Friday, January 7, 2021

It is Friday of our first week back so I am especially happy to see Friday today! I am linking up with Andrea, etc. to share things that were my faves this week.

I love my little calendar and I love to take the time Sunday mornings to look at my week ahead. Taking a portion of time on Sundays has been a game changer for me. I am able to streamline the weekdays so much better. Are you still a paper planner person? Like that alliteration? I also use alarms on my phone, but I love to write things down and cross them out! This smaller size has worked really well for me and I found it at Michael’s on a tip from Jen, I think?

I did a Target pick up on Sunday and it is amazing – more amazing than Kroger pick up. Just think of how much I save by not going in! Girl math! I use the app and it is so user friendly. I prefer Target for my toiletries and a couple of other hard to find things at Kroger. I did an order for Jack and Mason to take back to college along with a few things for me. Is this a great time to be alive or what?

I want to do something fun on Sundays after the work is done. Sunday Funday, right? Tom and I went to Drake’s to watch a little bit of football and eat some lunch. I don’t care about sports; I just go for the food.

I tried the Italian sparkler and it was delish! I have started taking photos of restaurant cocktail ingredients to try to make them myself for a fraction of the price.

Sushi and nachos!

Then, we watched a movie with a red neck fire. A red neck fire is simply a fire starter log. Jack and Mason were hanging out with a friend so we had the house to ourselves.

It was good to see my colleagues at work on Monday!

I tried a new recipe…A Big Mac salad using a Boca burger. Jack and Mason were bowling with friends and Tom had fish sticks and peas and Kraft mac and cheese so I made this.

The sauce makes it! The recipe is from the WW app so you see the points values.

I had a happy hour Tuesday after school with Erica at BJs. We had the place to ourselves and I have to get the sparkling sangria every time I go there. It is so good! Do you have a BJ’s?

We split some spinach queso and Erica got a salad because she had not had lunch yet. She had just gotten back from Ecuador with students so had to miss school and she had a lot to tell me. She said it was a nice way to ease back into school…starting with a happy hour before returning to work the next morning!

Santa brought me a new teaching tool – a Clear Touch panel. Ask me if I know how to use it! Ha!

Have I ever told you about the red “H” on my board? It is the “Scarlet H” because the “h” is never pronounced. One must don it if they pronounce this sound. I am not mean about it and I don’t force it. I just think it’s funny. Let me have my fun, okay?

It was great to see my students, but it was hard to get back in the saddle. I asked if they missed me and…crickets. Wednesday was much better and I felt much more in my element.

My own kids left the nest Wednesday night after dinner. They said they wanted one last dinner so I had some pressure to make it good. I made chicken alfredo and broccoli. I must say that I am ready to do a deep(er) cleaning this weekend. I was holding off until J and M and all of their stuff left the building.

This was the dinner for Tom, Jack, and Mason:

this was mine:

I really like these noodles. I got mine at Costco. I made my sauce from one laughing cow wedge and chicken broth and it was delish! I whisked them together and heated them on the stove top. I added some garlic powder and cajun seasoning. I also added mushrooms to Tom’s portion and mine.

I wanted to show you an example of how I do variations for myself. They had angel hair and heavy cream and butter. Did you read my meal plan post yesterday?

So, Jack and Mason left Wednesday after dinner and I was a bit sad, but not like last year. I took a long hot shower and then settled down for some trash tv.

We thought we might get school cancelled on Thursday, but no such luck. Ha! I went to school as usual at 6:45 and had my planning period and then started teaching my second period. About halfway through class the students got texts from friends at other schools saying we were getting out of school at 11:00. Don’t you love it how they are the first to know?

Oh, and it was Covid testing day. We have optional testing at our school and if a student is positive the office calls the teacher and they have to take all of their stuff and do the walk of shame out the classroom door. So, right after we found out we were dismissing early, one of my sweet students had to do the walk of shame. I guess I do not need to say that not much learning happened that day. We had to go to one and a half more classes and the students were just so excited they had a hard time focusing.

They also let the teachers go home after the kids left.

Ernie got a walk and he loves the snow so much!

I ate the lunch I was supposed to eat at school – the Big Mac salad again!

My new obsession while I ate…Peacock! I am paying $4.99 because my Real Housewives of Miami are now on Peacock instead of Bravo. I am also watching the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Anyone else loving Peacock? I give up on trying to keep my television subscription services to a minimum! I guess it is just not possible.

So, these are not all traditional favorites this week, but what I have shared keeps me on my toes and makes my life anything but boring.

In other news…there is talk that we may go to virtual learning with live classes for a short time of no more than two weeks until the Omicron dies down? But, will it?

