Tuesday, June 29. 2021

I go through fashion obsessions. Are you like that? Right now I am loving my two pairs of denim cut offs. I have white, too, but I seem to keep reaching for my blue denim. I have been trying hard to Marie Kondo my life this summer. I feel like this needs to be done at least once a year. I recently did my summer shoes and it felt so good to let so many pairs go. I also did my linen closet and my pantry recently.

Here is what I asked myself when I did my summer shoes:

Am I wearing these now?

Would I buy these right now if they were on a display at a store?

These are the two questions I used to guide me.

I need to do my tops. I am having a harder time with this category because I keep saying, “But, what if I want to wear that when school starts?” I just have too many tops, though, and it makes no sense to keep things I don’t love to wear.

You know you’re getting older when you can’t relate to the fashion in In Style magazine anymore, am I right? I enjoy seeing the styles, the patterns, and the color combinations, but most of what is featured I would never wear.

However, one page spoke to me. I have really been on a denim cut off kick lately and I love the contrast of a little dressy with them.

I like the long sleeves with the shorts better than my outfit below. I have always loved long sleeves with shorts for some reason!

I am obsessed with my new gold Marc Fisher lace up sandals and my Target Universal Thread cut offs. The blouse is consignment and the necklace is also consignment. This is what I wore to lunch Friday and we stopped in a little boutique on the way.

Here are my candidates for long sleeved blouses:

old from Costco!

The next three are all Savanna Jane. Yes, I have a problem!

And, this blouse is Target Universal Thread from this spring:

This is an easy outfit formal that looks modern and is definitely comfortable!

Would you wear this combo? Have you worn this combo?


13 thoughts on “Try This Look

  1. I love the look of cut offs with a dressier blouse. In fact I just got a new top I plan to wear that way! Your outfit from Friday looks terrific and so do all the others you’ve lined up. Those gold sandals are awesome!

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    1. Me too! It’s such a good contrast I think. I also think the long sleeved top is more flattering on me. I like to hide my arms and bare my legs. That page spoke to me! Lol! Thank you so much; they are my favorites of the summer.

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  2. Oh yeah, I love that! It’s a great combination! I’ve always loved jeans cut offs, and even though they are longer now than they used to be (hello Daisy Dukes :-D), I still wear them a lot. Daughters have taken over the shorter ones… I like white cut offs too, but I don’t have any – need to buy!


    1. Thank you! Yes, thank goodness they are longer now. You should get some white ones or make your own! If you have long white jeans that you don’t like anymore you could cut them and fray them yourself.


  3. I love all the outfits that you put together! I agree about Instyle, but have always liked the way they lay out those pages with all the different looks.


  4. I love these ensembles! I’m inspired to buy a pair of wrap sandals but I have wide feet so a little nervous about it. Nordstrom Rack has some cute ones! Are your’s comfy? I love the metallic look and it dresses up pieces – so chic!


    1. Thank you, Gaby! I think you could wear them. I think they are very comfy. I haven’t walked in long distances but I did walk about 2 blocks. You have the ability to tighten them as you desire. I love a metallic shoe and I feel like I always need one!


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