Monday, October 4, 2021

Well, this Monday came too quickly. I guess they all do, right? I am linking up with Heather, etc. right here.

If you read my Friday Favorites, you know that I had my first Fall Break ever! My goals were fall decor, read, watch t.v., be social, go shopping, buy some new fall clothes and clean some clothes out of my closet, and continue to eat healthy while on break and walk as much as possible.

I think I accomplished all of that! On Friday I told you that I had a happy hour for my department on Tuesday, had a friend for lunch on Wednesday, met my niece for happy hour Wednesday afternoon, and then Thursday I made a major errand day.

I will say that I started getting a bit of a sore throat Wednesday evening and I gargled with warm salt water. I woke up with it again on Thursday morning and gargled again. I was kicking myself for not washing my hair on Wednesday before bed because the fall allergens love me. I started making sure I went to bed with clean hair and it made a big difference. I also use my saline solution morning and night year round.

The sore throat went away but then I had some congestion and painful sinuses. I tried to remember the last time I had this and I really think it was 2019.

Anyway, I went on with my day even though I didn’t feel 100%. I met Beth at the St. James Art Fair and wore my mask even outside because of the large number of people and just in case I could give something to someone. It was way too crowded for my comfort zone – pandemic or no. I don’t like being around that many people.

I bought one thing – this Ale 8 candle for Tom. He is not a candle person so It’s really for me. The scent is apple cider donut!

I only stayed at the art fair for about an hour because I had an appointment to design t-shirt quilts for Jack and Mason. I have been planning this for 17 years. I have saved all of their t-shirt souvenirs from our family trips.

This is kind of what they will look like.

I am so excited! I think I will like them more than they will, but I hope it will be something they treasure in the future.

I am on a good reading streak. I finished Maggie Finds her Muse and In Five Years in the last week and then I had a library pickup and got this. It’s super cute and very rom-com if you like that. It was just what I needed for break.

I think this is kinda funny – sitting outside with a pumpkin candle and bug spray.

I will show you my minimal fall decor soon but I am enjoying my Day of the Dead glasses. I finally found Casamigos tequila which is the lowest in WW points. I made a skinny margarita Friday afternoon.

Then, Friday night Tom and I went to Ramsi’s which is kind of a mediterranean vibe restaurant.

Tom is not a bread person but he couldn’t stop eating their garlic and goat cheese appetizer.

We split a brussel sprouts salad and I forgot to take a photo of the entree we split – grouper and crab cakes. We had so much food leftover.

Then, we went to Costco after dinner – very romantic!

Saturday morning we went to parents’ weekend at J and M’s college. We ate brunch in the cafeteria and toured classrooms. There were lots of activities like Bingo and a scavenger hunt but we only did a couple of things. You could also attend games and Churchill Downs if you wanted.

So pretty – this is the area between J and M’s dorms.

Then, the kids came home! We watched a couple of Gilmore Girls and I cooked my heart out. I made chili for dinner and their favorite honey mustard salad. We watched Ted Lasso with them, too. We went back to the beginning for them.

I went to bed between 9-10 the whole break. I was just tired and knew I needed sleep.

Sunday morning I woke to my favorite light rain.

I read and had my coffee on the patio.

I also did some meal prep for the week but I had already done a bunch Saturday morning, too. It was nice to take a break from my prepping, but I was also glad to start it up again.

Then, Sunday afternoon, the whole fam went to see Shang-Chi finally.

Mason also wanted to do some fall clothes shopping with me, so we did that.

I hope you had a wonderful first weekend of October!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. We worked on fixing a few things in our master bath which turned into a much bigger project than we had anticipated… it will be great when it’s all finished though. Sounds like you had a lovely week and weekend.


    1. It was really good! I kinda got envious of peoples’ trips but this felt right to me. I am more of a homebody these days! It was good! We will get it again and we need more people to help us eat it!


  2. I hope you are well now! You get so nervous when you feel a cold coming on, right!? My dear family all had a severe cold (I didn’t, thank you ginger and lemon), but the tests were negative.
    I love that quilt! What a fantastic idea! They will treasure it! My sil made a quilt for us in lovely Laura Ashley fabrics and I love it!
    Oh, I really liked In five years – what a clever story!
    I’ve found a new favorite author! Taylor Jenkins Reid. I read One true loves and absolutely loved it. Now I’m reading Daisy and The Six, a bit different but really good!


    1. Thank you! Yes – I don’t think I had been sick for at least 2 years! I love ginger and lemon!
      Thank you! I can picture the Laura Ashley fabric!
      It was! I liked Taylor Jenkins Reid with her first books but now her current ones are kinda meh. Malibu Rising was one of them. I couldn’t get into Daisy!


      1. I thought I wouldn’t like Daisy (because I’m not a fan of diary narrative, I don’t like Bridget Jones for example), but I’m actually quite intrigued! I guess I’m a bit fascinated by that rock’n roll life?


  3. Looks like a great Fall Break! What a treat! I made both girls quilts after they graduated college. From all thru grade school – jr high, high school and college. Both were in sororities, so they had to pick out favorite ones. They still use them !!! And cherish them. Tay and I did a year of “fun runs” in 2019 and we made small lap quilts for ourselves from the t-shirts. I love that kind of stuff! If everyone could PLEASE PRAY FOR RAIN here in California, I would so appreciate it. Our air quality is HORRIBLE. I cant wait to escape to the beach on Thursday. I told Tony I may not come home. HAHA! Seriously it s awful and no end in sight. Our giant sequoia tree’s are burning. SO SO SAD.


    1. It was a good break from the routine! So cool – I bet they loved them. I thought about doing a school one and I still can – maybe for college graduation, too!
      I will – that is so sad! You all have been through so much in CA!


  4. You may want to get a COVID test. Our break through started with what felt like seasonal allergies to us. My husband had bad nasal congestion. So disappointing when we have been so careful, but it was not long lived because we were vaccinated. Looking forward to flu shots and booster. What a strange time we are living right now!


    1. I know – I thought about that. I do have home tests, too. I have been so careful, too, but as a teacher you could be exposed. I need to get on my flu shot and I don’t know about the Moderna boosters yet.
      Thanks for sharing that, Christa. I am glad it was short lived.


  5. I need to see if my TJ has the pumpkin candle …now that I know where to find candles at TJ! Parents weekend! How fun. And the Mediterranean place looks delish. I hope you’ve had a great Monday


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