Wednesday, August 4, 2021

It’s Wednesday again and it’s time to link up with The Style Six here. Today’s post is more about some recent purchases, planning for my back to school outfits, and a glasses dilemma.

Well, I dug out my masks in preparation for returning to work. Pomchies brand are the only ones that I can stand for a work day. If you are local, go see my friend Amy at The Prickly Pear. They are two for $10. If you aren’t local, you can purchase them online. I run these through the washer and dryer with my other clothes.

So I am in planning for what to wear back to school mode like most of my teacher friends. I like to wear something new on the first day and I almost always wear a dress. I ordered this from curbside pickup on the recommendation of Melanie Shankle of the Big Mama blog. Now I’m wondering if I should try a size smaller for comparison. I am super happy with the material and the style. I feel like this is a dress I can wear now through spring.

Hear me out… I decided I needed a mandolin vegetable slicer – not the instrument. One of my blog readers suggested it and I have been wanting to try my sweet potato lasagna that I did in the spring. It had great potential but it needed really thin sliced sweet potatoes because these act as the noodles. I looked online but then had the idea to try TJ Maxx. So, I went in and found these two beauties for $16.99. How could I leave them?

Here is me wearing it in Target before wearing it Saturday night to the outdoor concert. Note the prescription sunglasses on my head and the prescription regular glasses on my face. We will come back to this later.

I really like that they both have “fallish” colors in them because I like to have warm weather items that can look more fall appropriate. We can easily still have hot days until November here.

Oh yeah, I also found the mandolin vegetable slicer! Ha!

I was also in the market for black heeled sandals.

These are Corso Como from Nordstrom on sale for $41. I want to be able to wear these out and to school. I always keep an extra pair of shoes in my bag for school and they are usually Birkenstocks.

I want to wear dresses and blouses when school starts. That is the vibe I’m feeling right now.

Now, the glasses issue. Some of you gals of a certain age may be able to relate and may have some advice for me.

Glasses + mask sucks. They fog up. I am near sighted, but my vision isn’t horrible. If I wear my contacts to work, I need readers to see up close. This is what I have been doing for several years when I didn’t wear a mask. If I don’t wear contacts I can read just fine with my naked eyes, but my distance vision is impaired. I am thinking I will leave my contacts out and just use my glasses when I need to see a student further away. Thoughts? My prescription sunglasses have been a game changer. I have hardly worn my contacts at all this summer. When I go out I wear my sunglasses and have the regular glasses as back up. I have only worn a mask twice this summer so it hasn’t been a problem.

What have you been wearing? Are you planning to get back into “real” clothes? This tends to be the time of year that we are tired of some of our summer things I think.

Thanks for reading,


19 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I’m far sighted and that is one of the things I hated about masks – the fogged up glasses. I think your plan sounds like a good one and definitely worth a try.
    You got such cute new pieces and I say yes – try the dress in a smaller size to compare. You’ll be happy and never have to second guess!

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    1. It’s such a pain! So, after I finished the post I ordered the next two sizes down for curbside pickup and I’m going down two sizes. I’m so glad I didn’t just settle for the size I had! The dress has pockets – I forgot to mention!


  2. Amy, those two tops and that Target dress are adorable! I can definitely see all those pieces working into fall/winter. I feel like I’m in such a rut with my work and at-home clothes but I think its just because the summer is coming to an end and I’m tired of wearing my summer clothes. Looking forward to cardigans, scarves and booties!!


    1. Thank you so much! Yes! I am not really in a rut because I still love the denim cut offs and top look. Plus, I don’t really get dressed every day right now. I am looking forward to getting dressed each day for school. I just wish I didn’t have to accessorize with a mask! lol! I love fall clothing so much!


  3. I ordered a pack of black disposable masks from Amazon again. I threw away every cloth mask I could find at the end of the school year. The disposable ones (used, uh, not disposably) will be the only ones I bother with if they want me to wear a mask. The cloth ones would get so gross, even when I washed them after every wear in the actual washer.

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    1. I haven’t tried those but Pomchies are like a light bathing suit or panty fabric that stays cool. I only wear it once and then wash so they work for me.
      The disposable I have tried make me itch.
      Try a Pomchie! They are so good!


  4. Ugh.. I’m tired of spending good money on masks. But my favorite brand is still Figs. It’s a nursing supply company. The masks are comfy with a good wire for my glasses and come in some nice solid colors. I think they are $15.


    1. Me too! I think you gave me one and I didn’t find it as breathable as Pomchies. It’s such a personal thing. Everyone will have a different favorite.


    1. It’s really hit or miss there. I have just been lucky there this summer and I love that I can get boutique looking tops for 16.99! Yes, that .99 matters. My husband wants me to round up to $17!
      I feel your pain about the readers. I’m fine when I don’t have a mask on, but the mask causes a bit more difficulty.


  5. The dress is stunning! I love it (& your new sandals!) you’ll need the fall colors before we know it. I held on to my two Pomchie masks for a year and then lost both in May 🤪I guess I need to go get more before school starts!

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    1. Thank you! I know – once school starts I am ready!
      Oh no! I have lost some, too. They may be in a pant leg! Ha!
      Unfortunately school supply shopping includes masks.


  6. I have the exact same struggle with contact lenses – I can read when I wear them! Drives me crazy to have reading glasses with me… And just like you – I read perfectly otherwise! Not even my husband understand this; he always gives me the wrong glasses when I ask him… I have stopped wearing contacts when I work, it’s easier… My optician says that you can train your eyes so you only have a contact in one eye – then you can read with the other! (!?) Great idea with prescription sunglasses, I will try that next summer.
    btw – hot days until November!? You kill me! In November I’m wearing a puffer, beanie, scarf and uggs!

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