Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Hello and happy Wednesday! I took off from posting yesterday and I am taking off on Thursday, too. Come back Friday for favorites!

Here are some recent outfits – some are out of order!

I was so happy to wear some normal clothes last Friday. I incorporated a school color (maroon) with my denim skirt and kimono. Two weeks of spirit is just too much spirit – whew!

Thursday was Generations Day – Seniors were senior citizens, juniors were working professionals, sophomores were kids, and freshmen were babies. Teachers decided to dress for retirement life. I debated doing a beach/travel look, but at the last minute I decided to be a trophy wife.

This would almost be an outfit I would wear – I would probably wear booties instead.

And, for my lewk I added a Starbucks cup, bee sunglasses, and a trophy. Yes, the trophy does say second place, but I was hoping no one would notice! Erica even had a bluetooth speaker playing Jimmy Buffet all day. We had a little too much fun with it!

The other spirit days were Mismatch, Holiday Day, Dress like a Teacher Day, and Character Day. They did some really creative themes this year. I think this helps toward building community in our schools again. It all may seem a bit silly but this is the stuff that kids remember and it ends up being these little things that are such a huge part of American high school life, if that makes sense.

Saturday I repeated the outfit below when Mason and I went to the outdoor flea market. Boy, have I gotten my money’s worth from some of my blouses, my gold clogs, my jeans, and my cross body purse! I love it when that happens. I want to feel that I make good fashion purchases!

Sunday I wore black leggings, my black New Balance, and this chambray popover with my new small black purse and Gucci-esque strap. Super easy to throw on!

Monday for school it was raining and storming and I always wear black when it rains. I wore my Tieks, my trusty Chicos pants, and my Umgee kimono. This black high necked and the maroon high necked are new Target purchases to wear under things. I don’t get so hot when I have a sleeveless top under a cardigan or kimono.

And, finally I wore these Hue leggings/jeggings that I bought at a consignment store, cognac Jack Rogers booties, my other most worn fall blouse, and an old Target lightweight cardigan.

Do you have a favorite outfit? I will be honest in that sometimes I use school as a training ground to see if I like an outfit and would wear it out in my “real life”. Ha! That is silly since I mainly go to school! Do you do that, too?

What have you been wearing lately? I would love to know!


10 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. Spirit weeks are fun but boy they can be draining too – I rarely dressed up because in my role I never knew who I’d have to meet with. It felt funny having child protective services in my office and me sitting there in pajamas! Ha!
    I really love the cute fall tops you have and your new jeans – they look terrific on you!


    1. Totally! That is true; you would have felt so weird. I don’t do pajama day because I don’t have any that would be appropriate – I just sleep in tanks and shorts mostly.
      Thank you so much!


  2. Trophy wife. I love it. You are so funny! 2nd place 😂 I love all your outfits. Where did you get the chambray popover? I’m the same about school clothes — I want to look nice but I’m ok if an outfit is a “miss” . I haven’t been cool for a while 😂

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    1. Lol!
      JC Penney a few years ago
      I love that it only buttons at the top but it had been too small so I can finally wear it. It could stand to be a bit looser – I have trouble with button ups!

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  3. So, favorite outfit: I must say I always love a denim skirt! You are so lucky to be able to go with bare legs! And your hair is so long, it looks great!
    No, I actually dress up for school, that is my main scene… But it’s a bore that I don’t wear some om my nicer clothes, like more dressy jackets and such. At the cabin I’m quite slouchy… my daughters say I only wear clothes with holes in when I’m there… (how dare they! :-D)


    1. I do, too! I wear bare legs as long as I can with some self tanner!
      Thank you! I have been fairly casual lately with all the spirit days and Day of the Dead clothes I had to wear to school- lol!


  4. I guess I am a trophy wife (although I do not carry a trophy around HAHAHA)…..I have loved being able to wear some of my new Old Navy fall tops! I found some super cute ones! and I bought some new denim jeans from Old Navy. I should have sized down in the Target jeans suggestion I got from you but I wear a belt and its ALL good. Cant beat the price. Other then that, I wear work out clothes every day!!


    1. You should! I have not bought from Old Navy in a long time! I haven’t seen anything recommended by bloggers in a long time either. Maybe they don’t pay anything for clicks now? I am sorry the jeans are too big but it was hard for me to know because I was changing sizes! The price is great! I also think the sizes can be inconsistent between different fabrics.


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