Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Happy Hump Day! I am linking up with The Style Six right here today!

Quick notes if you are new here…

I am a high school Spanish teacher. I am challenging myself to wear a unique outfit for each of my 32 days of in person instruction to end out the year. I started April 5 and finish May 28. We work from home on Wednesdays, so that is how I got 32 days!

My classroom was a refrigerator, but it has gotten much better and I can wear more on-season outfits now!

Wearing in my hair…a mask!

I started walking two days a week with some co-workers. I forgot my hairband one day so I made do with my mask; it has elastic ear straps. It worked great! Did I look weird? Probably!

Blue swing dress, Amazon kimono, new white knock off Birks from Amazon here. I just did not want to spend on real ones and these are super comfortable and pretty darn well made! I closed my eyes so head is cropped!

Bonus weekend outfit…

This is what I wore to see the outdoor play of my son last weekend.

Another swing dress with another kimono. This time I did wear capri leggings under – mainly because the dress is on the shorter side.

What is up with my eyes? Is it sheer exhaustion and a sign that I am done with school? Maybe! Long orange skirt – given to me by a colleague who did not want it, black tank, and another kimono.

White linen Old Navy pants (very old), navy t-shirt, and another kimono! I wore the red Saltwater sandals. The necklace is a hand me down from another friend.

Do you have a favorite outfit of mine this week?

Yes, I do love a kimono!

What have you been wearing?


15 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Thank you! I love your polka dot top but sadly I ordered the wrong size and the size I need is out of stock! Did you see the Universal Thread matching set of top and shorts? It looks amazing! I have it on the way and each piece is only $15. I will show it if it works out for me!


  1. Do I have to choose one!? Well, in that case I take the short black dress with capris, that was really chic! And the white birkenstock rip offs are so nice! I have to find mine, now that I have painted my toenails in a pretty white!
    Well, about my own clothing, hold on to something – I’m in a skirt with bare legs! It’s 64,5° and a clear blue sky! I’m on my way to do some “hall duty outside on the playground” (does that have a name?) and I’m SO happy about the weather!


  2. You crack me up the the mask/ hair tie. So resourceful of you! I love the outfit you wore to the play! I just got a new shirt and sandals from amazon that I love…I hope to share on Friday

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    1. I think those are my favorites, too! Thank you! I only take like one or two shots because I’m anxious to start working before my class begins! Lol! I will try to do a few more and try to open wide. So awkward! Happy Wednesday!


      1. I’m the same way with my am pics my son take. Quick and done so I can drop in to school and not be a spectacle for the neighbors.


      2. Right! I wish I had more time but really I am just a real life blogger! I am pretty o.k. with my quick tripod pictures! I am going to have to transition to summer fotos somehow. Your pictures are great – you go to lots of scenic places to do them!


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