Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hello! I am happy to link up today with The Style Six here!

Wednesdays are the day I show you what I’ve worn over the last week. Sometimes the outfits are bad and oftentimes the photos are bad! This is real life around here! Now that we have gotten that disclaimer out of the way…

Last week this is what I wore to go to the fancy Italian restaurant with Mason. This is a Target Knox Rose dress that is super soft. I have worn it several times and I think it was a good purchase. Knox Rose is a little bit pricier line at Target but I think you get a higher quality.

This is what I wore to go to lunch on Friday with my friend. You saw this yesterday in my post about denim cutoffs with a dressier blouse!

This is what my friend Elizabeth wore:

I wore this to run an errand:

I may need to say goodbye to this floral blouse. What do you all think? Also, why do I scrunch up the skin between my eyebrows so much?

And, that is it for the week! Sorry I wasn’t better about photos. I wore my palm print skirt to eat dinner at the German restaurant and I’m happy to report that there was no static again! Here is that skirt and it comes in so many prints!

I mentioned yesterday that I have been Marie Kondo’ing (yes, I did just turn sweet Marie into a verb) my summer shoes. We are halfway through the summer and if I haven’t worn a pair yet, I probably am not going to. I took them to my consignment store and got a small amount of cash. I feel like I can breathe and see all of my shoes.

But, then I added two new pairs…. oops.

First, I have been thinking about these for a long time. They were on sale for less than $100 which is really good. I have worn my white faux ones to death, but they are slightly big and slip a bit. I was thinking since I wear so much gold jewelry that these would get a lot of wear and even work into the fall. Birks are also great teacher shoes.

And, this was really by accident. I was in Target for the first time in a long time and these black waterproof ones are only $10. My niece had black ones on for our boating Sunday and I got to thinking that these would be useful into the fall as well.

Now, I feel like I won’t need anymore summer shoes or clothes really for that matter.

What have you been wearing lately?


8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I have those Target knock off birks for the pool in white and I am surprised at how much I like them. I say get rid of things you don’t wear and buy things you like. I had to change my thinking – and I agree Marie Kondo-ing is a verb. I used to keep items because they still fit but now I realize that if for any reason I don’t want to wear them then they need to go and let someone else enjoy them. My closet still has more than I need but I have different moods so it will always be that way, I’m no minimalist that’s for sure – ha!!!

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    1. They are pretty nice! I thought black would be handy to have. Love my black and white! Totally – I say pass it on and only keep things that are 10s! I will never be a clothing minimalist I’m afraid!


  2. Love the birks! Good call. I have one pair and love them. I did just buy the rose gold version of faux birks of the white ones hadley (& you!) have and love them. Especially with my tan feet 😂 I felt like rose gold is a little dressier than my brown real ones

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  3. Keep the floral blouse!, I liked it! I think you can wear it into the fall with black pants!
    Always nice with sandals, especially real birks! I only have rip offs, but I wear them a lot!


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