Monday, December 20, 2021

Not sure if the link up with Heather and the others is happening today but I thought I would still recap my weekend. I don’t know how much I will post this week so I would like to just keep my schedule loose. Hope that’s o.k. with you! I would say it will be quiet in blogland, but this is when I have more time.

Let’s go back to the end of the day Friday. Friday was fine. I was glad that I did my exams Wednesday and Thursday because that made Friday less stressful. We were able to do a few fun things and I returned exams and they knew their grades before the break. There was a TikTok challenge/rumor to do anonymous security threats in high schools so that was fun – not. When will this end? Do we really need another challenge besides Covid?

My sweet twin girls in AP gave me a mug that said my teacher name by Rae Dunn!

Another sweet AP girl gave me a gratitude journal that says “Good Vibes” in Spanish.

I also got a lottery ticket! How creative! I got a few coffee gift cards and a donut gift card. I don’t expect anything and a note is still always my favorite and I save them all!

After school, we had a faculty happy hour at a place nearby called “Joe’s Older Than Dirt”.

I did not indulge in the happy hour snacks, but did have a couple of drinks.


Me, dreaming of a two week break:

I don’t know where we got the energy, but I stayed about 4 hours. I had only planned on staying for 1 hour!

This was really funny; the bartender announced that someone wanted to make a toast but the “toast” was a request for the only remaining administrator to buy the next round and he did it!

Yup, this 50 year old hung with the young ones who were the last remaining except for a couple older than me. I went home and ate a later than normal dinner with Tom, Jack, and Mason.

Saturday morning I enjoyed my new mug!

Then, I had a peppermint mocha cold brew protein!

At 10:00 I met my friend Victoria at an indoor flea market.

Egg nog with bourbon! I waited until about 11:00 – don’t worry!

We had a lot of fun chatting and shopping. We both found a few things.

That evening we had a party to go to. The hosts Mike and Beth are married and both were in my high school class.

Tom with another high school friend, Dan:

Yum! Don’t worry the recipe is coming below…

Their lovely daughter was the bartender:

Both drinks were delish and I plan to make them! Maybe you need a cocktail for this week?

Now I want to make chocolate fondue for our holiday!

It was really nice!

Sunday morning I got up and enjoyed my coffee and then did not do meal prep. It was nice to take a break from my rigorous weekly meal prepping. I did laundry, cleaned, organized and felt so free because no school on Monday! I also evaluated all of my gifts and made my list for Monday shopping.

Tom is off this week, too, but he will go back to work two days after Christmas. Tom and I are going to be shopping today because we didn’t want to fight the traffic and crowds this weekend.

Yesterday was a super lazy day and I needed it!

What are you up to today? I hope you have some time off, too!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. What a fun and festive weekend. I love your new mug. You on the fireplace 🤣so funny! I’m glad that dream came true. I didn’t place a Sunday Kroger order like usual and the kids asked why…I just loved not feeling rushed to do all my Sunday things! Enjoy your day shopping 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was! But Sunday I was lazy!
      What did the kids and T do here? The Fete de Noel?
      If I had spotted the famous H and H I would have fan girled – JK!
      It felt nice to be out of the routine. But I think I will do a pick up for the main things while still going in for a few things!


  2. Haha that would have been fun! I talk about “Louisville blogger Amy” all the time 🤣 Travis took hayden to watch the king of the bluegrass basketball tournament & hadley hung with family. They were gone for 6 hours. I was lazy and then wrapped gifts. It was great

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! No one understands “blog friends”! Oh that is fun! So glad your introvert self got alone time!
      Someone is always here now but it’s all good because I have so much alone time August-December!


  3. Well, still working… But my immune system can’t take it anymore, I came down with a uti and a cold (yes, only cold) this weekend… These last days are a bit silly, the grades are set and I mostly play games during the lessons. Middle school (baby sitting?) you know!
    So you’re off now! Wow! I’ll enjoy everything you’ll post, I actually really enjoy reading blogs during the holidays! So fun to see what other people are doing!
    Too soon to say Merry Christmas I hope?


    1. Oh girl, I live in fear of a UTI. I once taught a whole week with one without taking off from school. I am so sorry.
      Thank you so much – I love to see what others post, too, but blogland is very quiet. Once there is no more product to shill, I guess? That sounds bad!


      1. So, unfortunately I’ve become an expert on uti… (hello menopause) and I’ve solved it! Get an antibiotics prescription, take one pill IMMEDIATELY when you feel something, then take one more a couple of hours later and… (doctors, don’t kill me) save the rest for next time! Why didn’t anyone tell me this? You don’t need to take the whole cure!

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