Friday, August 13, 2021

Fridays mean more to me now!

Time for another edition of Friday Favorites here with Andrea, etc. – the things from my camera roll that made me happy this week!

My niece Mia has a new phone for high school and is taking Spanish for the first time. Her twin brother Miles is, too. Their Spanish teacher aunt loves this! It’s so fun to be able to text with my teen nieces and I want them to love Spanish like I do.

My co-worker and I are making meals for each other this year. She brings two lunches a week and I bring two lunches a week. We will do our own one day or we will take turns doing a third day.

I purchased a mandolin vegetable slicer to make really thin sweet potato slices for this sweet potato lasagna. The sweet potato slices are the noodles! It is so yummy! I used jarred pasta sauce, can of tomatoes, ground turkey, cottage cheese, egg, and a small amount of mozzarella. The sweet potato and tomato really work well together. My co-worker Erica loved it and I’m glad because I want this to be in our regular rotation.

The other meals I made (I did three this week) were Mexican quinoa and egg roll in a bowl. She did an adult lunchable – chicken, hard boiled egg, greek yogurt dip with veggies, and fruit and buffalo chicken dip and celery. We have eaten well at school this week and that is always a favorite.

Next week I plan to do roasted veggies and chicken sausage and burrito bowls.

The fall stuff is really coming out! Fall is always a favorite. I always am a bit sad for summer to end and I don’t love winter, but I love having four distinct seasons. It makes me happy!

My sister in law knew that I liked the High Noon pineapple so she thoughtfully brought me these flavors to try. It’s on the agenda for this weekend!

And, she brought me this pumpkin spice coffee for when I’m ready. How long can I wait? We will see!

My blog reader and friend Kim thoughtfully sent me a Starbucks e-gift card to get me through my first week at school. How unexpected and kind!

So, I need to pay these two acts of generosity forward to someone else!

For my breakfast this week, I assembled 100 calorie whole wheat English muffin sandwiches.

Gosh, it makes me happy to have my breakfasts and lunches prepped. Sorry I talk about it so much!

On Wednesday, we were back in our classrooms with full classes! My smallest class is 16 and my largest is 26, so that is pretty good. It feels so normal again, if you don’t count the mask. The halls are crowded! I guess we just aren’t used to that. This is so much better than virtual. Kids need to be in school! I pray that we are able to continue this year.

Day one – ready to go!

Year 28 in a mask!

What were your favorites this week? I hope you had many!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. How cool that you and your co-worker are making such awesome lunches for one another! They sound delicious. I do love to see kids in school – it’s funny here how many people are jumping ship to come to my virtual school because masks are not mandated. All I can think is, they aren’t mandated but they aren’t illegal – wear one for the love of God and tell your child to as well but heck, go to school!
    Clearly I need one of those High Noon drinks – ha! And it’s not even 5am!


    1. Thank you! We have eaten well!
      I think most people still believe that in person is best for their kids but there are some kids that do well virtually. Schools provide so much more than instruction – socialization, mental health services, therapies for kids that need them – vision, speech, hearing – you know all about it. The kids seem happy to be among their peers. Last spring with such small classes it was a bit weird and awkward and I already see them thriving with normal class sizes – even in masks.
      I plan to try a High Noon today!
      Happy Saturday! Good luck with moving your senior – I feel like he just started!


  2. I love that you and your co-worker are swapping lunches and ideas. That is so fun. I find meal prepping is huge in keeping myself on track. I have noticed all the fall things cropping up already in stores and while I am still trying soak up our last few weeks of summer vacation I am getting excited at the though of fall just around the corner. I LOVE fall!


    1. Thank you! It has been nice! We are excited about running new recipes by each other and keeping it fresh! Prepping is key and having the right stuff in your house is key. I feel like I have had a part time job this summer in tending to those things.
      I plan to get in the stores soon to do a re-con mission of what is trending for fall! So fun!


  3. Back in school, yeah! It will be fun to meet my students again, really fun!
    Your hair looks really nice, and that dress is really cute!
    My favorites this week all have to do with squeezing out the last drops of summer: sailing, boating, coffee on the patio… I understand that you long for fall if you live in a warm:ish place, but for me it’s back to six months of boots, beanie and puffer – I do not look forward to it!
    Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Yes! It is like ripping off a band-aid. You will be happy once you get going!
      Thank you! I am enjoying wearing dresses or skirts for now.
      Yes, squeeze all you can out of summer now and on the weekends. I am not that anxious for fall. I enjoy the in-between of summer and fall when we have some of our best weather! You too!


  4. Oh! The pumpkin spiced coffee has me intrigued! Your egg sandwiches look delish! I need to work on being better at planning my breakfasts! I love your texts with your niece. So sweet. I hope you have a great year 28!


    1. Yes! I honestly love all things pumpkin but I do try to save it for October and November – with a few sneak peaks in September! My co-worker brings yogurt, fruit, and granola and keeps them in her classroom fridge. I like an egg in the morning. It is fun to text with her and my other nieces. Thank you and you, too!

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  5. So happy that the Starbucks made you happy! Its the little things….right? I also sent one to my friend, Jill, who is a special needs teacher. We all need more kindness in the world and to think of others! Ok We are at the beach house and I just finished working out and listing a few items on Poshmark. Tony and I are headed to pick up a Target order and to see a movie. (Free Guy) going to one of our favorite steak houses for dinner tonight. They closed during the whole shut down last year and just opened back up in April. This is our first time going back in over 2 years. I hope its good! Have a fun weekend!

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