Friday, August 6, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s time once again to link up with Andrea, etc. right here!

I was not ready for this Friday to come. But, I had a really nice week and it was so much better than last week. I purposely kept this week really open on my calendar to just see where the wind took me and spend time at home. I love a weekday where I can just do whatever! Monday I set up my classroom and did some stuff for freshmen orientation and then had the rest of the week open.

Here are some things that made me happy while looking back at my phone camera roll. I hope you had lots of favorites, too!

What is it with me and yellow books this summer? Yes, I do judge a literal book by its cover. This is cute so far. I have had a series of “did not finish” library books lately. I don’t feel guilt; I just move on.

Another favorite was heading out to the patio to read after dinner.

I judged the Fiber One 70 calorie bars too quickly. I heated up the brownie in the microwave for 15 seconds and then topped with fat free Reddi Whip and it was good- but small!

I had my ears double pierced when I was in college, I think. I got a wild hair and thought I would see if the hole had totally closed. The answer is “no”. I cannot believe that I have not worn earrings in 30 years in the second hole and they are still open. Kids, let that be a lesson when you think about piercing your body.

I decided to go to Claire’s and I talked to the piercing lady and she said they no longer recommend peroxide or alcohol because they dry your lobe, but that she recommends putting a bit of Neosporin on the stem of the earring. So, I found this cute set on clearance and have been doubling up.

I purchased this at Target and will get back to you. I have the tanning drops and they work really well.

I cannot believe it but my Tan-Luxe The Butter is almost gone. I will probably end up getting a new bottle when it goes on sale, but I wanted to see the comparison. I will get back to you.

I found this flavor and also did the microwave trick.

You may remember my Wednesday post where I showed this dress? I ordered it from Target pickup in the next two sizes down for reference. I ended up needing the smallest size of the three. I forgot to tell you it has pockets!

I returned the two larger sizes to Target and had the hardest time. Normally Target returns are a joy. This took 15 minutes. The employee at the service desk was a young man and I predicted he wouldn’t understand what I wanted to do. I got the first dress for $19 with my circle rewards and their 20% dresses promotion. The second two dresses were $27.99 I think. I wanted to keep my $19 price but keep one of the $27 sizes. He asked me several times “so, how many dresses do you want to keep?” I asked him if a different person to help me it was so bad. He was offended, I know, and insisted he could do it. I literally had to say, “they are all the same dress but in three different sizes so I only want to keep the one that fits” maybe 5 times. And, guess what? He did need to call someone else to help.

Ernie has enjoyed his walks and we have had pleasant weather this week!

Wednesday afternoon, very spontaneously, I reminded Tom we had been wanting to see the weekly sailboat race on the river. He picked me up after work and we went to Captain’s Quarters by car. This is the place we normally go to by boat. They had an hour wait on a Wednesday at 5:30 but we got lucky and found a table at their outdoor bar.

I had a prosecco. It is so crisp and perfect for a summer day or night! My favorite brand is La Marca and they have the cute little individual bottles.

And, all of their pizzas can be ordered on cauliflower crust but I had never tried it. I ordered it this time with a caprese pizza and it was amazing. It was huge so I only ate some of it but took the rest home. I don’t have an air fryer (decided against it) but have been using the convection feature on my oven for heating up stuff like this.

Tom got a fish sandwich. After we ate, we went down to their giant lawn, sat in their adirondack chairs, and watched the sailboats.

I keep this little bug spray in my purse because mosquitos love me!

Another favorite is that I ordered the body wash that I loved so much from our hotel in Nashville. I have one in my shower and I gifted two to my people with recent birthdays.

I have been watching Outer Banks season 2 this week on my own and it’s been entertaining!

What have been your favorites this week?

I would love to hear!


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Oh that Target return would have made me nuts! I really need to get that body wash – when you mentioned it before it sounded good and now you’re tempting me even more – ha!!
    I can’t wait to hear what you think about that tanner – I thought of getting it but I like something with color guide in it so I can see where I am missing!
    Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad the microwave trick worked for you! The chocolate chip brownies are the best but I can never find them anymore. They’re more elusive than the birthday cake ones here!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That body wash looks amazing. I’m always looking for new kinds to try out.

    The huge benefit of any air fryer is that you can get that crispy texture without heating up the oven/house. I could see myself using it all the time in the summer.


    1. I really like it! It was a splurge.
      Yes, I guess it would be nice not to turn the oven on. I’m intrigued by the Ninja Foodi that folds up and would replace my toaster.


  4. How great that you pierced through that second hole! I love my two holes! Normally I wear my diamond studs in the upper one and something dangly in the lower one – it’s fun to mix! Some time ago I managed to put my diamond stud in my husbands old hole from his younger days… I laughed so hard and we sent pictures to all his friends, ha ha!
    I’m still looking for an odour free tanner, husband hates the smell of it… he’s like a blood hound… 😀
    I love your pictures from your night out on the river! Yesterday we had lunch at a great place by the sea, it’s so much fun to watch all the boats (especially when they aren’t that good at docking!).
    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you’ll have a great start of the new school year! Embrace, mask and all!


    1. Ha! Thanks! I love the diamond stud look. I don’t have any that are tiny enough. That is funny about your hub. What a nice day! That sounds lovely!
      Thank you so much; don’t remind me about the dreaded mask!


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