Monday, October 18, 2021

It’s time to link up with Heather, etc. for Hello Monday, where we share our weekends. I enjoy seeing how other people spend their time and sometimes I get inspiration.

I wasn’t ready for today; I will be honest. I have two pretty busy 5 day weeks ahead of me to finish out my October. I spent a lot of time planning yesterday and meal prepping, so that definitely helps. I don’t do well with a super full calendar.

What are your strategies when life gets extra busy? For me, I go into extra planning mode. I also plan for easier meals and leftovers. I also have a night where I know we can do takeout.

I have busy days at school and on top of that, I have meetings after school 3 days this week. Yes, we are back to in person meetings, meetings, meetings. Not to sound like a whiner, but I need my after school time to get my walks in and after teaching in a mask for 8 hours, it just feels harder to go meet in a mask. Most meetings could have been an email – amiright?

Let’s go back to Thursday afternoon for a brief moment. We have a shopping center called Westport Village with mostly locally owned boutiques and restaurants. There are some vacant spots and one of them is serving as a pop up for Work the Metal which has a bigger shop downtown.

They had an opening celebration where the first 25 people got a pair of earrings and they served prosecco and their own handmade chocolate. Elizabeth met me and we spent a fun hour there and in the other shops. I love to shop locally and plan to do that as much as I can for the holidays. If you are local, they have great gifts!

Friday at school was “country vs. country club” so I tried to do both. It was fun. We have another spirit week this week. It’s not distracting to our academics and it feels fun and “normal” to the kids that get into it.

It rained most of Friday and after school seemed apropos for a hot chocolate, candle, and my blogs that I failed to read Friday morning.

I was kinda bummed because we had plans for an outdoor concert – the last of the season – but the rain cancelled it. We still went out to eat in the neighborhood. We had hot and sour soup perfect for the rainy weather.

They give you a complimentary cookie from a local shop called Penny and Pearl’s that are the best! We got sea salt chocolate chip and red velvet.

My car rolled over to 100, 000 miles Friday night and Tom forgot to announce it. I had been anticipating it. So, Saturday morning I noticed it when I went to Kroger very early. I love my car and hope to keep it for a long time. It’s a 2012.

I braved the store for a big grocery haul for the first time in a long time. It was a lot of work and lots of stuff was not available. It seems we have another green chile shortage afoot. We also have a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage shortage in my store. There were several other items missing but I’m flexible and realize it is definitely a “first world problem”. I saw a student (when do I not? lol) working Clicklist and he told me he had to substitute so many things already that morning and he hoped he wouldn’t get yelled at by the customers.

People… PLEASE do not yell at the teenager that brings your groceries out. It is not their fault!

It took forever to unload and put everything away but Tom was around to help me unload. I don’t like him to help put things away. Then, I made myself a fancier breakfast with red potatoes, onions, and scrambled eggs.

I did try to go to the Paristown Flea by myself but realized it wasn’t this Saturday when I got there and there was nothing = ha! I thought about doing some other shopping but opted to come home and clean and relax until the 3:30 football game. I had a margarita. Casamigos tequila is my fave now – only 2 WW points. I had 22 Tostitos bite sized and salsa.

Tom brought the tv outside.

I started reading this and it is good but darker than I usually choose! Anyone read it? I’m really into it and it seems pretty good for October, too! It was leggings and sweatshirt cold. We had all been wanting it but it came as a shock to the system and I didn’t last that long in the shade.

J and M came home to do some laundry and hang out around 3. I made tacos for dinner but I forgot a picture. I had a low carb tortilla with chicken, salsa, lettuce, and beans instead.

Yesterday morning I had my coffee and quiet time and then started meal prep, laundry, cleaning, and school work. It just seems to work better for me to get stuff done in the morning when I have more energy! I also think it helps me relax after accomplishing those things, you know?

Before I wrap up this pretty boring recap…

From last weekend, I forgot to show you my “joke”. My sister, niece and I accompanied my mom to a miniature show because my mom is really into creating little miniature scenes for different holidays.

I tried to make a miniature charcuterie to go box. It really filled everyone up. It is a tiny fork, tiny salami, tiny cheese in two flavors, a pomegranate seed, an almond, an oyster cracker, a wheat thin, and a mini chocolate chip.

I’m weird and I will do lots of things for a laugh. I will even do lots of things for a mere chuckle.

My niece Lena laughed the most. She is a lot like me, poor thing.

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I don’t like my husband to put groceries away either – I’m a control freak! Ha! When I know I have a busy week ahead I plan, plan, plan too. It helps when all of our meals are planned and I have everything I need in the fridge and pantry.
    I hope the week goes by quickly for you despite the meetings!


    1. Same here! I plan like crazy, too, and really try to have the mindset of taking it one day at a time and only thinking about the next step ahead of me. That sounds contradictory but I think you know what I mean. After the planning, only focus on one thing. I think I could have enjoyed being a mental health practitioner but I only discovered this interest recently. I actually tell lots of people I will be their life coach. Ha! That is really kinda scary!
      Thank you! It will be fine!


  2. We had a fabulous weekend! We did a huge grocery store run yesterday afternoon and I noticed a lot of bare shelves but the store was mobbed and I was overhearing the register workers saying it had been like that all weekend so that might have been why. I was just happy to find everything on my list.


    1. That is wonderful! I wonder why your store was so busy. I did learn an important lesson; I am going back to grocery pick up for the bulk of it next time! I am fine with running in for a few but I have gotten spoiled with the pick up!


  3. “It took forever to unload and put everything away but Tom was around to help me unload. I don’t like him to help put things away.” HA HA! I love you, Amy!
    I’m also in a busy period with parent-teacher-meetings and I agree, many of them are not giving!


    1. I just like to be in my kitchen alone and do it my way! I watch cooking shows while doing so and it is so nice! Thank you!
      Meetings, meetings, meetings. Why? I am sorry.


  4. I love your miniature charcuterie! I feel the same about my husband helping, I want help carrying the bags in and even unpacking them but it stops right there! Also I have noticed some empty spots on the grocery shelves, a few weeks ago the paper towel/TP aisle was wiped out, but was in better shape last week. I feel for you with the meetings for meetings sake and how it seems like they could even zoom it, I can’t imagine wearing a mask for 1 minute more than you have to. I’m glad there are teachers with your kind of passion still hanging in there.


    1. Thank you, Nancy! I know, right? Husbands! They will put things in the wrong place!
      Yes, I know I sound like a whiner but a meeting feels like too much right now.
      I am seriously afraid they will run us all off. I cannot imagine a brand new teacher trying to learn this world!


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