Friday, December 3, 2021

Happy Friday! That first week back to the grind after a break is always exhausting! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here.

Here are some favorites from the week…

Ernie helps me load the dishwasher.

He started his Trader Joe’s advent calendar this week, too!

I received two magazines in the mail this week!

I made a batch of the dough!

I had pizza, one breadstick, broccoli, and potato wedges for dinner one night.

I have been trying to wear my winter stuff this week. As I get dressed in the morning, I am finding so many things that are just too big. I decided to look at a Loft sale and ordered enough to get free shipping. I will let you know what works and what I end up returning to my local store.

This was a true impulse purchase:

This was love at first sight! I love the color and pattern!

And, I love a black and white plaid!

I’m also taking a chance on an Amazon top recommended by Honey We’re Home blog.

I had my students write a thank you letter in Spanish last week and apparently some other teachers had their students make cards. I also got a few cards that kids did on their own. Basically I have never gotten thanked so much in the month of November! I think the kids feel more appreciation to us after the pandemic.

High school students think it’s funny when they know what cars their teachers drive!

I was invited by a sweet girl to her college sport signing day this week.

I have so much to do this weekend! I have to decorate and shop on top of the general house chore stuff. December is always so crazy and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are so packed. Jack and Mason are taking finals right now and move home next week.

I hope you had lots of favorites this week, too!


13 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Love that lace sleeved top from Amazon! I both hated and loved having to buy all new clothes as I sized down… it was a great feeling but so hard to know what sizes and styles would fit. Good luck with the new clothes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it pretty? If you look that top up on Amazon there is another sleeve style too that I debated on.
      It is a love/hate problem to have. I bought very little last winter for working from home so I guess it’s ok. Also, I am over having a stuffed closet!


    1. I love that sweater too but it may be too small!
      Oh – I wasn’t putting that out there to imply that – I just feel that it’s important for people to know how sweet our teenagers are. They get a bad rap!


      1. No, not at all – I know the spirit in which you posted that but I want you to know that they love you – I know kids and how they respond to adults who they know care and show interest in them. You have to be a favorite!!!


  2. Love me some Ernie! I laughed out loud when I saw him sampling the leftovers in the dishwasher. My dog used to do the same if she had 1/2 a chance. Have a great weekend and take time for you and Ernie.


  3. Sunday, and I just sat down and read all your posts from this week – wonderful, thank you! I’m a busy bee, and I so look forward to the Christmas break!
    You look great in all pictures, so full of energy! I love all posts about your school, clothes, food – and Ernie of course!
    Wow, Jack and Mason are halfway through college! That’s crazy! When did you start this blog? I found it in December that year I think…


      1. Wow, what year was that?
        My last day is Dec. 22 – can you believe how late that is! And since we celebrate Dec. 24 over here I only one day before the big day… sigh… Well, planning is the key!


      2. Must’ve been 2018, and I think I found your blog in like November… So we’ve been cyber friends for three years! 😀


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