Tuesday, August 3, 2021

It’s time for a fun linkup here to show each other what we have purchased lately from Amazon!

I felt like I ordered a lot in July, but when I looked back I realized it was reasonable. I did have a few misses that were returned.

I love this bra and have it in nude and black. Someone said Walmart has them cheaper but I didn’t find that to be the case when I looked.

You have seen this dress already, but here it is again! This looks and feels like a dress from a boutique.

I have been experimenting with doing my own gel nails at home and I have been super happy with the Beetles brand nail polishes.

I have enjoyed wearing a watch again after ordering this one!

I love a shiny lip gloss but I think I like a lip color where I add my own clear gloss better. This is a great price and a great consistency.

College kids home means lost chargers so I bought these plugs with two spots and these cords. They have been great!

This eye cream is really amazing. It instantly tightens under the eye.

And, finally I ordered these that will arrive this week. They look like they have potential!

What have you purchased lately? Amazon is so overwhelming that I appreciate recommendations!

Thanks for reading,


12 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

    1. I am loving this bra! I am so glad I found ordered it! I just read your picks! Aren’t biker shorts the best to exercise in? I didn’t know you did Keto!


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