Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Ummmmm, not sure about this title, but let’s go with it. This is what I ate last Thursday. My weekends look a little different so I wanted to do a weekday. This may be as interesting as watching paint dry; you have been warned!

I start the day with precisely two cups of coffee with one mini moo in each. Land O’Lakes half and half – I guess is the real name but I enjoy saying “mini moo”. I do not use any sweetener. I am not sure I could ever go with just black coffee. I think the coffee would have to be flavored for me to even attempt this?

I make my iced coffee/half of a Premier Protein to go. I drink it along with my water for the first couple of hours of work.

Around 8:00 am (still on my planning period), I put this breakfast mixture on a paper plate and heat it up and eat it. I am curious about intermittent fasting but I’m not sure I could do it. I stop eating around 7 or 8 p.m. and don’t eat until 8:00 a.m. Is that intermittent enough? I think so!

Around 10:30 am, I either eat a Built bar or a banana. I ran out of bananas on this day but wasn’t that hungry. I only had about 1/4 of it.

For lunch at 11:42, (Yes, I said 11:42) I have a fairly low carb meal. This particular day was cauliflower fried rice with egg roll in a bowl. If you are new around here, my co-worker Erica and I split up lunch duty each week. This has really been wonderful. We have seriously eaten better than we have ever eaten as teachers with a 20 minute lunch!

I can’t lie; most days I have a dessert. This was spice cake mixed with water and Greek non fat plain yogurt with a frosting of sugar free Cool Whip, pumpkin pie spice, sugar free vanilla pudding, and cinnamon. It was delicious and no one would call it a sub par “healthy cake”. It was fine to eat like a “bar” instead of cake, too.

At 2:20 when the final bell rang, I ate the rest of the Built bar and chugged as much water as I could. I started really trying to up my water intake which has me going to the restroom every 50 minutes.

I then walked for 30 minutes.

Normally I would have a snack, but I made a to-go cocktail instead because my friend and I were waiting in line to be one of the first 25 to win a free gift at a pop up shop.

I talked about it yesterday in Hello Monday. It was really fun. We drank my skinny margarita while waiting in line.

Dinner was really random. Tom wanted his soup from The Fresh Market and I wanted a very low point dinner. I had steamed broccoli, pickles, chicken sausage (apple Gouda by Amylu). I also made a mushroom frittata that wasn’t too pretty to look at.

This is what my app looked like at the end of Thursday.

At school I have a giant jug of water that I fill and at home I usually fill this big Tervis tumbler at least 4 times in the morning and after school.

So, that was my day. If you are thinking about WW, they are coming out with a new plan in November. I have no idea what it will be like but I do plan to adapt to it I think.

In other foods lately, here is my sheet pan of veg for the week.

I tried a ground turkey shepherd pie that I think will be a repeat!

I tried a Greek bowl that will also be a repeat!

It was fun to try 2 new recipes!

I had avocado toast on Keto bread for an after school snack. This never gets old!

The fam had Texas Toast and I made skinny pizza dough breadsticks. I do lots of little adaptations like this.

I have now lost 41.3 pounds. Yes, the last 1.3 has come off slowly, but I had Fall Break, Fall Break of my college kids, and I enjoyed life!

I am walking more, drinking more water, and trying to eat more protein.

This is my favorite time of year to walk! It just feels amazing outside!

Do you have any suggestions for me? Any foods or recipes you love? Any new finds at the grocery?

Happy Eating!


23 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of my Stomach

  1. Yay! Good for you! I’m so happy for you and you are truly inspiring! Quick question how long and at what temp do you cook your sheet pan veggies for? Thank you!

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  2. You’re doing awesome! I truly feel that this is a lifetime journey for me. So going slow isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Just always remember that. Taylor is struggling right now because of all these weddings she is in and has been going to. Its hard to be on the go all the time and drink your water, work out and eat healthy. But I reminded her that this is part of her journey right now. I had to go weigh in at a studio, to keep my Lifetime. I was 2.5 lbs up from my last in studio weigh Feb 2020! Yes, that was a HUGE win for me during the lockdown, 2 summers at the coast, etc. I would still like to get back to my weight at 2019. LOL I was 18 lb below my goal weight! But its just hard. My body likes the weight I am at. ok, off to Tuesday 9 holers golf day – I haven’t golfed in 10 days and I actually miss it and the ladies! Have a great rest of your week!


    1. Ps……I wish I had more recipes or ideas to share but you know we are plain Jane eaters over here. Tonight I am making the Skinny’ish Italian Sloppy joes. I will share a pic of it when I make it. Tony loves it and I did make it our own, we both hate chunky tomatoes, so I use canned tomato sauce instead. Its very flavorful and low in points.


  3. Wow, you’re a star! And no, it wasn’t boring to read about your day – the opposite!
    Since I’m not a breakfast eater I unintenionally (is that a word?) practice intermittent fasting every day! But I do drink a lot of coffee, and I agree, I could not drink it without milk! Well, ok, a small dark espresso can work…
    My only suggestions for you is – keep doing what you’re doing! And the water intake is great! Even thought you have to run to the restroom all the time…

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  4. We recently made a turkey Sheppard’s pie too and I really liked it a lot. I was doing so great and then we went away for the weekend and I gained back the 4lbs I lost! I know they should drop back off pretty quick and am trying to be vigilant about my eating this week. GREAT job on the weight loss!


  5. You are doing an awesome job! The struggle is REAL when it comes to weight loss. You get to eat a lot of good food on your WW plan. One thing about WW, just when you get in a groove and have it figured out they change the plan. LOL Hopefully, it won’t be anything too drastic.

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  6. I love seeing what you’re eating and how well you are doing with that weight loss – it is incredible! Your spice cake dessert looks great. I think it is super important to live life while you’re losing, WW is definitely not a diet but a lifestyle. Awesome job, Amy!

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    1. Thank you! The spice cake is delish! It tastes like fall! I’m very intrigued to see what WW is rolling out next!
      I totally agree and want to make this a permanent way of life.


  7. Hi, new to the blog. Do you have a recipe for the greek meal? I LOVE greek food. LOVE! I’m trying to do low carb but my sweet tooth is my biggest downfall. 😦

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    1. Thank you Laura! Hopefully you won’t recognize me at Blaze because of the weight loss! Just kidding! Lol! Thank you – don’t want to talk about it too much but it seems like people like the meal ideas.


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