Thursday, December 16, 2021

I thought we would start with a little humor. I will never give up cheese! I am using way less butter, but I don’t think it is evil by any means. I can live without much pasta. Chips are a gateway drug for me. I really do have to be careful around chips!

One night for dinner we had a ton of roasted veg with chicken, gouda, apple sausage and a half of a baked potato. I had lots of points left so I indulged in some Trader Joe’s ciabatta bread. This was a filling meal.

The spread of veg:

One night for dinner we had the Greek bowls and I added air fryer fries. I also made a siracha mayo dipping sauce. I love this meal!

I have popcorn almost every day. I cannot live without it!

I really like this cherry Bubly.

For our lunches this week I made ground turkey shepherd’s pie again.

This is what the base looks like:

Then, I topped it with mashed potatoes – with very little skim milk and butter. This is so delicious and gave us tons of veggies.

On the weekends I try to make something a little different for breakfast and one day recently I made a vegetable omelette and had extra veg on the side.

I have been adding this from Costco to my eggs and vegetables:

These are really good! I am excited to try a few more dishes with them.

I have been loving this shake with peppermint!

This creamer has been festive for the season!

And, I have plans to do more of this peppermint hot chocolate!

Erica made this fish taco bowl for lunch one day – yum! I had my doubts about heating up fish but it worked. She did a good job!

Then, a few days later I made our family’s favorite burrito bowls but used cauliflower rice for mine.

I plan to make my buffalo chicken dip soon. It is a great strategy to bring a healthier option to a holiday function.

That is one of my strategies for sure! But, I will also enjoy and indulge because this is a lifestyle and not a diet. It is a marathon and not a sprint.

These strategies are probably more for me than for you! In the comments, leave me a healthy strategy of yours!

I plan to employ many of the same strategies that I used over Thanksgiving break.

-Exercise everyday or as much as I can.

-Each holiday is only one day. I can celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. The other days are normal days and not holidays.

-Do not go anywhere hungry. Pack a snack if I am out shopping or running errands when I could get hungry.

-Do not skip breakfast because I will be eating later. Continue to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch if I am indulging at dinner.

-Only indulge in the foods I really love. I can pass on a packaged cookie but there are certain homemade treats that are worth it!

-Stock my fridge and pantry/keep them stocked with the healthier choices that I have been eating and love to eat.

-Continue to plan meals and plan for the indulgences.

-Wear jeans at least once a week to keep myself in check.

What did I forget?


10 thoughts on “Eating Lately and Holiday Healthy Strategies

  1. Great strategies for sure! I swap out our butter with Brummel and Brown Yogurt spread; it tastes great and is fairly low in points… for a fat. My biggest strategy this year has been to stop my holiday baking because I can’t eat what isn’t here. Now if I could just get my kids to stop bringing home chocolates and candies I’d be all set.


  2. So many good meals and great strategies. I love what you said about it being a marathon and not a sprint. You are so right …the holidays are just four days…I love that thought! Inspiring as always & I love the humor at the beginning of the post 😂


  3. Nom nom – love all your foods! And your strategies are really good! I’m doing some kind of not very well planned intermittent fasting (no breakfast, little time for lunch), and then I eat whatever I want in the evening. Maybe not very healthy, but it works for me.
    I’m still getting used to my “new body”, 8 pounds heavier after quitting my job as a group fitness trainer… I retired after 25 years… The weight came on pretty fast, but it’s ok… I look ok, but not “fit”!


    1. Thank you, T-T! I want to try IF, but I love my breakfast! I didn’t know you were a group fitness trainer. And, with all of you bike riding you are an active gal!


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