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Thursday, January 6, 2021

Is one of your resolutions to eat better? I am considering sharing more of my weekly meal plans. I do repeat a lot, though, and you might be bored. I would love to find a healthy meal link up, too. Any bloggers out there want to start that? Ha! I get new ideas all the time from Instagram. Put “WW” in the search and you will find accounts that are eating the WW way.

I was originally going to post this on Tuesday, but then I remembered it was the Amazon link up!

If am doing the WW Personal Points plan and I am trying to eat very little artificial sweetener or processed foods. I am trying to eat several cups of non-starchy vegetables a day and maybe one beloved potato per day – he! I love potatoes! I am eating a lot of eggs/egg whites, chicken, ground turkey, and a bit of lean ground beef. I have fish maybe once a week. I have a piece or two of Keto bread or a Keto bun maybe 3 times a week. I have sadly drastically reduced my cheese intake – ha! I am trying to drink as much water as I can, but I really only drink water and coffee on the daily. I drink a cocktail a couple of times a week. I am trying to use more sparkling water when I want a “drink” at home. I do have a sweet treat if it is something I really want. I don’t eat much fruit – I love vegetables WAY more. I have lost 46 pounds since April of 2021. The scale has not gone down in quite a while…but, it hasn’t gone up, either. I enjoyed my holidays but I didn’t go off the rails. I probably need to change something up because my body is probably used to what I’m doing. I have a few ideas…

This week I have a four day week with students. Monday was a teacher day and on these days, we can go in a little bit later so I did not prep for Monday. I also get a full hour long lunch on teacher days and like to take advantage of that and go home for lunch. It just feels like a bit of a treat. I can eat leftovers or whip up something really fast. Lately, I have been enjoying my new Keto bread from Costco with a bit of reduced fat olive oil mayo and Costco turkey. Yum!

I do take the time to plate everything I eat for the most part. I don’t do all the standing up eating that I used to do. Cooking is a good time to chug water I have found. I used to eat so much while cooking and those calories add up. I also used to eat leftovers from my kids’ plates. Whoa Nelly! That is not even good!

Here are my breakfasts for the week:

I was happy to use up three 100 calorie English muffins and then I used one low carb La Banderita flour tortilla for a breakfast burrito. Being able to grab one of these in the morning is a game changer!

I will have my two cups of coffee at home and then prepare my Premier protein cold brew to take with me.

Erica is my co-worker and meal prep partner. She traveled over break and got back late Monday night so I said I would do our first two meals of the week – Tuesday and Wednesday – and she will do Thursday and Friday.

I am doing egg roll in a bowl for our first one. I browned ground turkey – 99% lean. This is zero points for me. I use a full bag of cole slaw mix – zero points – plus you get to add a point for a cup of non-starchy veg. I think add about 2 cups of water with about 4 tablespoons of soy sauce and 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce.

I purchased this cilantro lime cauliflower rice from my freezer section and it’s pretty good! It has never been easier to eat healthier – there is just so much out there to help!

I also found a deal on rotisserie chicken so our second meal will be a burrito bowl I think.

Or, I can use the chicken for the Greek bowl.

Yes, you are tired of seeing these meals, but I could seriously eat both of them several times a week! These both also give you an extra point for the cup of non-starchy veg.

Erica loves both of these meals, too.

Erica is working smarter than I am with her meal prep. She and her husband eat the meal one night and she makes two extra portions and brings it the next day. Her husband is a bit more amenable to these meals than mine is. I do variations for mine and give him real rice when I do cauli rice.

So, it’s a process and I’m still learning.

Tom, Jack and Mason will have fish sticks, mac and cheese, and peas one night and I will have either a Boca burger or chicken patty or my zero point veggie pasta.

They will have orange chicken, rice, and broccoli one night and I will have the broccoli but something different.

They will have tacos and rice one night and I will do a giant taco salad.

I know this sounds like a lot of work and I need to get better at my prep/plan, but I have always kinda done a variation for myself.

I am also really trying to work on reducing food waste and eating from my freezer.

For snacks this week I have celery I need to use so I will have it with laughing cow and everything seasoning. If I am super hungry I will have avocado toast.

For evening snacks, I will have popcorn and a dum dum sucker, but I am trying to cut down on my popcorn consumption. Love my popcorn!

Thoughts? Let’s help each other!


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Meal Plan

  1. Thanks Amy this is so so helpful to me! I started WW the beginning of December and really haven’t lost anything yet. The transition from keto type lifestyle to personal points has been tough! I struggle to stay in my daily points. Mostly a brand new food list! I’m determined to give it six months though to see if I can adjust and make healthy eating stick. The eating while cooking is really something I need to work on too. Great idea to chug water! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I am so glad! I do worry that I talk too much about this topic, but hey, it is my blog! Ha!
      I have not lost anything since before Thanksgiving. It is really hard. But, I have remained consistent and I have not gained. I did indulge in sweets and alcohol. I think I need to up my exercise and cut out alcohol and see what happens. I also could try a week without popcorn and potatoes, but what a sad week. My co-worker does intermittent fasting and does not eat until our lunch at 11:42. She thinks that is a game changer. Just keep at it!
      Another thing you can do while cooking is to either brush your teeth before you start or chew gum.


  2. I love these posts, and I am the same way – I don’t mind eating the same things on rotation. My husband and sons usually eat different than me, I usually make a few changes to what they eat compared to what I eat. It is a little extra effort but I try to find ways to make it easier and I have been doing it for so long it’s second nature.
    You are doing so well and honestly, maintaining weight loss is key so you are definitely on the right track!


    1. I hope to have a new meal idea soon! But, just like you, I am fine to do that. It really does become second nature. I have heard maintaining is even harder than losing so I will need all the tips when I get there.


  3. You are doing great and I really enjoy these posts. Not gaining over the holidays is a big accomplishment! I think most of us are trying to eat healthier in the new year. I really enjoy your blog.


  4. I always save these posts. You have so many great ideas. I had the best lunch yesterday- arugula topped with scrambled egg, some feta, and salsa. And I made two breadsticks with your dough! I’m having that meal again today and can’t wait


    1. Oh, I am so glad you like them. That sounds amazing! Why do I never think to buy arugula? It is very restauranty! I had the skinny pizza last night and it was so good! I have breadsticks in mind for today!


  5. I love reading these food posts! My boys and I have all adapted your easy pan fried potatoes and ate them for lunch today along with a Boca chic’n patty (thank you so much for introducing me to these– they are life changing! and I love them diced on my salads too!) topped with pizza sauce and a bit of mozz. cheese for a very low point and deliciously filling chicken “parm.” meal after hiking. My boys plopped their chicken onto a bun and I had some low cal. bread. I too tend to make simple substitutions for my meals using riced cauliflower in place of rice, or making taco salad when they have tacos. I have whole wheat pasta as zero points too so I use that in most of our pasta recipes. Often I just make some assorted veggies and bulk up my meal by adding extra veggie or cooking up a zero point protein.


    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! And now, you have given me the great idea to make like a restaurant salad that would normally have fried chicken on it! And, the parm! What a great idea! Have you found a good Keto one point bun? I just did and that was life changing for me! I don’t have WW pasta anymore as zero. I am really working on my protein intake. It really helps!


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