Monday, November 15, 2021

Hello all! I am linking up with Heather, etc. right here to talk about our weekends.

So, I started my Friday morning in a really, really good way! The scale hadn’t moved since the end of October and it finally moved. Do not weigh more than once a week. I had been doing that and it was really discouraging. Something happened between Wednesday and Friday and look:

That is not really correct; it was only 2.5 pounds from my lowest at the end of October, but my birthday and four days of cake had taken a toll. I upped my walking, my protein, and my water and just stayed the course.

My sister is only weighing every two weeks. So… that may help someone out there!

I had a teacher work day on Friday and it was really not bad at all. It was very relaxed with only a couple of meetings.

After school I had my first facial ever and it was by a student in her home. It was so relaxing and I think she did a great job.

She uses a lot of The Ordinary products. I promptly ordered some. The prices are so reasonable.

Don’t freak out – she basically just washed my face and applied serums but I loved it!

I went home and Tom had Totino’s and I had salad and skinny pizza dough pizza so we were both happy!

I fell asleep way early while watching a show.

Saturday morning it was cold, but I knew I was going to be eating all of the extra weeklies so I walked. Beth had given me this adorable hat Thursday. She made it! That Beth!


Saturday around 11:00 my mom and sisters arrived for their turn to celebrate my birthday. I am a spoiled gal.

We started by eating at Ciao.


My sister Molly and I split the Michigan apple salad with chicken. This is Kate’s without chicken. We ate ours too fast. I only tell you this much detail so you don’t think I’m a liar.

Brut Cava rose;

Then, we headed to Butchertown Market and it was so crowded!

$1 apple cider mimosas:

Not really sure what Kate is doing here:

Then we checked in to our hotel so we could ditch the car. We stayed in NULU and had dinner reservations right next door at the Cuban Bodeguita de Mima restaurant.

I opened some presents in the room before we set out again.

Next to the Cuban restaurant is a karaoke bar called Noraebar. Kate’s daughter is Nora so she covered the “e” for Nora.

We shopped all along the street the hotel is on.

We had to go in the macaron bar and they are so sweet there. They gave us free macarons for my birthday!

Then we cut through this courtyard and walked to…

the fabulous Cultured charcuterie bar.

This was a bourbon cocktail:

After the charcuterie, we went back to the hotel to change and rest for a bit.

Then, we headed to our reservation and I had a pineapple mojito. Yes, I mixed my sparkling, then bourbon, then rum.

We got three things to share and it was really delicious. My mom and Molly hadn’t ever had Cuban food before.

We headed back to the hotel after checking out the karaoke bar for a minute. Let’s just say it hurt my ears.

We went to bed shortly after hanging out for a bit.

Sunday morning I was the early bird and went to Please and Thank You coffee shop by myself. I brought a coffee back to Molly (we are the only coffee drinkers).

Then we did brunch at Wild Eggs before everyone got on their way home.

I got my farmer’s market skillet because it was time to be back on my healthier eating plan.

Molly got a wild mushroom scramble that was really good.

It was such a nice 24 hours. I really felt spoiled and it was so fun to get to celebrate again. Thanks to my mom, Kate, and Molly for all of the effort they put forth!

When everyone left I unpacked immediately. I do not like to put it off!

Then, I told Tom that I had made a big decision… I was gonna do it…I was gonna finally buy an air fryer.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he found out what my big decision was!

We headed to Target together and now he was part of this…

I was gonna go for a small one with a basket and he said (I quote), “Round ones are stupid.”

He liked this baby below so we have ditched the toaster.

I spent the better part of the rest of the day air frying. I had to do my meal prep, so I might as well air fry it all. I love how quiet it is. My oven is so loud and takes forever to stop being loud after baking. I did some really flavorful chicken and some ground chicken meatballs.

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

Hope your Monday doesn’t suck as much as it could, you know?


17 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

    1. Thank you! I think I am loving it already; it is really great for the two of us. Finally saw that movement – I knew I was doing the right think staying the course but it was getting hard without that scale moving.


  1. I’m at work waiting for our computer system to decide to come up, so I’m looking at the blog. And I came to the pic of Kate sticking her finger in the thingie, and I legit LOLd. The people in the office looked at me like I’m nuts.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Amy. I’m considering an air fryer. Please give updates on the one you purchased. Btw, how much was it. (If you don’t mind sharing). I’m with Tom…not a fan of the round ones. Would like one that will also replace my toaster. Great job on the weight loss!

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  3. Can you please post some of your recipes? Especially your skinny pizzas Points too if you can..and the little fries you make…also the veggie burger in a tortilla…thank you so much! You look awesome!


    1. The skinny pizza is from My Bizzy Kitchen – I have linked it before. The veggie burger is just with whatever toppings you like in a La Banderita low carb wrap. My fave brand is Boca. I will try to be more specific in the future!


  4. Wow, what a great 24 hours with your family! You are spoiled! (as you should be :-D)
    Airfryer, fun! But I don’t have space for any more kitchen appliances… I don’t even have a microwave! Not that my kitchen is very small, but… no… But please tell us what you think of the airfryer, you hear so much about them!
    My oven in the cabin is also very loud… sometimes I hesitate to use it just because of the noise… (that goes on after you turn it off too!)


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