Also, for a bit of Covid information from someone with boots on the ground (me, but only in a school)…

During the first semester, I hardly had anyone out with Covid or that had to be out because of being a close contact. Out of my 130 students, I had about 8 total for the whole semester. In the last 3 days, I have that same amount, if not more. I have some kids that have not returned from winter break that I have not even heard from, so I can’t be sure of my exact number.

I am conflicted…do we just let everyone get it and get it over with? Do we continue in person school for those that can come and use Google Classroom for anyone who cannot or prefers to stay home? Is this ever going away? Do we learn to live with it?

And, who just really wants to stop hearing about it? Me! But, I think it is super odd when a blogger just pretends it doesn’t exist. That is just my opinion, though. I think turning 50 made me more willing to just state my opinion, have you noticed?

Alright, I am babbling. I hope you all are happy and healthy this week!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!


39 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. My opinion is and has always been that we need to learn to live with it; the cure rate is still very high and while I understand and feel horrible that people have died this is a VIRUS and just like a stomach virus has many strains and has never gone away, neither will this. We cannot continue to close the world down. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Sorry.
    I need to try those Costco noodles!


    1. Yup, I think you are right. I also want the mask to become a personal choice.
      You are not on your soap box!
      I wouldn’t eat the noodles if they sucked. They are the best ones I have tried. No boiling necessary and you just rinse. Love them!


  2. You crack me up! Scarlet H 🤣 you had a great week! So fun with your family, your co-workers and your students. We have a BJs here too and go to it occasionally. I live for Target pick up…& approve of your math 🤣 One day, I had old navy, Target and Kroger pickup – all curbside and was so thankful for this life 🤣 did you have school today?


    1. Ha! Have you tried the sangria at BJs? Ours is at Oxmoor mall and I have to be careful not to go “tipsy shopping”
      afterwards. One will do you in.
      That is so wonderful to do 3 pickups all at once from the comfort of your car alone while listening to podcasts! That is a good day for me!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m all for snow days so I don’t have to drive on slick roads! I just hope we don’t have any more. I really prefer the warmer weather we had been having! I love the “scarlet H”, that’s hilarious and something the kids will remember. I’m gosh to make that burger bowl and sauce, looks so good! Have a great weekend!


    1. I know! I hate it! Yes, this is not the year to go to school until mid-June. Crazy. I really enjoyed the mild break.
      Ha! I hope so!
      You should make it and also I heard you can ask for your 5 guys in a bowl. Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe I will run into you there!


  4. Happy snow day! Your Big Mac salad looks delicious!! I agree with you about how school is being affected now vs. the fall. We have a bunch of kids out after break. There is no talk of virtual in our county though. I love your scarlet H. That’s too funny!! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I think you would like it. Also, you can do a bowl like this at 5 Guys. I would love to try it! Yes! We have so many more out now. Maybe that is good that you all carry on and who comes comes? But, so hard for the classroom teachers.
      Thanks – my scarlet H makes me laugh. You too!


  5. Hey Amy! My favorite show on Peacock is Escape to the Chateau DIY. It is about French chateaus that are bought and renovated by British ex-pats. I have been binging during Christmas break. It’s good for those nights when there’s not a RH new episode. Merci!


    1. OOOOOHHHH – writing that down right now! My parents had the opportunity to stay with a friend who rented an abbey in France. Yes! You are my kinda gal – a night without a RH or a Below Deck is sad!


  6. Hi! Love your blog! I am inspired by your health journey and enjoy reading your food ideas! I’m intrigued by the Healthy Noodles. Weird question though, do they have a strong smell that you have to rinse off?? I only ask because a few years ago, I tried Shirataki noodles but I couldn’t get past the smell lol. Figured I’d ask before I buy some!
    And agree with your thoughts/opinions on Covid. I’m a substitute teacher here in Utah and I have gone back to wearing a mask even though I’m vaxxed and boosted. Park City(30 min away) just announced they were going back to a mask mandate no matter your vax status. I’m afraid that’s where we’re headed even though like you said, maybe we just all need to get it and carry on.
    Have a great weekend!!


    1. Aww thank you! No, that is not a weird question. In my quest for healthier living, I refuse to hate my life! I will not eat anything that I don’t like. These are the best noodles I have found. They are delicious in my opinion. I will definitely buy them again. I am planning a post soon on my top grocery items.
      Oh, thank you for your subbing service! You are so needed right now! I think it should be a person’s choice right now but then there is the hospital crowding issue. I don’t know! It’s so complicated!
      Thanks so much for commenting! We have a snow day today!
      I watch Real Housewives of Salt Lake City but I really don’t like any of the women! I am sure I would like you, though!


      1. A snow day, how fun!! I was surprised when we moved here that Utah doesn’t shut down for snow, it’s business as usual. Being from Florida I was like what the heck?! Haha
        I watch RHOSLC and really don’t like any of the women either! I just love the scenery and seeing places on TV that we’ve been to. I can assure you, people out here are some of the nicest you’ll meet and are nothing like those hot messes! Lol

        Look forward to your grocery post, I love new ideas. You truly are an inspiration. It’s great that you still live your life with some goodies but also have had success losing weight!

