a couple more colors.


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