Monday, August 16, 2021

How was your weekend? Mine was good but went by quickly! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and more here.

We had a full week for teachers last week but students only came for three days. It was the perfect amount for the kids, I think. I have absolutely no photos from Friday! But, I did schedule a grocery pick up for right after school and it was so nice to have food for the weekend and that chore out of the way. For dinner, I made fried rice for the fam, cauliflower rice for me, and heated up a few random leftovers. I was in bed by 9:30!

Saturday morning I did my breakfast vegetable prep so I could have that for breakfast. I had eaten faux Egg McMuffins all week at school.

I enjoyed a leisurely morning of chores and just taking my time.

Jack and Mason had shopped for their college supplies Thursday and I was tickled at how they shopped. They were very smart about buying some things to split even though they are in different dorms. You ever have those moments where you can’t believe your kids are that old and can do what they can do?

I ate my breakfast and did a bit of list making and organizing.

We had plans for some family time on our last weekend with the kids at home. We headed downtown to the Frazier History Museum because Mason had an exhibit there from high school.

Cover your eyes, kids! That is in front of our 21C hotel.

Our downtown is so pretty.

The museum looked so different since I had last been.

It is now the first stop in the Urban Bourbon trail – the distilleries that are in the city. There are lots outside of Louisville, too.

After the museum, we headed to our NULU district. I love this area. We really like Royal’s Hot Chicken.

I ordered an amazing potato dish and only ate half.

After eating, we went into Revelry Boutique.

It was a fun day!

That evening, Tom’s sister and brother in law had a small river party at their boat business.

I made a Ranch Water but used a raspberry Bubly. It was good!

They had a really good singer!

I brought sushi – veggie roll – because I didn’t want to eat cookout stuff. Jack and Mason had sushi at home, too.

This hardly has a flavor but I really like it. You have to like sparkling water, though.

Sunday morning felt awesome! I spent some time on the patio with my coffee, my breakfast, and my new book!

This is so cute so far…. and it has a yellow cover!

I did my meal prep – egg casserole and veggies for breakfast, burrito bowls for lunch, and roasted veggies and turkey sausage for lunch. I may not cook anymore this week because we are having a special dinner for the boys and then they move in on Tuesday. Tom and I will have these two meals and Totino’s pizza for him/Skinny pizza dough for me one night.

I did about an hour of school work. I needed to do more, but I also needed to have fun and feel like I had a weekend!

Then, Mason headed out with friends and Jack did some college packing and laundry while Tom and I saw Free Guy. I liked it. I can’t decided if I liked Jungle Cruise better.

We came home and I read a bit more and we heated up some leftovers for dinner. I think Sunday will always be leftover night to use up restaurant food or home cooked food from the weekend. It seems to work well.

What was the highlight of your weekend?


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. That sounds like a perfect blend between work and fun! I took a page out of your book and prepped some zucchini, onions, and mushrooms on Thursday fully intending to try out your veggie eggs but ended up eating them for lunch and adding them to a dinner I made one night instead. I’ll definitely be buying more zucchini, mushrooms, and onions to try again next week.

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  2. Well, weather was blah, so I baked an apple cake – that must be a favorite, right? And there are mixed emotions with moving back to the city, but… yeah I like town! I was born in the city and have spent most of my life here, so… Btw, your city seems so nice! Thank you for all the great photos!
    I hope you’re ok with the boys leaving for school? It’s a short term, right? For me it’s the other way around; getting used to be four in the household again!


    1. Ours was blah for some of it but I liked it. An apple cake sounds very September! I like to dedicate September to all things apple! Back to the city! Thank you – I like my adopted city.
      I am o.k. They won’t be home for a break until October for fall break or November for Thanksgiving but they aren’t far and we think they will come home for some weekends or for one night.
      Soldier girl is done and back!!!! What will she do now and what is your other daughter doing – last year of high school?


      1. Soldier girl is starting university to become a computer engineer (she’s brainy!), right now they have some kind of start up week (haven’t seen her much :-D).
        Youngest one has two years left of high school (they graduate one year later over here). She’ll start next week, so I don’t see much of her either :-D.


      2. That is amazing! She will have a high male to female ratio which is wonderful! Ha! Brainy guys that are hopefully easy on the eyes, too. Swedes are very nice looking!
        I hope both girls have a great year!
        And, of course, I hope you do, too!
        The Delta variant is bad here. Our school district is huge but we have 900 in quarantine now.


  3. Looks like an amazing weekend! Weekends go by so quickly! I love all your family time 🙂 I know what you mean about kids doing things we don’t realize they can do. Haha I feel like my kids are doing “grown up” things, and I’m both proud and sad at the same time. Hadley cooked a skillet meal of the three of them while I was out on Friday evening, and I was so proud of her! She took care of the boys while I was out. We have four days of students this week! Have a good one!


    1. Thank you! Yes, they do! They have more meaning now, right? We have to take what we can get in regards to family time. I know – it is shocking some times to see your kids growing up so much. That is great that Hadley did that and that can really help you out! Only 4 days with students? I’m jealous! This 5 day week is going to be rough but at the same time I like to teach them my routine. I do the same things each day normally and it really helps me.


      1. Yes, we always have a work day for some reason. It’s nice to have 3 days, 4 and then 5. And I know what you mean about taking what we can get with family time. We just had dinner at 8:00, so we could eat together:)


  4. THE COAST!! LOL You know I love my beach house and being in cooler weather. We saw Free Guy and we both liked it and apparently there will now be a 2nd one? Cool! I drank wine, I ate fro yo and I will weigh on Wednesday and see how all that went! HA! Have a great week!


    1. Yes! I think this was your two week stretch there? I had not heard that about Free Guy. I love Ryan Reynolds. You have to enjoy life like you said! You too!


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