Monday, August 2, 2021

Hello Monday! I’m linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and more here.

I’m not really happy to see this Monday because It’s my last one before I start back full time a week from now. I love my job, but once I get on that train it is a long and sometimes arduous journey. Fellow teachers know what I’m talking about!

I had a really good weekend after a hard week.

Friday night we played host to some people on our boat. We rarely take the boat out in the evenings and every time we do we question why we don’t do it more often! So, my high school friend connected us with a 27 year year old new to town named Hooks. You may remember me taking him to the flea market. So, Hooks, my high school friend Dan (who is also helping him to connect here in town) and his wife Kara, and my co-worker Elizabeth and her boyfriend Andrew all came out. Elizabeth and Andrew are close to Hooks’ age so I’ve been trying to connect them, as well.

The young crowd:

Hooks, Andrew, and Elizabeth

Dan and Kara (part of the old group – sorry!)

Elizabeth and I (part of the old group). Tom is in the background talking to….

Jenny, another high school friend who happened to be at Captain’s Quarters. I went to high school an hour from here, by the way. Dan and Jenny are loyal readers of this blog. Thanks, guys! Dan called this photo “#blogworthy” so I had to include it. Dan may very well be the only male reader I have.

I ordered a grilled fish (#healthy) with fries (#balance). I only ate 5 fries and then I made the young people eat them.

And, I made up for the lost calories in Trulys, a blueberry seltzer that Andrew gave me, and this Unicorn Fart beer.

This is why we should go out in the evening more!

Hooks and Andrew got the full tour of the downtown from the water. We had charcuterie and apps that everyone brought and then ordered food at our riverside restaurant. We toured a bit more before heading back. I think we were out from 6-9:30.

Jack and Mason went to Shakespeare in the Park to see Henry V. They said it was awesome. Now, Jack’s show opens this week – Midsummer Night’s Dream. They start so late because they are outdoors – 8:00 and run until almost 11:00. Don’t they know I go to bed early? Hopefully they won’t have rain.

Saturday I was pretty lazy. I did start Outer Banks Season 2 so I will be able to relate to my students. Just kidding – I really do like it.

It really irritates me that they say “John B”. I guess that is his name, but how about just “John” sometimes? ” J.B.”?

Well, my hydrangea and I are in sync. She has flowered most of my summer and now as my summer is fading, so is she. I appreciate her solidarity. See ya next season, beauty.

Saturday night was so much fun. Jack and Mason stayed home with sushi and Tom and I took our sushi and sushi for our friends to a neighborhood that was having a concert.

I also bought a frose (frozen rose).

We all took our shoes off to practice “earthing”. Have you heard of this? It’s about the connection of the human body and the earth and if you go barefoot you can reap the energy from the ground. Anyhow, it can’t hurt – unless you step on a yellowjacket or a nail and impale your foot. Friday I had gotten a pedicure with “Funny Bunny” which I heard is being discontinued. My feet look especially “Flintstone” in this photo and for that I apologize.

People were up and dancing and it was so nice to see.

Sunday Tom, Ernie, and I went out on the boat. Jack and Mason had two friends over to play games.

Then, Tom and I saw a late afternoon movie – Snake Eyes. It wasn’t very good but I like Henry Golding from Crazy Rich Asians.

It was a full weekend.

Today as you are reading this I will be doing my classroom set up. We get a day’s pay for doing it and we get to pick which day we do it. It’s very nice.

Our school board voted that we will be going back in masks regardless of vaccination status. Then, we got word that all student desks must be facing the same direction and we needed to get as close to 3 feet apart for the desks as we can. I usually do a horseshoe shape with my desks to make it more communicative. My sister wanted to know if the students would be allowed to turn their heads.

Maybe I was naive, but I didn’t think we would have to wear masks if we were vaccinated. At the high school level, every single person has been offered the vaccine. Darn you, Delta variant. You can go away!

What was the highlight of your weekend? Is your summer coming to a close?

I would love to hear!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. You crack me up with the old and young groups 😂Your weekend looks amazing! Sunset boating is picturesque! I’m going to put my classroom together today and taking the rest of the week off and trying not to think about school. My weekend highlight was hanging with hadley back to school shopping 🙂


    1. Ha! I think my story of that motley crew of people was confusing. We had fun with that mix of young and old. I put mine together today, too, and I had the same idea. Your kids are growing up so much – I know you don’t want to hear that.


      1. I feel so much better now that my room is finished. I Feel like I can enjoy the rest of the week. And I know they’re getting so big which is fun but also makes me sad at the same time

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  2. Another great weekend! I love the night time boating and how I wish my son lived closer so you could introduce him to some people!
    It stinks that you have to wear masks, I swear it’s a slippery slope. There will always be a new strain of the virus and virus’ don’t really go away – there are no cures. It really stinks. The media paints our governor out to be a bad guy but I swear, he’s on the right track. We have to be in charge of our own health.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to rant!


      1. Yes! California seems to be the worst and I’m so sorry. I do think Florida’s approach is better. Also, I love the hypocrisy. Chicago just had the giant Lollapalooza!


    1. Yes! We really should do it more. I wish he did, too. I really do try to connect people but now I’m so exhausted from all that social planning! Lol! There will always be Corona. The media has an agenda and we all know that. I don’t trust them nor the CDC. I have always been a skeptic by nature and I was taught to question and think for myself.


  3. Looks like you had a fun weekend! My teacher friends all started back to school last Thursday, kids go this Wednesday. I am not ready! This summer flew by.
    I am also working my way through season 2 of Outer Banks. I love that his name is John B. Although the only reason is that my grandfather was John D. and my uncle was Bobby D. So it is a little sentimental.
    Our superintendent changed the mask rule for our school last week after a lot of pressure from the community. Now you do not have to wear a mask unless you want to. With a virus, it is always going to be something. I do not know what the right answer is, but I do know that all of this government pressure is definitely not the answer.
    Hope you have a wonderful start to your school year! SO GLAD KIDS ARE BACK IN THE CLASSROOM!!!!


    1. I did! It was very summery! I am not either. What a fast summer!
      Ah – that is sweet. I will try not to let John B. bother me anymore.
      I like that your supt. changed it. That is the way to motivate to vaccinate, IMO.
      I listened to a podcast with optimistic data from Europe where the Delta was first. The thought it that this could peak really soon.
      We will always have this virus, IMO.
      Thank you so much and so am I, but I am just sad it’s with this darned mask!


  4. My teenage daughter and her friends were so excited about Outer Banks. I never really thought about watching it myself, though! I will have to put it on my list. That’s exciting that you were able to go in and decorate your classroom. I started back to school today and it was so nice not to be I a mask. Your weekend looked fun as usual and that sunset, oh my, love it!! Have a good week!

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  5. You look so cute in that black dress! Black is nice summertime!
    Just one more week for you… blah. I have two weeks left, but it feels like nothing. I know some people only have two weeks off, but… Weather is bad, half cloudy and 63°… no swimming for me! But shorts, tank top and clogs – don’t take away my summer clothes darn it!
    We’re also watching OBX (which is a silly name too, referring to your comment on John B… even when Sarah was dying she still called him John B…). It’s good! I love shows that we can watch as a family!


    1. Well, thank you. I only wear it with my swimsuits on the boat. I didn’t think it looked flattering when I looked back at the photos.
      I love summer clothes and I love when you can kind of mix summer and fall at the beginning of the season. I don’t really wear closed toe shoes until it gets cooler.
      It’s kinda silly, but I have been enjoying Outer Banks. No one says “OBX” that lives there, either. Lots of little funnies!


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