Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Welcome to another week’s edition of What I Wore Wednesday! We have had high 70s and low 80s lately, along with some rain. It has just been so nice to be out of the 90s. Now if the mosquitos would just go bye-bye!

Last Thursday I wore this to school. I still think my tri-pod is moving. I have on my trusty Chico’s pants that I got at at a consignment store for $10 probably 8 years ago, my Steinmart poncho-ish top with my Reef sandals. If I had been wearing this anywhere other than school, I would have worn a higher heel, but I can’t be uncomfortable for a full day of teaching. I had to wear pants because I was taking my two afternoon AP classes outside and I planned to sit on the grass with them. I love this poncho and wanted to get another because it has fall vibes but is for warmer temps.

Proof that we went outside:

I think this was the day before but I can’t remember? I wore my fall-ish TJ Maxx blouse with my mustard pencil skirt and gold clogs.

Friday I gave up on the tri-pod and went next door to the French room to ask Elizabeth for a photo. We were supposed to wear all black for the football game, so I did as much black as I could. This is my Walmart dress and my black New Balances.

I did leopard accessories.

I get lots of compliments from the students when I go more casual. It’s funny!

Something big happened after school on Friday. I placed a Target jeans order because jeans were on sale for $15 and Tom had told me that a pair of jeans I tried to wear last weekend looked too big. I ordered two pairs of Universal Thread in the next size down and they fit. I am actually down more than one jean size because I couldn’t fit in my larger sized jeans last year. I fit in leggings last year. I wore “leggings size”.

I decided to keep two pairs of the exact style but one in a medium and one in a dark. They call these the mid rise skinny but I think they look more like a boot cut.

I cut and frayed the medium wash and I kept the darker wash intact. They are a bit long on me at 5’4, but I will probably wear them with a bit of a heel.

Ignore the pile of clothes in Mason’s room behind me.

These jeans are really good. They are not too thick and have the perfect amount of stretch.

I wore them Friday night and felt great in them. I know I have a long way to go, but a pair of jeans that fits is a wonderful thing. I forgot to get an outfit photo.

Anyway, I highly recommend them!

Saturday night I got to wear the Amazon dress out! I have worn it one other time to brunch. It is a bit staticky. I wonder if I wash it on delicate and let it line dry if that will take care of it. My Amazon palm print skirt had the same issue until I washed it. I love this print so much and I really am tempted to get another print, too.

Sunday, I wore this to sit by the river. I don’t do athleisure very well. I wore a black Walmart skort and this Target white top. Meh – there’s nothing special and I didn’t know what to throw on to just be casual.

And, yesterday I wore my Umgee tunic/dress from Amazon that I told you about yesterday during the Prime Purchases link up.

I made it more summery with the white leggings and sandals, but I would like to try it with a darker legging and boots or booties. Should I have kept it? I just love the print!

What have you been wearing lately?


20 thoughts on “WIWW

  1. You had a great week of fashion! Yay for the new jeans too, it is nice to have jeans that fit and you are doing such a great job with your healthy eating. That Amazon dress looks so good on you and I love the Umgee tunic – so cute.
    Have a great day!


    1. Thank you! I was excited about the new jeans, for sure. I am trying! I did have some cheats over the weekend but it’s all about balance. I need to get the static out of the dress and I can’t wait to make the Umgee tunic more fall-ish!


  2. Cute outfits! I ordered some of the jeans you recommended! Will report back! I also ordered one of those amazon skirts in olive green. I love it! Well, my housecleaners arrive soon, so I best get dressed and head to the gym and then my errands. I meant to tell you this last week, but have you eaten at Emmy Squared? We ate at one in Nashville and it was one of our favorite meals. Great pizza and Italian food. You have one in Louisville. Let me know! Have a great Wednesday!


    1. Thank you, Kim! I hope you like the jeans! If you are used to premium denim you may not like them. I have been so pleased with Universal Thread and I am hoping that this size is temporary, you know? I bet the skirt will look cute with your GGs and you will be super hip! Ooooh – cleaning day! I’m jealous! No, we have not eaten there yet. Pizza is a trigger food for me so I haven’t done it yet. But, I need to go there. It is in one of my fave neighborhoods and it is in this cool square with a brewery. You can order it from the brewery, too.


      1. I have premium denim and i have target denim. Definitely not a denim snob like i am with my shoes 😂😂 ok well someday go to Emmy Squared!! It’s amazing !! And thank you! I love the skirt! Will be fun with a tee and a denim jacket and either pair of GG’s!!


  3. I LOVE the amazing dress on you…& your porch is the perfect setting for that photo 🙂 “leggings size” you crack me up…& I feel that deeply 🤣 I’m so proud of you! There’s nothing better than going down a size (or two!) That’s amazing!


    1. Thank you! I had my Mason home to take my photo! The dress has navy in it and not black which is what I originally thought. Ooops!
      I was totally leggings size and I was starting to feel so uncomfortable in my own skin. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That Amazon dress is SO BECOMING on you!! And really shows how slim you’ve gotten!! 👏🏼 Love seeing your outfits! ❤️


    1. Thank you, sweet friend! There are more prints I am interested in! But, I think I need to check myself and not get carried away! WW Purple is so good! It’s been so going lately but then I look at a photo and it helps me to see my progress.


  5. I’ve been starting out my days with long pants and a tank top with either a cardigan or light jacket but by mid day I’m down to just the tank top… by dinner the cardigan/ jacket is back on but I am loving the more fall feeling our weather is having so I don’t mind.


  6. It’s funny that you mention about going down a size in jeans, because the photo before it in the black Walmart dress I was thinking “wow, Amy is really starting to show her weight loss!” So kudos for doing so well! The amazon dress looks great with the neutral clogs too!


    1. Aww, Nancy, you are too kind! So much depends on posture, too, you know? Thank you so much! The Amazon dress is navy and not black so I feel like a nude or cognac might be best?


  7. There is maybe nothing better than going down a size in jeans!! I can fluctuate 20lbs and not move a jean size. So frustrating! You look great in that Amazon print dress. I also think that I might have to try on some clogs. I had some in the 90’s and I have been on the fence for a while. But I really like the look of your clogs with the straps. You can totally block me from your blog after I say this, I will understand. If you’ve gone down in jean size I know you’ve gone down in undergarment size. Get your girls high and tight and show off that waist!!! You’re working hard. Show off that progress! As a DD/DDD girl, I know that it makes a world of difference in how you look and how your clothes fit. I will now go and put myself in comment jail.


    1. Misty! I am not gonna block you! I put myself out there and I was going to say I need to give the girls a lift. It is funny that with some outfits they make me look so much more top heavy and some they don’t look as bad. I am not willing to be uncomfortable so I need to find support that is comfy. I am hoping to lose weight in the chestal region! Any suggestions on a comfortable bra with lift is appreciated!
      I am going to do a clog post soon, but I really like them.
      You are not in comment jail and I am glad you can relate to this issue!


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