Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Well…I got my first taste of fall air last weekend! It was so nice Saturday evening and Sunday morning. But, it will be in the 90s and stay pretty hot for awhile yet. Or, we have fickle weather and it will go back and forth until fall comes to stay.

Like many of you all, I love fall clothes. I also love fall colors! In Kentucky and definitely further south, I think it is worth the effort to have a “warm weather clothing but in fall colors” section of your closet. Also, if you are one that runs hot, it can be helpful to have a few pieces in this category. What do you think?

Here are some of my things that may work for me in the coming months.

This was $6 at Old Navy a few years ago and it works under a couple of my kimonos, too.

This was all the rage in blog-land a few years ago and is from Walmart. I love a fall plaid!

This is really old from Anthropologie but I really like it. I have a cream light cardigan that can go over it.

This is new from TJ Maxx and it is really light weight.

This is a few years old from Steinmart and I like the leopard but in a short sleeve.

I love this kimono I ordered from an online boutique. It is super light weight.

And, this is my Umgee kimono from Amazon that has serious Pioneer Woman plate vibes. I still love it. It is super light weight, too.

This kimono is very old and it is LuLaRoe consignment. Love the material and the colors.

I love browns, tans, mustards, and olives but I don’t like to wear them in other seasons!

These lightweight things can often work until the end of November!

Do you have this section of clothing, too? Maybe scan your current closet and see what could work for you in this realm?

I am anxious to start looking at new fall offerings in stores and online. Are you?

Thanks for reading,


8 thoughts on “Fall Planning

  1. No, sorry… I don’t like those fall:ish colors… They don’t feel well in my eyes… I bought rust-colored trousers last year, but, no… But I love fall clothes! Layering is always nice!


    1. Yes in Florida I am sure you get so anxious! But, you are a lifelong Floridian so I know you have the drill down! I will try to wear them all but If I can’t or they don’t look good I may send them on their merry way so I can make room for new stuff! I love new stuff but wish I didn’t!


  2. You have inspired me to shop my closet and pull some lightweight fall things to the front as I face the same challenges as you, living in the southwest.


    1. Well, you are sweet to say that, Nancy! I really tire of the whites, yellows, navys, and other summer colors by September and I’m ready to at least change my color palette! Living in the Southwest would have it’s challenges. I picture lots of turquoise jewelry! I lived in Arizona for two months when I was a little girl while my dad trained to fly a different type of plane for the Air Force!


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