Friday, August 28, 2021

How are you on this Friday? Thank you for all of the love yesterday here. You all are the best! Did you see my WIWW post here? I think many of us are struggling with the heat and getting tired of summer clothing! And, did you read my funfetti recipe here? I made a new flavor that you will see if you keep reading!

I don’t want to be melancholy, but I am feeling melancholy and I feel it’s o.k. to admit that here in my space. We continue to have kids going into quarantine due to positivity or being a close contact. It is not possible to social distance with 2000 kids back in the building. My next door neighbor teacher has a class of 35 right now (state law maximum is 31, but counselors have 20 school days to balance classes).

We have an acquaintance fighting for his life at only age 50 on a ventilator. He is not vaccinated, sadly.

My niece is a nurse and has been offered $36 extra per hour to take on overtime. I am worried about our hospitals and our wonderful health care workers.

I just never imagined that we would be in this situation right now and I’m sad.

Tom and I have concert tickets tonight and when we bought them we thought vaccinated people would be safe without a mask. Now masks are required (as they should be) and I just don’t even want to be around people indoors on the weekend.

Are you feeling like this, too?

For the sweetest photo of the week, look below at Ernie. This is the only chair he is allowed on and I had just made my morning coffee and put it in on the ottoman before sitting here. He stole my spot but I couldn’t be mad. Yes, we do have a guitar next to the favorite chair of everyone because Tom and Jack like to try to pluck out songs from here!

I ordered the laundry detergent of all laundry detergents. I use a laundry pod and add a bit of this. Is it weird that I am excited to do laundry now? You all, the smell is out of this world.

Mason looked so colorful and coordinated when we saw him on Sunday and Tom had to go to a funeral visitation of a co-worker’s parent (not Covid related) so I asked for a picture. It is hilarious that these 90s windbreaker suit jackets are back in style among the young people!

Jack doesn’t know that I snapped this pic while we were at the library together on Sunday. I had such a nice couple of hours one on one with him. We went to Target, too, and talked and talked.

I love my students and it is so good to be back in full classes, but I am not sure that we shouldn’t be in A/B groups right now. I look out at all of their masked faces and feel so sad for them, but happy that we are building in person relationships. If we do have to go virtual for a bit that will help, I think.

I can’t remember who told me this but it has really helped. Put a tiny bit of peppermint oil on your finger and rub on the inside of your mask. It really helps me breathe easier and maybe has a calming effect, too.

I did my grocery pick up on Wednesday this week. I really like doing it before the weekend.

So, I tried a dark chocolate fudge mix this time – go back and read my funfetti here and just swap out the mix flavor and for the frosting I did the peanut butter powder and Cool Whip.

Honestly, this one is even tastier. But, should I really be making cakes weekly? Probably not! Lol!

I hope you had several favorites this week, too.


20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Week Recap

  1. Friday! I took the day off and I and husband is in cabin working. I am reading essays and he’s working on the computer… Weather is blah, we lost a full month of summer, August has been rainy and cold…
    Sweden is talking about opening up everything again, but things feel very unsure I must say… This week I wore a mask for the first time (!) because of a doctor’s appointment… That is how easy we have been on things over here…
    Earnie is the cutest choco darling bear ever! He understood where you were going to sit and wanted to be close…!
    Oh yes, the 80:s fashion… the jeans are horrible! My beautiful daughters look like they are starring in Miami Vice or something…


    1. Good for you! I am scared to take a day off right now. I am trying to teach my routine and I worry that I might have to take off due to exposure? I don’t know. It’s all so confusing. You Swedes. I love your attitude!
      I am sorry you lost your summer! Maybe fall will surprise you?
      He is a choco bear! Love that!
      I know – the fashions of some of the high school girls. I’m like – you have too cute of a figure at this young age. Do not wear these things! Ha!


  2. I think the school districts here are cursing the day they took the virtual option of the table, once again students are flocking to my school. It’s a mess.
    I am hearing of people I know who are getting sick – they haven’t been vaccinated and now they wish they had.
    I don’t mind going without my mask indoors. I am vaccinated and hate the masks so much. I’m afraid we’ll never get out of them.
    Have a great weekend – those cakes could get me in all kinds of trouble!


    1. Just found out our virtual school is linked to Florida Virtual. You all are the trailblazers. It is a mess. We have a wait list for virtual apparently but my students are so happy to be in school! Out of 150 kids, I have only had 2 quarantined so far. I have mixed feelings about the indoor thing since Delta got bad. I just don’t know what to think!
      I think you are right – we might not and that makes me sick to my stomach!
      You, too! Oh, yes. Time to put the extra pieces in the freezer where hopefully I won’t think about them as much.


  3. I had a lovely week with my mom at the coast and we both enjoyed our time together. Miss my dad but know he is still there with us, even if we can’t see him. Heat is going back up here in the Central Valley but tomorrow we have our first Fresno State football game! Back in the stadium and we are EXCITED! We love college football! I am NOT wearing a mask indoors. I have been fully vaccinated, I had covid in May 2020 and I am just OVER IT. People, get the damn vaccine and stop all the crazy. At this point, if people get super sick and HAVE NOT been vaccinated….then that is just on them. Its ridiculous the amount of strain it is putting on our health care workers. Ok, time to get dressed as I have a early tee time with some ladies at the club for golf! Have a great weekend!


    1. It looks like you did! You really are the hostess with the mostest. She must have a lot of energy, too! I miss my Dad terribly, so I understand. I know you love football so I am excited for you. I am not into sports but I like the social nature when I can be with people watching them. I have to wear a mask at work but I also don’t know how this Delta works with vaccinated in all cases. Ugh! So over it! I agree with you. Enjoy your golf! You too!


  4. Such a cute photo of Ernie, he is folded up like a pretzel! I’m flying next month and will pick up some peppermint oil, sounds like a good thing.
    Have a great weekend Amy!


  5. That cake looks scrumptious! I remember wearing jackets just like that when I was in 8th grade or so; lots of bright colors and I loved the swishy sound the fabric made.


    1. It is so good! I think I will always do Greek yogurt now because it really works! Yes, I remember that, too! I hate the swishy sound! But, I do love bright colors!


  6. Love me some Ernie! I lost my girl last November. Where did you buy the Diva laundry detergent? I love good smells.


  7. I know what you mean. I feel sad sometimes too. I bought hayden a new mask from my school and it was a little big. He said maybe it will fit me next year. And I about cried. I guess we’re getting almost too used to this which makes me so sad. So now maybe I will eat my feelings and make your chocolate cake concoction. Also I love the wind breaker jacket! Proof that styles come back around 😂 have a great weekend


    1. It is normal and I think healthy to acknowledge these feelings. I feel worse for the younger kids. No, Hayden! I really hope not next year! Yes, eat your feelings with my cake! The wind breaker is hilarious! You too!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. The cake looks delicious. Hang in there…I know it must be tough to be a teacher these days. I volunteered at the high school for the first time since March 2020. It felt strange to be back!


  9. I use peppermint or eucalyptus oil in the shower to wake up in the morning. Or lavender if I’m showering at night, for a calling effect.
    I’ve seen the difference kids who did virtual last year and kids who went to school: their beginning of the year testing is ….startling. We can’t afford for these kids to be at home. Ugh.


    1. Great idea! I love those scents!
      Oh, yes, I have seen the difference between kids who just came back for 8 weeks!!!! It’s startling. I also think it’s criminal to test them right now. A colleague told me her kid was tested in May and is testing again right now for 4 days. How does that make sense?
      I agree. I just don’t want anyone to get really sick!


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