Tuesday, January 4, 2021

It is time for the popular Prime Purchases link up with Tanya right here!

Come back tomorrow for my fashion post that includes some new Christmas loot and Thursday for my Eating Lately post!

I’m gonna do this the fast and lazy way…

First of all, I bought Jack this Lauren Graham book for Christmas. Both of my kids have been bitten by the acting bug and both admire her acting, but I thought Jack would like this the most and then pass it along to Mason. I read it a long time ago, but it was a library book.

Then, I ordered myself a pack of shower caps. These do not compare to my Dry Bar brand cap. If you don’t have a shower cap, you need one! I take lots of just body showers and like to protect my hair style.

We love Ted Lasso and I got each of my kids a t-shirt for Christmas. Here is the Believe one and here is the black one.

This was after Christmas, but my sister re-pierced her second hole piercing and I sent her this set to say congrats on her 30 plus pound weight loss on WW.

Then, I wanted cocktail sugar to re-create the wintertini that my friend made at her holiday party.

I ordered these triangle barrettes for myself. They are super cute!

Still loving my hairspray!

And, I needed a smaller sized undergarment. Love these!

I got my nieces that are 20 and 22 these clear stadium bags for concerts and sporting events and I added some cashola to the bag.

I gave my sister and Victoria this headband. I need one, too!

I also got Victoria this letter pendant and chain. Beware that this chain is pretty long and thick. They also have more dainty chains and I know Target has one and I found one for myself at Von Maur in the juniors section.

And, finally this month I needed to replace my Diva wash. I use a capful in each load along with my laundry pod. Doing laundry has never been so wonderful.

What have you been priming lately? Did you use Amazon for a bunch of Christmas gifts? I really didn’t. This year I found a lot at Target, TJ Maxx, and local boutiques.

See ya tomorrow for some fashion and my WIWW post!


16 thoughts on “Amazon Lately

  1. Fun! I like all your purchases! Well, Amazon Sweden was introduced like a year ago, but it’s nothing like the American one. We don’t even have the same things, everything seems to be German based (?). But I did order a very nice Nutcracker for Christmas this year.
    We bought almost all Christmas gifts online, strange how fast that changed for us! It’s so convenient!


    1. Thank you! That is so funny, but I would love to see all the German products! Are you planning to come to Florida this summer? Who knows what the world will be like by then?


      1. I don’t think we’re going to make it to Florida this summer… It’s so sad, but we’ve had two great summers here in Sweden, so it’s not a catastrophe… And the girls are more ok now than they were two years ago… You know; they have a totally different freedom here, summer job, boyfriend, friends… America opened up for us in the beginning of November, but… it’s so uncertain… And you need to have a covid test that is no older than 24 h- imagine if one of us have it and we all have to stay…!


      2. Aww, but yes, you have had great summers in Sweden and the girls are so much older now.
        It is sad but maybe you can go for a shorter period of time eventually?


      3. Believe me, when everything gets back to normal I will spend a whole summer’s break in Florida!


  2. I used Amazon for some gifts, but also found many at smaller stores or a guitar online store (for Jack). Thanks so much for linking up and happy new year!


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