Wednesday, December 15, 2021

We are in the home stretch! As you are reading this we only have 3 more days of school. In case you are curious, each of my classes has a final round table discussion in Spanish about winter break and holiday plans, a vocabulary test over all the vocabulary we learned this semester, and a multiple choice grammar test. Sometimes I also do a reading and a listening test, but that was too much for this year. I also am asking them to do a reflection on the semester; I gave them questions about their experience with school in general, my class, and their assessment of their own learning. Anyone want to grade all this for me? I am so happy that our first day back after the break is a teacher day. This should always be the norm.

Here are a few things I have worn lately. First, I wore my new Amazon top with a Michael Kors vest (old from TJ Maxx) and my scotch tape leggings. I probably won’t wear this outfit again.

My Loft blouse came in! A girl told me it look like her grandma’s quilt. Yes, chica, you are correct; it is a quilt pattern and I love it!

Here I wore my new Madewell sweater. It is my first and only piece of Madewell clothing. Target Universal Thread is my Madewell if you catch my drift. I wanted a cream sweater with a polo collar and buttons and that I got. Madewell is super expensive, no?

I am in love! I think I will get my $20 worth out of my new Costco short lined booties.

Another view of the sweater:

I went into Loft to exchange sizes of my new Wine and Cheese sweater; they had to order it for me so I can’t show it to you yet. But, I did see this pleather skirt and took a chance by trying it on and I love it! Anyone able to pick me up on their bike later? It is not as short as it looks and I am only 5’4.

On my way to meet Victoria last week, I stopped in to my fave consignment store and I hit the jackpot. The salesclerk asked if I came in looking for Chico’s. I did not, but that is what I found, and two of the items were new with tags! The other two were like new. I got all of this for less than $60. One item had an original tag of $130. One person’s shopping mistake is another person’s treasure, you feel?

Chico’s So Slimming girlfriend jeans:

Let’s hope they live up to their name. You gotta love Chico’s sizing, right? That will probably be the only way I am ever a 2. Chico’s jokes – I am sure they hear that one multiple times a day.

This vest:

This vest:

I like to wear stuff like this to school to make the students wonder if I killed multiple animals. A little fear/mystery is always a good thing as a high school teacher.

Yes I do like me some vests. They hide your love handles on the sides if you know what I mean.

And, finally this basic layering piece:

Chico’s makes great basics like this. The fabric is really nice and you know that you are getting high quality. It washes well, too.

My co-worker said her 70 year old mother-in-law shops at Chico’s. Well, now that I am 50, I can, too. But, the vibe of the items I found is much younger. There is old lady Chico’s and there is younger old lady Chico’s, if you know what I mean.

So…do you have a favorite outfit of mine from the last week? Are you tired of them? I kinda am.

Which is your favorite purchase of mine?

I know I said I wasn’t going to shop for clothing but I am just so easy to buy for.

I have been weeding out my too big clothing and I am now working with much fewer things. I do believe that you should feel your best along the way, too.

I always keep a donation bag or two in my closet. This past weekend I got to donate to the tornado victims in Western Kentucky and Tom also really came through with lots of his cast offs that are all super nice. We found coats, too, that we thought might be needed. My sweet former student put out a call for donations and she came and picked it up. She goes to college in the city that was hit hard. I was glad I had put off taking them to donate elsewhere.

Alright guys, I will be back tomorrow with another edition of Eating Lately and my holiday/break strategies. Friday will be Favorites!


12 thoughts on “WIWW + Recent Purchases

  1. My heart is broken for those devastated by that tornado. I am donating money, wish I was closer and could bring supplies myself.
    I totally know what you mean about Chico’s! There is definitely old lady Chico’s and younger lady Chico’s! I love their denim and honestly, everything is so well made. I was thrilled to get to work with them this year and try things I wouldn’t normally splurge on.
    Madewell- I don’t own any clothing from them either! Just the transport tote that I love. Totally agree about Universal Thread – the quality is on par with pricey brands for sure!
    I am so excited for the holiday break!


    1. I know. I feel the same. That is so generous of you.
      I do think Chico’s has changed/stepped up? They really are great quality and you can keep things for years if you don’t change sizes. I love the new version of the transport tote with the monogram. It is so timeless. I really love Universal Thread. I can’t wait to shop for spring! Winter clothes are kinda boring to me.


  2. I love that you found way to donate directly where help is needed. I keep bags of ongoing donations going too for all 5 of us (though admittedly I add the most to the bags!) and often wonder where they end up when I’m dropping them in donation bins.

    Enjoy your break!


    1. Me, too! It was like divine intervention. I donate the most, too. Seems like guys styles don’t change much, you know? Also, my husband has worn the same size for a long time and I have not – lol!


  3. You are on fire today with your hilarious side comments! It got me laughing *out loud* this morning. This post is definitely one of my favorites. I do think even the small things, like waiting to donate a bag of clothes possibly due to procrastination, happens for a reason. Enjoy your Christmas break, it is very well deserved especially for you teachers!


    1. Haha, thank you! You are too sweet. I feel the same way! I look for these “signs” or “nudges” from the universe all the time.
      Thank you so much; I can’t believe I survived half of the year and I can’t believe I’ve survived the last year, either. Many jobs are hard but teaching is a certain kind of hard, especially in 2021. So are many jobs, now, though!


  4. i agree:you are en fuego this morning!! i really like the madewell sweater on you. it looks very classy and put together with the dark pants, not to mention it is very flattering. i think i need your costco boots. i live on some acreage in the country and it is dirty out here! i especially like the lining and the fact that they are slip on.
    i’ll bet your students think you are their favorite teacher. it’s apparent that you like what you are doing and you like THEM. they will take that with them and you likely made alot of them really like school!
    look forward to reading about your eating strategies for the holidays.


    1. Ah, thank you! You do need these boots. I wore them without socks and they felt wonderful. I have 10 year old Hunter boots that are tall, but a short one seems easier, you know? They are also easy to slip on while standing up, which I appreciate.
      You are too kind. It is a thankless job at times but they really seem appreciative this year.
      I don’t know how great my strategies will be! Thanks for commenting! You made my day!


  5. Love the Madewell sweater. I own jeans, tees, a purse, and sweaters from Madewell. I go in spurts. You know my one true love is Athleta. HAHA! I want a pair of their velvet tights but I think — why? So I am not buying them. I, too, love Target Universal Thread. I have bought a couple pair of new Athleta leggings that have prints on them. One is red with black flowers in a muted tone and the other is great black white same print. I love them with my CYA (cover your A**) sweaters and tops.


  6. You’re always beautiful, but those scotch tights doesn’t really do you justice… But I love the new Madewell cardigan! Nice!
    The animals you’ve killed…! Ha ha! You kill me! I just let my students read a crime story where the teacher was posessed by demons… Now they look at me in another way! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€


    1. Ha – I know! I do like the Madewell, too, but it is a little hot and itchy which I do not like! I will only wear it in small doses.
      I wouldn’t really kill even a bug in my classroom. I make the kids help me get it and open the window.
      That is so funny!


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