Monday, June 28, 2021

That weekend went by quickly! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here.

Let’s go back to Thursday afternoon when I got my first pedicure of the summer! I chose a color I’ve never done before – a dark teal.

I had fun trying to recreate a street food from Prague with Mason. He went there in 2019 with a school group and we had been talking about trying to make trdelnik. It is a dough that gets wrapped around a cylinder and they cook it at stands in the street. The recipe we found told us to roll up magazines and cover them with foil and suspend them from the edges of a cookie sheet! I don’t think our dough rose enough so I would like to try it again. It gets covered in cinnamon and sugar and sometimes they have a filling.

I started this and I am loving it!

Friday I was supposed to go back to the 18 and over pool with my friend Elizabeth but the weather was not too nice. So, we decided to go out to lunch. We went to a place I had only been to one other time. It is Argentinian inspired I think. It has nods to Argentina, at least.

We sat outside at this cute little table and enjoyed Belgian pommes frites and some white wine before sandwiches and salad.

For dinner Friday night I made everyone a different dish because we were about out of supplies. Tom and Mason had Mexican and Jack had a sandwich and leftover mac and cheese and I had chicken and vegetables.

Saturday I went to the big farmer’s market! It is so nice!

I did not buy these beautiful hydrangeas because mine are below and are doing awesome still! My plant has grown so much and the blooms are peeking out from the fenceline.

I also did a Kroger pick up and I was exhausted by the time I unloaded all of the foods from the farmer’s market and the grocery.

But, then I sat down and watched Pioneer Woman’s daughter’s wedding! It was so pretty! I think Mauricio is so sweet! Anyone watch it?

We were going to take the boat out but it was super windy and the river was quite choppy. After lunch, I ventured out to a shopping center. Versona was disappointing. They have hardly any jewelry anymore. I was looking for a long necklace. Are long necklaces out of style? Francesca’s hardly had any either. I also went into Williams Sonoma and Loft.

Saturday night we had a reservation for our German restaurant. Tom’s birthday was two weeks ago and Father’s Day was last weekend so this was kind of a belated dinner for Tom. It is rather hard to get a reservation for this restaurant!

It is in an unassuming strip mall, but the interior is incredible. I took you to Italy on Friday and now I’m taking you to Germany, right?

The attention to detail is something. I had a glass of house Riesling from the region of Germany of the owner.

I had the vegetarian spatzle. Spatzle is a German noodle. I learned how to make it in Germany in 2000. You have a loose batter that you pour through a sieve into a pot of boiling water.

And, I had some German potato salad served hot.

I didn’t take a photo of Tom and the boys’ foods because they think I’m annoying when I do that. They had pork. Tom had zigeuner schnitzel and the boys both had rahm schnitzel. Everyone loved their food!

Sunday morning I had my coffee with some magazines on the patio and then did cleaning and laundry.

I tried a new combo with my iced coffee. I mixed chocolate and caramel Premier and it was good! I am looking for peanut butter chocolate flavor but have been unsuccessful! It is even out of stock on Amazon until the end of July.

Then, we finally made it to the river this weekend and Tom’s sister and our niece came along. The river was still quite choppy and it was quite windy.

We came home and I made dinner out of German leftovers and a big salad with homemade honey mustard dressing and homemade chicken tenders. We ate as a family and watched Derry Girls!

How was your weekend? I hope it was great!


16 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Fun weekend! Our German restaurant is so good too but the same way – you have to book a reservation months in advance if you want to go on a weekend. They have live music and the place really gets wild but the food is so good. Love the decor of yours!
    I haven’t been into a Versona in years, I should check them out again and see what’s up.
    Have a marvelous Monday!!


    1. Yes! Isn’t that funny? I bet it’s because they are a bit of a rarity here. Ours does not have live music; that would be so fun! I felt like Versona was trying to move to more clothing where in the past I think they were more accessories. Nashville looked so fun! I love that you enjoyed the cooler weather!


    1. I like a little bit of breeze, but it made the water choppy! Yes, we do. I think I realized it even more after going through the last year. We are very lucky!


  2. I watched Alex’s wedding too. Can you imagine what that wedding must have cost? Just the floral bill alone had to be enormous! And what about that reception menu for 500 people? Yikes! Probably cost more than my house. I have pretty good luck with long necklaces from J.Jill. Have you looked at their website? I think they are having an additonal 30% off all sale styles today too.


    1. I was wondering the same! A million total? I need to look at J.Jill. I just got worried thinking my beloved long necklaces were going out of style! No!!!!


  3. The food looks amazing! All of it. Pomme frites — yum! The German restaurant is amazing too. My dad would love that. I grew up going to a restaurant (in KC) called the Berliner Bear. We’d meet family there pretty often. I will say, I probably didn’t appreciate the cuisine at the time 😆I love that you got some time on the boat!


  4. I’ve got to try that farmer’s market! I too watched Pioneer Woman’s wedding special and cried like I knew them personally! 💗


  5. Wow, those hydrangeas! Why am I living in the arctics!? 😀 I actually put a hydrangea in my flowerbed a couple of years ago; and every year it courageously shows up with some green leaves… but nothing more. This year I’m trying strawberries (already had some, yummy!) and a little rose (the deers eat the flowers….).
    It’s so fun with your strip malls – you open a door and “Shazam!”, you enter another world! Amazing! We have a pet store close to us (yes, in Florida…) and it’s like entering Sea World with fantastic aquariums with sharks and stuff!
    I think I will try Derry Girls tonight – I trust you Amy! 😀


    1. I don’t know! This is my favorite flower! Maybe this will be the year that it will bloom since you said it’s been warmer? OOOOH, strawberries would be fun to have. I am wondering about container gardening. I would love that pet store. I wonder if you will be able to understand the Irish accent better than me? Don’t forget you can put on English subtitles if you go to settings. Let me know what you think. We are loving it!


  6. Have you tried putting powdered peanut butter in it until the other one comes back in stock? I have even made a protein shake blended with ice, 2 tablespoons of
    Powdered peanut butter and a squirt of stevia to cool off in the afternoon. It is really good.

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