        I’ve gotten brave and started to sub high school. And I love it!


      2. An adult snow day is an amazing thing! We don’t know how to handle snow well here! Ha! That is so funny!
        Same! Before the show, my impression of Utah was beautiful stylish women!
        You are too kind to say that. I just give credit to the bloggers that inspired me. I am hoping this will be a life long thing. I can’t get out of control like I did before! I think in order to do this long term it has to be a lifestyle.
        I bet you love high school! I can’t imagine the energy it would take to sub elementary or middle. In high school, they just want someone to listen to them, right? I bet you get some weird stories.


  7. Happy Friday! Have you tried Greek 0% substitute for the light mayo in that sauce? Just curious. I make that 0 point dipping sauce for my burger bowls and it is LIFE CHANGING! LOL my oldest started making it too and she agrees. I am so over the covid stuff. We have so many employees out with it now, all getting it from family members ……its crazy. I have had a cold since Monday and you cant even GET A TEST anywhere around here so I am moving on with my life! Jeesh, I feel like we will NEVER be out of this new normal. I hate all the mask mandates. Ours in California went from Dec 15-Jan 15 and they just announced its staying now til February 15. Then it’ll be March and so on. NEVER ENDING. Haven’t heard what the schools are doing as far as virtual vs going back. They are still on winter break here until Monday. I do know Fresno State is virtual for awhile now. ok off to get my workout in. Have a great weekend!


    1. I didn’t even think of that! What about a half and half combo of the two? I do sometimes splurge and use my points on things like EVOO and mayo because I love my sauces so much.
      I am, too. It just sucks. Really what does the test do for you? Nothing. We are still going to treat the symptoms. I guess maybe it tells you to isolate a bit more but we really do have to keep on living. I am ready for masking to be personal choice. It is all just too much.


      1. Yes…even half and half. Something to think about and try! I have taken my NyQuil at night and moved on with my life. I have worn masks when I have to go out but I do target pick up when I can. If one thing positive comes out of this….its Target drive up! Our target is very depleted (again)….I agree with you and feel it should be a personal choice.


      2. I don’t even buy half and half, but maybe. Hopefully you are feeling better! I had some odd things missing from my grocery pick up. No zucchini and no green pepper? No cauliflower rice? I don’t always believe them!


  8. We had a snow day today– but we got WAY more snow than you. I’m guessing a good 8-10 inches but it’s hard to tell with drifts and plow piles. I’m going to have to look for those healthy noodles; you always find such great products that I have never seen before!


    1. It doesn’t take much for us to get a snow day! No one knows how to drive or what to do! Thank you – do you have a Walmart? I think my sis said they are there.


  9. I love sangria and I love sparkling wine, so the idea of a sparkling sangria makes me want to go to BJ’s right now! We are supposed to hit 70 today and that would be perfect. We are being careful and masking in public places and that is our choice. I have no problem with those who don’t mask, IMO they are taking a risk but that is their choice. The only thing I have a problem with is if you know or suspect you have covid and then you don’t wear a mask. Okay I’m done with that now! 😷 I’m intrigued by the noodles from Costco and want to try them for a cold noodle salad, are they in the refrigerated section? Enjoy your snow day even if it’s mostly over now!


    1. Nancy, you must try it! 70 sounds wonderful! I am not a huge fan of snow after it falls and starts looking ugly. It just makes everything more difficult, too. I agree with you about the Covid stuff. I can’t remember what section I found them in. Sorry! If I go back I will let you know. I have them in the fridge now, so I think they have to be in that section. Thank you! I was super lazy!


  10. There have been so many absences at our high school – both teachers and students. But it seems like our district is saying they will just power through. I am hearing that some areas are already peaking with this variant, so maybe things will calm down in a week or two. I think I told you my daughter’s college is virtual through the end of January. We have Peacock, but get a credit for it through our credit card. We have found lots of good things to watch. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Oh wow! That may be the best approach to take. I am so hoping this means the end of the pandemic so it can become like the common cold. Emory may be smart in doing that. I am starting to have a mild Peacock obsession!


  11. I think we need to learn to function like human beings again. We’ve lost so much humanity in the last few years. It’s kind of gross. I think that we will quickly become overwhelmed with positive tests (my midwife told me the at-home ones are notoriously inaccurate anyway because they pick up the common cold i.e. a coronavirus) and people will freak out and not be able to keep up and that’ll be the end of it. Hope so anyway.


    1. Agreed! That is interesting about home tests!
      By the way, I totally agree on Google Meets. Zoom has so many better capabilities for what we need. We were banned from using it last year. I hope you are doing well! You are the cutest pregnant gal!


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