Friday, October 15, 2021

Happy Friday to all! I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here to share what made me happy this week!

My number one favorite was having a FULL HOUSE while my kids were on fall break. They didn’t have class Monday or Tuesday so they stayed home Saturday through early Wednesday morning when they drove back to campus for Jack’s first class at 11:00. Mason’s 11:00 had been cancelled for some reason. Neither of them have a class before 11 a.m. on MWF! Nice schedule, huh?

We had some special snacks, of course! I cooked more and baked some brownies. I also found these and thought they would be funny. They are soooo good! We all commented on what we perceived to be a different ratio of the cream in the middle. They weren’t quite double stuffed but we agreed they were 1.5 stuffed, maybe? I found these at the end of the cookie aisle at Kroger. Jack and Mason used to be major Pokemon fans! Ask me how many WW points 3 Oreos is! 7 points!

We used my favorite fall plates from Target years ago. These just make me so happy!

We ordered take out Mediterranean food one night. We only order 3 entrees and then divide them up. We get two chicken kabob meals and one salmon kabob. I don’t eat the rice. They are very generous with their portions. I find it easier to split meals like this with takeout but I always feel so guilty about all of the take out containers required.

We noticed our rhododendron blooming again! We have had such warm weather and we feel like it’s confused. We hope this doesn’t mean bad news for next spring. It sure is beautiful to look at, though.

Last Saturday I visited a consignment store with my sister and niece. I had a $10 off of a $50 purchase and we combined purchases and really scored. I found only one thing but it is this orange Loft Lou & Grey sweater. I can’t wear it to teach in because I will get too hot, but I am anxious to wear it on the weekend if it cools down!

I was influenced by Melanie Shankle in her Fashion Friday last week. I love a Target poncho! I have several. This year’s version has the collar which I thought was so cute. Also, it is super soft! I wasn’t going to order it but I saw it and felt it in person and had to make it mine.

This week has been spirit week and next week is Homecoming week so we are doing two weeks of themes in a row! These girls did “dress like a teacher day” and did Erica and I and then also photo shopped us in their photo for reference. Never a dull moment!

Anyone seen White Claw Surge? I’m intrigued! What about Bud Light Seltzer Fall Flannel? It’s so cute and they knew just who they were marketing to when I received this flyer!

I am really enjoying this story! I came home for lunch on Parent Teacher Conference Day on Monday and read on the patio while eating lunch.

I also had coffee on the porch on a week day! These are little treats that really make me happy and I don’t want to only do on the weekends, you know? should have at least a small moment of special!

Sitting on the couch in our family’s “assigned seats” made me happy and I snuck a photo!

It’s a blurry picture but my Swedish friend and reader Tin-Tin wants Ernie at least once a week on the blog! I think he wanted me to fill up his Kong with peanut butter in this photo.

I love this shampoo and conditioner! I bought Olaplex twice but I just don’t think I need to spend that much because my hair isn’t super damaged. I do really like it, but $28 a bottle is a lot. As my hair has gotten longer I think I am having more trouble with tangles and I think this has really helped. It also smells really good to me.

Wednesday was pink day and I didn’t get a photo but I basically wore as many shades of pink as I could – including my pink nail polish.

Yesterday was “decades day” so we had to pick a favorite decade. Erica was 90s in her high school jacket and I was 70s because I have so much in my closet with a 70s vibe!

It seems so fun and so “normal” for our kids to do theme days!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many! I also hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Can you believe we are halfway through the month? It’s crazy!

Thanks for reading,


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. LOL. Yup, I know exactly how many points Oreos are. They are a weakness of mine so I try not to buy them. We saw those Pokemon ones and surprisingly my Pokemon fan (who still have pokemon bedding and stuffed animals and t-shirts!) didn’t seem all that interested in trying them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! They weren’t as bad as I thought!
      I also saw the Pokémon ones at Aldi!
      My mom swears that Pokémon cards taught my boys to read because they were so into them.


  2. Thank you for the picture! Like you said: never a dull day! 😀
    Your school seems like a fun place! Your students are so cute!
    I also have rhododendron at the cabin! But they haven’t had flowers for a while, I was a bit rough when I pruned them…
    Have the best weekend!


  3. What a crazy and busy week I had! Finally got to sit down and read my favorite blogs from the week today (Saturday morning!) And our club was closed all week for over seeding of the golf course, so no golf and I have to say I missed it! Thursday I took off to Pismo Beach to hang out with my oldest daughter, Kelsey. She has lost over 100lb (WW!) since Jan 2020. I am so proud of her. Its not easy, as you well know. We shopped, bought some super cute tops and jeans at Old Navy, splurged with a donut from Dunkin (balance!) and then had a yummy lunch at Chick fil a. I decided to drive back home yesterday afternoon and made Biz’s infamous pizza dough pizza for Friday pizza! I love being at the beach but in fall is when its so warm there (90!) yesterday and well I am over that heat. Cooler in Tulare. Ok off to workout and then enjoy Saturday college football!


  4. That looks like a great week! How nice to have everyone home! I love that your school has dress like a teacher day. The girls did a great job! Your decades day was good, too! Coming home for lunch on parent conference day sounds like a lovely way to break up the day. Have a wonderful weekend!


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