Monday, October 25, 2021

How was your weekend? I am linking up today with Heather, etc. right here!

First… some business: I will only be posting Wednesday and Friday this week. This is another really busy week for me, so don’t be worried – lol.

Friday was a good day at school and Erica meal prepped curry lentil soup that was really good. I like our arrangement because she makes things I wouldn’t think to make. The variety is really good!

It was so cold when I got out of school. I broke out my 15 year old Uggs and my LulaRoe leggings. Yes, I said LulaRoe. They are really the warmest ones I own.

Tom had Totino’s frozen pizza and I had skinny pizza dough pizza and we really were living the empty nester dream Friday night. We watched some tv together and alone and I fell asleep very early.

Saturday morning I was pretty excited. I did my cleaning routine and then I set out for the grand opening of a cookie shop!

This is their creme brulee cookie. There are no words. If you are local, support this new business!

Mason had agreed to go to the last Paristown Flea with me! I am sad it’s the last one. They had Halloween candy at all of the booths.

This plant bus is the cutest.

Mason found a record and shirt for a birthday gift for his roommate and I found a cranberry mimosa! Yum!

We looked at the food trucks and were sad the giant pretzel one was not there. We decided to head to Ciao and get their breadsticks that we love.

We had some really nice one on one time and some great conversation. We said goodbye but he was coming home with Jack later in the afternoon.

They came home and we watched some Ted Lassos together while it started raining outside.

Then, Tom and I went back to Malone’s with our friends.

I got a really good old fashioned and

veggie sushi.

The chocolate cake was ordered again but I only had a tiny piece this time. The piece I had last time was too much.

Sunday morning I finished this book with my coffee. It was way darker than I normally read, but you might like it. I did enjoy it and now I feel like I can try the Netflix version of it.

I did meal prep and cleaned and then the whole fam went to see the movie Dune.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

See ya back here Wednesday – I hope!


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy The One on Netflix but I found I was just sucked right into it! Looks like you had a delicious weekend. We had chocolate cake this weekend too (though Evan had requested some raspberry filling in his).

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  2. What a great weekend! It sure did feel like fall! I love that you and mason had such a great time together. The mimosa and chocolate cake look delish. We go to malones here but I haven’t had that cake.


  3. Good for you to take a little break from blogging (even though we’ll miss you of course), I don’t even have time to READ blogs, so I’m very impressed by all your posts!
    I really want to see Dune – what did you think about it? I saw the original one in my youth and I remember that I love it. One of my intellectual students is reading the book…
    Weekend was fine thank you! We managed to get both girls to the cabin (birthday!) for the first time in a couple of weeks…


    1. Not much of one; I would miss you all too much! Lol!
      Dune was good but I didn’t know much going in. We saw the original on Netflix and might watch it.
      Fun! A cabin birthday sounds great!


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