Friday, July 30, 2021

I am linking up with Andrea and many more here for ….

I don’t have too much this week, but here we go…

Mason and I have a tradition of watching Big Brother. We started this a few years ago and it’s been fun. We are enjoying this year’s group of people. We are not caught up because it’s on three times a week!

Wednesday evening my friend Heather invited the other Heather and I over to see her finished kitchen and eat sushi. It is gorgeous!

She has a cute dog named Paisley.

Heather is a vegetarian and always gets a veggie roll wrapped in soy paper instead of sea weed, so I ordered that, too. I loved it. I know next to nothing about sushi.

I couldn’t save this for Wednesday when I typically show outfits and any new items in my wardrobe. My favorite local consignment shop has put out their fall stuff and their spring and summer is 50-75% off.

This Vince Camuto dress was $7!

This blouse was $8! and gives off some serious Pioneer Woman vibes. IYKYK! (This is what the kids say – “if you know you know”.)

I’m still not sure how I get this subscription (they come packaged together) but I love it. I’m going to dive into these two magazines this weekend.

I’m just not motivated to read my current library book, so I was excited that two requests came in for me.

I am a very seasonal reader so I like to finish all summer books before school starts.

What were your favorites this week? Is your summer wrapping up, too? When I see you here again it will be August! Ay!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. No summer wrap up! Stop it! I’m not ready! (no talk about pumpkins pls, I cannot take it! :-D)
    I start August 16 with teacher start up, and the students come one week later. I guess we will go back to normal, I haven’t heard anything else. Poor you with mandatory masks! But you will have full classes, right?
    Favorites this week all have to do with the sweet but too short Swedish summer; you know, these months with cut offs, bikinis and flip flops are… just amazing to me! Swimming, coffee on the dock, drinks on the patio… I love it!

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    1. I won’t talk about pumpkins, but when school starts it’s hard to still call it summer! So, you are one week behind me because I go back August 9. The kids come August 11. As far as we know everything back to normal but with masks.
      I am going to try to really summer it up until August 9!


      1. Yes, let’s summer it up! I’m on! (Although it’s very fall:y here today with pouring rain and 64,5°…)


  2. Your friend’s kitchen looks so beautiful! I’ll need to try to order sushi that way next time. I’m reading a book right now that I think is just okay, which is actually kind of nice right now. Usually I cannot put my book down and all I want to do is read! Ha! With just the so-so book, I can read it when I need to – like if I can’t sleep!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. It really is beautiful and I should have taken more photos. The sushi was really good! That is a good point. Sometimes you don’t want a book to be addictive! I love your NSale picks and agree on the hot pants! lol! I love that belt bag and have been seeing them lately on people.


  3. I just picked up the first husband this week… and I didn’t even remember requesting it but it does sound cute.


  4. Having my skinny pizza dough for dinner tonight….IYKYK lol…..looks like you had a great week and your friends kitchen is GOALS! Love it! My happy was coming back from vacay in Nashville to a clean house, fresh sheets ready for us and ONLY gaining 2 lbs after I ate my weight in southern food and ice cream. yikes. Glad we will be home for a couple of weeks before we take off to the beach for a longggg weekend!


    1. Yeah! I just stocked up on more self rising flour. My friend who started WW loves the pizza recipe! I only know because of you! IYKYK! Her kitchen is gorgeous and she doesn’t use it! Isn’t that the way of life. She hates to cook. Only gaining 2 lbs. is amazing! You will have that off after a nice bathroom visit – sorry, I couldn’t help it!


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