Wednesday, January 5, 2021

Here is an outfit that I wore to run a few errands that I would say is just meh… during my break I wore jeans basically every day for accountability on my healthy living goals. Jeans don’t lie, baby! I was also trying to wear my cardigans that I haven’t worn much…so anyway … nothing to write home about. Why do I show it? Because we all have those meh days.

I ordered a new sweater from an online boutique that I have shopped before. I love it! It has a chewed hem and it is super bright. I wore it immediately and then maybe 3 more times! That is really the true test for me; if I don’t wear something immediately, I need to return it. It is pretty lightweight and doesn’t make me super hot.

For Christmas, Tom gave me a candle and a scarf from a local boutique called Collections. I liked them but I just really don’t need another candle or scarf. I went to peruse their other offerings and chose this super soft fuzzy jacket. I had been wanting a cute fuzzy jacket. All of my other coats and jackets are black, I think.

For NYE, I wore my Target boots, my Loft pleather skirt, my Amazon top, and my new Prosecco earrings that I will show you at the end of the post.

One day I walked into Loft just for fun and I was wearing my Loft quilty blouse and my new jacket, and… my new purse I will tell you about in a minute.

So, I got some Christmas money and I had long been curious about the popular Neoprene purses. The local boutique Collections (where I got the fuzzy jacket) had this style and I fell in love.

I got these there, too!

And, you may remember me going to The Urban Market boutique last week? I got the prosecco earrings there. I guess that’s my thing now. I will wear my alcohol of choice in my ears.

What do you think? Fun purchases? They all make me smile! Maybe they will help me through the long days of January?


11 thoughts on “WIWW and Christmas Money Purchases

  1. I absolutely love your purchases! I want it all! The teddy jacket is wonderful and the color on that sweater is to die for! A lot of color and sparkle to get through January is a great idea! And don’t forget about make up, that’s my go to! A fun lipstick and/or color on your lids livens up my days!


    1. Thank you so much! I hope it will help me through the dark days of January! Ha! I cannot wear lipstick with my mask, girl! It is so, so sad! I do use eye makeup but that is all right now.


  2. I LOVE the pink sweater and your new jacket. Perfect purchases! Your NYE outfit is great. You look amazing! I just got a Neoprene purse from Amazon. My mom got it for me for my birthday and left it boxed up for me to open next week. Well, as we cleaned up and broke down boxes from Christmas, both of my kids AND Travis opened the box at different times, so finally I just pulled it out and started to use it 🤣Surprise! Lol

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  3. I love the first outfit. I’m a dark color/fall type style person. Where did you get the sweater and shirt, is it a twin set? You look great in all the outfits. 🙂


    1. Oh, thank you! Both the tank and the sweater are from Target. They are not a twin set. The cardigan is from last season and is Universal Thread and the high necked tank is from this fall and it is A New Day brand.


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