Friday, September 10, 2021

How was your short week? I hope it was good!

Here are some things that brought a smile to my face this week. I am linking up with Andrea, etc. here for Friday Favorites!

I am kinda proud of myself. I placed a Target order that should be here this weekend. I am tired of looking for the things I want in stores and not finding it. Yes, first world problems! Time is at a premium now and I just don’t enjoy hours of errands on the weekend and they ain’t happenin’ during the week.

I have a friend who is seriously always running errands. I call her on a Friday night and she is running errands! Work smarter, not harder, girl!

I am super excited to try to make my own pumpkin cold brew with these! Step off, I will try to wait until closer to October but I gotta get my protein.

I just knew that if I went in my store it wouldn’t be there.

And, I have already looked for these products with no luck. This acorn spice is amazing! See ya, Bath and Body! I think it’s better for ya, too, because Mrs. Meyer’s doesn’t play.

I ordered two hand soaps to get me through October and November and hopefully I can get my hands on her peppermint.

And, I ordered just one cleaning spray because I’m not that crazy that I will clean that much during October and November.

I bought a new Essie called “Amuse Me” and I was tickled that it matched my book. I am enjoying this book but I am not sure I would highly recommend it. I feel like the characters fall really flat and I’m just not that invested. Anyone know what I mean if you’ve read it?

I got my Real Simple and always enjoy it.

And, I got my InStyle. What kind of witchcraft does Jen use to look this good?

I liked the shiny with florals and the

geometric patterns that they say are “in style”.

Tom and I started Ted Lasso! It is so good!

And, I took my AP classes outside again yesterday. It was so nice!

What were your favorites this week?


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I do like the acorn spice from Mrs. Myers, I need to pick some up. I place online orders from Target all the time for clothes, it’s so much easier. I keep hearing about Ted Lasso and need to check that out. WE are watching Ray Donovan on Peacock and it is so good!
    Have a great weekend!


    1. It is really good and fall-ish! I have done lots of clothing orders but I have been hesitant to do it for other items. Weird, right? I need to! Ted Lasso is so cute! I am not a big sports person but I don’t think you have to be. I hope you had a great one!


  2. Malibu Rising was not good :/
    I find Mrs. Meyer’s to be too drying? I haven’t bought it in years!
    And that’s the only reason why I order things online: I’m not driving around to find random items. Time waste is a thing.


    1. I just didn’t get the point of the story, did you? I wasn’t invested!
      I don’t think Mrs. M. was too drying last fall. I really like it.
      Yup – time is one of most precious commodities. I’m convinced so many of my friends are stressed because they are not doing things smarter!


  3. I loved this short week; in fact I asked my husband if we could make them ALL short weeks. I debated about buying some pumpkin spice granola at the grocery store last night and now I’m kind of kicking myself that I didn’t.


  4. Blue nails are cool for fall, I will also do blue this weekend!
    So I will not read that book… I’m back to reading fantasy; my way of relaxing once the school year start… How nice that you can take your students outside! We have a playground, but you know, we’re in the middle of the city…


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