Friday, October 29. 2021

Linking up with Andrea, etc. for everyones’ favorite link up!

I had another busy, but good week. Here are some faves from my camera roll with a bit of a re-cap of the week.

How was yours? I hope it was great! October sure went by too quickly for me. I love November, but I kinda dread the winter that comes after the holidays.

I usually get my hair highlighted every 8ish weeks on a Saturday morning. I love my stylist, Laura. This time I had to do a Tuesday afternoon after school and a meeting.

Before (See all those dark roots?):


I still only have a few grey hairs, thankfully.

I received Pioneer Woman Christmas already!

Erica (my co-worker and lunch partner) made a fabulous stir fry meal this week.

I made sweet potato lasagna again!

I found this really motivating!

I forgot to tell you during my Hello Monday post that we went to a breast cancer fundraiser on Sunday where they catapult pumpkins into the river.

These are the targets.

It was a nice afternoon and we got to see some people, too!

I bought a charcuterie board on a lazy Susan! I found it at World Market and have been wanting one for forever! But, DO NOT spin it too fast. I spun it like I was on Wheel of Fortune the first time. Lesson learned.

Erica also made a stuffed acorn squash this week. She made homemade chicken sausage, rice, mushrooms, spices, and a bit of cheese. It was out of this world – restaurant quality. I’m starting to think I’m getting the better end of this lunch deal!

This is my sweet Spanish Club! I guess it’s not really mine but I am leading it this year. These kids are willing to hang out after school because they love Spanish? We met outside again because it is just safer and easier with Covid. Also, we got so lucky on the weather!

We have a student who is a real recording artist already. His family is from Puerto Rico. He agreed to sing 3 songs in Spanish for our club! It was so fun and the kids danced and showed him the love.

Then, one of our Spanish teachers did a live guacamole demo and we ate the fruits of his labor.

All the meetings I had last week did nothing to directly impact the kids. THIS is what directly impacts the kids!

Mason texted to see if I wanted to hang out and get a late lunch/early dinner after school. I kinda have a loose policy to always say YES when it comes to this kinda stuff!

Mason is a foodie and didn’t care where we went. I had talked and talked about Red Hog and finally got to show him. I ordered a ginger based mocktail for him and a really spicy cocktail for me.

Um… this ended up being my dinner. Their fries and curry mayo are good! I ate way too many so that was it for me for the rest of the day.

Mason ordered a Cuban sandwich and had lots left to take back.

Jack probably wouldn’t text me like this but he did a couple of times last year. Also, Jack is super busy this semester. I would like to hang with Jack soon and maybe I will ask him!

Leave me your highlight in the comments and thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. That stuffed acorn squash looks delicious! I can not get over the size of your club; seriously I think that is probably the size of my entire graduating class when I was in high school. Clubs had maybe 10-20 people if we were real lucky and it was a popular club.


  2. I love your new lazy Susan and your meals looks amazing! It would be hard to resist those fries 🙂 I love the Spanish club recap. Looks like a great group of kids. I’d definitely show up for the guac 😂 have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I am fully stocked in charcuterie boards now! Next party – everything on a board! Lol! Spanish Club has really warmed my heart this year and I feel like it’s been revived a bit, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My week was fine, but I agree; time flies! But I like this time of year, I so look forward to December! But then… brrr… boring, dark and cold for a couple of months…
    Wheel of fortune! You kill me, I can just see everything flying around in your kitchen, ha ha!
    Parent, teacher meetings, I don’t know… I guess it’s a good idea? But the parents have absoluteley (how do you spell that!?) idea what’s going on in school. And the parents that are involved absolutely stress their kids into nervous wrecks… 😦
    Highlights? My fall break starts ahora!


    1. I don’t like the dark and you get a lot of that, right? But, I also go to bed early so I just make sure that I get some sunlight after school. I think it makes a big difference.
      I spun it for the boys and they thought I was weird.
      So true about the parents.
      Yay for your fall break! It seems late?


      1. I don’t mind the dark, I think it’s quite cozy with all the lights and the candles… We’re used to it you know. But we do eat our D-vitamins, and of course you get tired in another way…
        Our fall break is always week 44, but I agree, it’s late. We’ve had 10 weeks without a pause since summer and it’s the toughest period I must say. I have a saying: “No smiles before the fall break.” (:-D)


  4. Thanks for showing the motivating post, I’m STALLED with 7 lbs to go and need a kick in the pants! All I can think of is all the holiday events that are not easy to navigate, I need a better attitude! Have a great weekend!


    1. Those memes really help me. 7 pounds seems like so little, but it moves so slowly for women. My plan is to maintain for the holidays, but I would like to be at least 5-7 pounds down before Thanksgiving. WW is coming out with a new plan next week and I think my body might need a change up!


  5. You have a great group for the Spanish club! You’re right…those demonstrations/activities are the things that make an impact on teens. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. My Wednesday ladies golf group took 1st place in the halloween tourney this week! It you’re keeping track…I am 2 for 2 for 1st place winnings! WOO HOO! Tay was in a 2nd wedding (6 days apart) tonight (Saturday) so we drove 2 hrs north to see her beautiful face and it was another beautiful wedding. Great food and we sat with several of her sorority sisters and I am so glad she has remained close with SO many of them! We leave Monday for our 20 year anniversary trip to Pelican Hill resort in Newport Beach. Not quite the trip we were planning, but Maui flights got all mixed up and we cancelled. We will still have fun. Have a great week!


    1. Nice! I am glad you joined because it seems that it is filling your cup! Weddings are so fun! How fun but busy for Taylor! I hope you have a wonderful trip and I’m sorry it isn’t Maui but so much hassle with the testing right now.


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