Monday, December 6, 2021

Wow – that weekend sure went by quickly! I am linking up today with Heather, etc. right here. (I am trying not to use so many exclamation points. I had to just change that last sentence. Can one person really exclaim that much? )

How was your weekend? Ours was unseasonably warm. Basically it was the weather we were supposed to have had on Thanksgiving Break.

Friday after school I busted out of those doors just as quickly as I could because it was 60 freaking degrees!

Erica came over for a quick margarita and to borrow some vests for her family photos and then Heather below took her spot for some charcuterie, conversation, and cocktail. I made her an Aperol Spritz. We fancy?

Tom came home and the three of us sat on my back deck until it was quite dark – around 6:00.

After Heather left I went and did my Kroger pick up and then an even better pick up….Mason! Jack needed the car so I was happy to be the Lyft driver. Mason wanted to come home for a distraction free environment to write his final semester papers.

Night driving…I hate it. I have an astigmatism so the lights look distorted. I need to find this meme that shows the difference between no astigmatism and astigmatism. Anyone else?

Mason and I watched a Gilmore Girls and then he worked Friday night and most of the day Saturday while Tom went hiking with a buddy and I had a shopping date with my niece Morgan.

We went to Butchertown Market/Work the Metal which I have mentioned before. It is a really large space with kid stuff, kitchen stuff, clothing and accessories, and more. It is a really great place to find gifts.

Um….and they have $1 mimosas. Morgan had an apple cider and I had a cranberry.

Then, we headed to the area called NULU which I have also mentioned. It is an abbreviation for New Louisville – an area of downtown that has been revitalized. We went in about 3 or 4 shops but I only bought a candle. I was looking for the Pickwick Mahomes for the Holiday candle and I knew the plant store Mahonia carried it. They only had Holiday so I got that and it smells amazing. Use your candles, people! Do not save them! Ha – just a little PSA.

We were both curious about this new business that only just opened a couple of weeks ago.

We tried a flight of a few different flavors. They are alcoholic but they also have non-alcoholic.

The vibe was super cute but honestly the seltzers were not fizzy enough for me or maybe anyone. I wished I had brought a Topo Chico in my purse to liven it up. It tasted like you had had a party and someone drank half of a White Claw and left it there and you were a slob and left it there for maybe 7 days and then drank it.

After that, we were hungry and headed to Frankfort Avenue which is a cute street of restaurants and we picked The Hub.

You gotta have fries!

Morgan got chicken and grits and I got…

tiny little avocado toasts.

We parted ways after lunch and I went home.

Around 6, Tom, Mason, and I went to try a new to us place called Falafel House. Sadly, they had no indoor seating.

We had to eat in the car before going in to a beautiful church as part of Bardstown Road Aglow to hear Jack sing.

They were awesome and it was the first time we have gotten to hear Jack sing in person because everything was live streamed last year due to Covid. Jack decided to come home with us for the night and it was already 10 by the time we got home.

I slept in until 8:00 a.m.! Teacher Tired!

I had my coffee and read and then jumped right into meal prep.

I did my 5 breakfasts for the week, Greek bowls, and this turkey sausage vegetable mixture. Erica has 3 lunches this week. It takes me a good amount of time but it really is so worth it to have all of my containers ready to go.

I also made the Trader Joe jumbo cinnamon rolls that I forgot to use for Thanksgiving for the three guys. Kim told me to get them and she is right again. I had to test a bit of one for quality control.

So, speaking of teacher tired and so many things I have to accomplish before December 17 in my professional and personal life, I am going to reduce my blog posts to 3 per week for now. I will be back Wednesday for What I Wore and Friday for Friday Favorites.

I hope you had a great weekend! Let me know in the comments what you did if you feel inclined.


17 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Agreed on the “accomplish things”. I have so much to do before December 17th. I am trying to stay on top of it all without burning out. The cinnamon rolls look really good. I miss TJs!


    1. So.much.stuff. I do feel better than I did on Monday, though. I am triaging, too! What do I HAVE to do? The cinnamon rolls were great. I also get great satisfaction in making things from scratch so that would be a fun project if I have the energy!


  2. Another great weekend! Your outing with your niece looks like so much fun, I wish I had someone to shop with – everyone is so busy around here. It’s awesome too that you were able to see Jack sing in person!
    We had a busy weekend too, went to two concerts and a party – I’m not used to having such a full social calendar!
    Have a super week!


    1. Thank you! We are reconnecting now that she has moved back to my city. I know – all of my friends are so busy, too. It’s annoying. I like lots of open space in my days and weekends. Life is too short to overschedule. I also blame that for many of our mental health issues. Two concerts! You crazy kids!
      You too!


  3. Sounds like a fun outing with your nieces and all those places look pretty unique. With this busy season & work, i have been averaging just blogging 2x a week. I enjoy it, but it does take some time! I just blogged today about comedian we saw over the weekend. Enjoy your Monday!


  4. What a weekend. I’m sure that was so special to take in Jack’s concert in person and to hang with your niece. Looks like you had so much fun. (BTW I use too many ! Too ) I’m not that excitable in real life 🤣


    1. It really was. He doesn’t get it. I think since they are in college now it is no longer expected. It is fun to have a new adult relationship with my niece. I am kinda that excitable in real life! lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sorry, since I live close to the north pole: is 15 degrees considered warm or cold where you live…? I guess warm…? (or so I hope, we have 10.4 over here right now…)
    3 posts per week – good for you! I don’t get it how you have the time to write all these posts! I don’t even have time to read them right now…
    My weekend was fine, we had neighbors over for a “glögg” (like gluhwine, “hot spicy wine”) at the cabin. It’s so cozy you would die… Snow, christmas lights, candles, fika… I love it!


    1. Ha! 15 degrees F is very, very cold. Anything below 45 F is probably considered cold here. Also, we aren’t as prepared with the winter gear.
      I don’t get how I have the time either. I really don’t.
      I know what glogg is! I love it! We have mulled wine here. That sounds so hygge and fika!


  6. What a fun weekend! Hey, was I right or was I right about the cinnamon rolls! So good! I am making them for Cmas morning. We had a very low key weekend. Which we needed. Sadly, I fell yesterday while helping Tay get some boxes moved out of her garage to the warehouse! Right in a darn hole outside Tonys warehouse. UGH. So as we are leaving tomorrow for Vegas, I am laying low today. and I did nothing else the rest of Sunday. Its a bit swollen and I am icing it and have a compression sleeve on it. But it also means less walking around Vegas. BOO. (Tony isn’t upset about that HAHA) and of course no Peloton before we leave. Anyway, not to be a Debbie downer, but that was my weekend. Ok, I am off to ice my ankle again. Have a great week!


    1. Thank you! You really were. I will buy them again. They taste homemade. I even have the idea to do homemade frosting next time. They never give you enough. I am so sorry you fell! I hope it is back to 100% soon. Have so much fun in Vegas!


  7. you fancy alright! i think i need to try an aper0l spritz! i laughed so loud at your comments about the seltzer and when i read it to my husband he laughed louder than i did! your weekend sounds great as usual-i seriously look forward to monday posts!
    the weekend here was nice. december in texas can go one of several ways and we had the usual 80 degree days followed by 50’s followed by a freeze tonight.
    hope you have a terrific week!


    1. Ha! Aperol is quite bitter so I add some lemonade Crystal Light. I am really not sure I am a fan…you have been warned! If you do try it, let me know what you think.
      Ha – I wanted to like it and they did say they are working on the fizz factor.
      I really do not think my weekends are that exciting and I rarely travel so you are sweet to say that.
      That is some crazy fickle weather! Gotta love a Texas winter, right?


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