Thursday, September 9, 2021

I am big on intentionality and I think making a list helps me do that. I won’t beat myself up if I don’t do all of these things but I do think it will help me to squeeze the most out of the season. I am sad and feel sad sometimes, as I am sure you do, too. I can’t believe my kids are out of the nest-ish and that makes me sad. I am sad about Covid and what it means to life as we know it. I am sad about many other things I see on the news.

But, I think everyday should contain a tiny bit of happiness. This list might help me grab what I can and it might help you, too.

-Light a fall candle. I have been lighting my apple candles! I got a honeycrisp apple from Trader Joe’s and an apple from Bath and Body. In October I will do pumpkin scented!

-Use my solo stove on the patio with Tom or with friends, too.

-Go to a football game

-Watch a football game on the patio and possibly eat chili while doing so.

-Make chili!

-Wear all the fall colors! Wear my fall hat that makes me look like a park ranger.

-Drink apple cider and maybe find an apple orchard.

-Drink a PSL! (Pumpkin Spice Latte)

-Make fun fall foods – dish of candy corn and peanuts is one!

-Go to an Oktoberfest

-Go to a fall festival

-Buy pumpkins

-Buy mums

-Go leaf peeping – hopefully by boat and by car

-Make my apple cider sangria

-Create a new fall cocktail

-Spend time on my patio

-Decorate patio for fall

What am I forgetting?

Happy Fall – almost!


10 thoughts on “Amy’s Fall Bucket List

  1. Such a great idea and you are right – we need to focus on some happy right now because there is plenty of sad all around us. I do love your cocktail recipes, can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!


    1. Thank you! Yes! I kind of liked being virtual last year to enjoy the increased outdoor time. We used to have a lot, too. There were school fall festivals and lots of fun stuff!


  2. SO agree. Our country and our leaders are all a HOT MESS. I love all your ideas! How about make a S’more on your patio? I plan to have fall Firepit parties in our backyard, make pizzas and s’mores. While watching football on our tv patio! I cant wait! I do not care for PSL but I am HERE for the pumpkin scones and muffins. EE gads what a terrible WW I am. See why I can never be a leader? HAHA


    1. I know! It’s so sad! I do love s’mores but the ingredients are triggers for me! I will probably buy the stuff when I know it will get used by more people than just me!
      I don’t think I would want to be a leader, either, bc I don’t want to follow anyone else’s rules. I like to do what works for me.


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