Wednesday, December 22, 2021

I thought I would throw in some talk about what I’ve been doing along with a very few outfit pictures. We are getting close. Are you ready? That seems to be all the talk right now. I have not wrapped a thing! I am going out to buy gift bags and tissue paper today and today might also be my baking day. I waited as long as I could so the temptations would not be around for long.

How have I done on eating so far? Pretty good! I used all of my extra WW Weeklies Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday but I didn’t go over my allotted amount. Monday I did pretty well with the exception of some white chocolate peppermint Hershey’s kisses. I am letting myself indulge this week but it is a slippery slope so I am being careful until Eve and Day. Also, I have worn jeans at least part of every day as a strategy. It’s hard to find the balance between being obsessive and careful, but I am trying.

Friday for our last day of school the weather was balmy and my classroom was tropical. I went with a blouse that is probably a bit big now but that was festive in its color scheme. I wore my Tieks to be comfortable. So these jeans fit in the stomach, but are big everywhere else and not that flattering. I am in between jean sizes, I think. I did have to donate my new consignment Chico’s jeans because they were definitely too big after wearing them a few hours. I am not going to buy any new ones for awhile if I can help it.

I really need to deal with my undereye area. Any suggestions?

Saturday was rainy so this is what I wore to the indoor flea market. I have on my new Costco lined boots – love!, my newish black jeans that fit pretty well but are a bit tight in the stomach right now, an old Old Navy feminine flannel, old Old Navy vest, and my Fucci cross body that is getting a lot of attention this week. I am trying to say Faux-Gucci and it could also come out sounding like Dr. Fauci. Lol! Sorry, but I do not want to wear his purse. It would probably only be approved for gatherings of two people outdoors. Too soon? Maybe so.

I swear I am not drunk – yet – lol; this is the only photo I have of this outfit. Other bloggers would leave it out. That’s why I’m different. I wore my pleather skirt, Target boots, another Old Navy old flannel, and an old Old Navy puffer to this small Christmas open house.

Basically if you see me this week I am wearing Christmas colors and my Fucci cross body. I will be tired of it December 26 and then I will put it in the back of my closet.

Have you heard of Strap-Its? I’m not sure if this is really the best name for this product. They are one size fits “some” and I have been eyeing them for quite awhile in my local boutique, Tunie’s. I don’t know why because I only have one off the shoulder slightly top. But, I couldn’t really wear said top because of the bra situation.

Anyhow, I am now one of the “some” category that it fits but I am at the top of that “some”. I bought this pattern below. I love it! The clerk told me this is the only bra she wears now so she wears them even when she is not wearing an off the shoulder top.

I also really like this one, but if I wore this with my Fucci it would be Fucci overload and no one wants that. No one wants Fauci overload, either.

Anyway, I will wear my ensemble soon, maybe? We have crazy weather right now. It is going to be quite warm for Christmas they say.

I am thinking about trying this for Christmas Eve like Cassie of Hi Sugarplum. I have a similar Target skirt that is 20 years old. Seriously, it is elastic waist and I love it so much. I can wear one of my plaids tucked in?

Wednesday Whereabouts:

Where have I been? Sunday I went to the library – I love that they have a few Sunday hours now. I spent most of the day at home just being lazy after a very busy week and a very full Saturday.

Monday I was off to TJ Maxx at opening time for one last present and a look around. Then, I met Tom to shop together at a couple of outdoors stores and World Market. By this time it was noon and traffic was getting crazy. Tom headed to do some chores for our bathroom remodel (things started happening again and more will happen in January apparently) and I headed home to make lunch for myself. Later in the afternoon I went to a smaller shopping center with Jack because he wanted me to and I don’t say no. I made spaghetti for dinner and we watched a show together.

Mason has had a little cold. We tested and it wasn’t Covid. He has started watching Parenthood; Jack and I have each already watched it on our own. They both really appreciate superb acting and writing in a show. So, I have been watching Parenthood again with Mason. The three of us also watch Gilmore Girls sometimes. As a family we are watching What We Do in the Shadows on Hulu. It is hilarious and about a family of vampires that live on Staten Island – not something I would normally like.

The dark side of having teens home from college:

They sometimes go out around 9:00 and then you have to try to wait up. Ignorance is bliss at college and you don’t know the hours they are keeping.

They stay up late. One night I got up to go to the bathroom and I could hear Jack singing in the basement. I had to impose a “singing curfew” and he has to bear with me calling him “my nocturnal songbird” for at least a few more days.

They eat a lot of snacks and a lot of ramen.

The wonderful side:

The first night they were home I got so much joy from listening to them just laugh and laugh together. They both think each other is the funniest person they have ever met.

They thank us for being great parents now that they have heard so many stories of their college friends’ parents. And, now that they have gotten the distance from us they have a new perspective.

They (usually) notice a full trashcan now and do something about it.

They love on their dog so much more because they miss him when they are at school.

I could go on and on. My heart is full and happy.

What have you been wearing? Where have you been?


14 thoughts on “WIWW and Wednesday Whereabouts

    1. Thank you! Today is our coldest day so I think my procrastination paid off and I can stay inside and watch Christmas movies while doing these things! Then say a prayer that I don’t eat my baking! Lol!


  1. I LOVE that picture of you (not drunk – hahahaha – you don’t look drunk) but the lighting and the smile are fabulous!
    I have never heard of strap its, I love OTS but the bra situation is never ideal. I can only do it every now and again. You crack me up with the Faux Gucci strap – hahahaha!!!


  2. Fucci, I love it and my iPad tried to autocorrect to Gucci! I’m doing my baking Thursday or Friday, same reason as you. We are having cooler weather right now, so I’m wearing all the sweaters and my Snoopy sweatshirt as much as possible. I bought a pair of sale jeans from Chico’s a size down the other day but I’m trying not to invest too much in new clothes until I get to the goal. Also I kinda like when my husband noticed my baggy leggings, Haha! Have a great Christmas Amy!


    1. Ha! That is funny! Same with me – trying to use what I have while I’m this size. It’s hard since I love clothes so much and I want to wear flattering clothes. Merry Christmas!


  3. This may be the funniest post you’ve ever written 🤣love it. I love your plaid shirt and the shirt/skirt inspo. Is it weird that I’m annoyed it was be 60 on Christmas Day 🤣last year, we had some snow. I just want to be able to wear a sweater and know I won’t sweat! I love your college twin observations. The trash can 🤣 I know you are so happy to have them home.


      1. That’s a good point. My mother in laws house always gets so hot with so many people…so I like when it’s cold to help out the situation 😆some years, we have to turn on the a/c haha


  4. I remember the college kids home life……Now its nice when Tay stops by to say hi but I am probably more at her new house because we walk every evening together and look at Cmas lights around her area. She lives in the neatest area! I bought a new Athleta (I know. My addiction) softest ever sweat outfit. Its navy but with a tttiiiiinnnyyy stripe thru it. Seriously minimal stripe. The legs are wide leg but more fitted thru my hips. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Tony told me today that the pants make my butt look amazing. Hey I am 58. I will take that! Have not been anywhere much. I have stocking stuffers to wrap and I am procrastinating so I should get that done. Other then that I am done with it all! Merry Christmas!


  5. Merry Christmas Amy! This is my first day off school – bliss!
    Well, this will be a full day for me of course – Christmas tomorrow! (we celebrate 24th as you know)
    I will really try to take it easy today and just enjoy it all.
    Undereye treatment? Sleep!


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