Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Hello and happy hump day! I am happy to link up today with The Style Six here and who is ready for my school attire? Lol! I don’t know how exciting this will be!

If you are a loyal reader – thank you! – you know that I created a “staging area” in my closet for the things I wanted to wear right away. This consists of my summer dresses and skirts and things that will look or feel too summery soon.

I am a high school Spanish teacher and rarely sit down. We have to wear masks this year and my mask chain was the best thing I bought for back to school! I love it.

Day one – Target Knox Rose dress that I bought last spring.

Day Two: Old LulaRoe skirt (I have several of these) and new TJ Maxx blouse.

Day Three: My floral dress.

Saturday outfit: TJ Maxx blouse and cut offs.

Monday: another LuLaRoe skirt and hot pink top from consignment.

And, yesterday: Matilda Jane pants and blouse from local boutique.

And, that is it! What is your favorite? What should I pass on?

Thanks for reading!


21 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Well, thank you sweet friend! I love your Loft jeans and that crop flare works for you! I want to try some on but not sure I can pull it off.
      I love Knox Rose – thank you!


  1. You are so cute! I LOVE your outfits. My favorite is the black floral dress! It is adorable. I also like your yellow skirt. It is fun to see your outfits! Have a great week!


    1. Well, thank you so much! I love that dress, too. I think it is getting too big and I may go try it on in a size or two down if the boutique has it. I like it that much! A higher heel would look more flattering and the Birks I wore don’t do anything for me but comfort comes first!
      I am glad you like the see the outfits. I often worry that it is boring in my classroom and just normal and nothing exciting! You too!


  2. I love your dresses! My least fave would be the yellow skirt but that is my least fave color so don’t go by what I say! You look good in those Matilda Jane pants too! I am off to golf this morning and then a massage this afternoon! Happy Wednesday!


    1. Thank you!
      I think that outfit with the mustard skirt is the most flattering on me. See, I love that color and it works with many of my patterned blouses.
      Thank you! I love the MJ pants and the hippie vibe seems to be in style?
      What a dream day for you – golf and massage! You deserve it, friend!


      1. You’re sweet to say they! I had a horrible day of golf… Just my score was horrible and I played horrible but I had a great time with the ladies and then I got my mom and I lunch from the snack bar at the club and I spent some time with her then I came home did a peloton bike ride and I’m home now from my massage in my jammies are on LOL


  3. Do I have to choose one favorite? 😀 No, I will choose two: cut offs and blouse! If I lived in a warm country I would never wear anything else! I also really like the last black outfit, I love black!
    Question: for the Monday outfit: why is it pitch black outside? Go home! 😀


    1. Awwww, too sweet! You pick the weekend outfit! Ha! I love black, too. I have to be careful not to wear too much!
      I know, right? I arrived at school at 6:45 which is way too early!


    1. Thank you! They are a great non-wrinkle material. There is an Amazon Prime documentary coming out about LLR! I want to watch it. I only know of one person who sells it now.
      I love the quality of MJ!

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  4. I love all of your bright colors! Bright colors make everything so fun! Your Saturday outfit is cute, too! I am not very good at getting dressed in cute clothes on the weekend, but I wish I was. I am intrigued by MJ ruffle pants but I’m not sure they’d work on my shape. I’ll keep an eye out for some. Have a great week!


    1. Thank you, Sarah! Yes, they do! If I’m going somewhere, I just don’t have the athleisure that looks decent, you know? You should try the pants. I am only 5’4 for reference. You can also look on ebay. You too!

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