Thursday, September 30, 2021

I love an outfit formula! We really don’t need much in our closets, but we need to have a go-to formula and we need a few things that we feel confident in, right?

I was thinking about what I have been using/wearing the most in the last few months and it wasn’t hard at all for me to see…

I really think my crossbody purse is a “style maker”! Plus, you are hands free for festivals, shopping, errands, and more!

So, take a basic black top, denim shorts, and a metallic shoe and pick your strap. Very little effort, but it looks put together.

Take the above and translate it for a bit cooler weather – jeans, black long sleeved or 3/4 sleeve top, and a closed toe shoe. Add your crossbody with fun printed guitar strap.

I love the idea of the metallic so here is another “fit” below using the formula.

I just think this purse is genius! You can fit so much! Is this the wooden handled purse of the 80s where you buttoned on a different cloth purse body? Remember those?

You can find these in any little local boutique or of course on Amazon. Here is a link to mine again. I do not earn any commission; I just really love this purse!

Everyone has denim and a black top! Pick your shoe and put it all together.

Do you love outfit formulas? Do you have one you use?


7 thoughts on “Instant Style for Early Fall

    1. I am just loving it! I use it every time I go anywhere other than work! I looked at some straps yesterday – a pink camo and a cow hide that were tempting! Everyone needs one of these bags!
      Thank you so much!


  1. I saw your purse on one of your posts and thought it was so cute. I ordered it and love it as well. Thank you so much for sharing it. It was exactly what I was looking for. Have a great day.

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