Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sounds appealing, right? We all want MORE WEEKEND!

I may be too late this week for this blog post, but put it in your backpocket for next week, ok?

I don’t know why, but I am kind of obsessed with productivity. Are you like that? I want to get stuff done, but then I take my down time very seriously…

I had a really great Saturday morning on the Saturday before Mother’s Day and I realized why…

I had done the major errands during the week and I woke up Saturday free as a bird! I actually felt like I was forgetting something!

Working moms, but also stay at home moms, might dread Saturdays because it is traditionally the day we have to get all of those annoying errands done, right?

Wouldn’t you rather be doing this?

You might just be able to…

-If you have young kids, set out a forgotten toy or toys the night before where they will see them upon waking or set out the breakfast and tell them to take care of themselves! lol!

-Tell your husband you want to start a “tradition” of him taking the kids out for breakfast or to a park for a “breakfast picnic”. Maybe he won’t get the subterfuge?

-See what you can outsource – order it instead of running to a store, delegate to a kid or to spouse.

-Pick one weekday to bundle your errands. Since I have Wednesday as my work from home day I do this during my lunch break. Yesterday I picked up a repair from the tailor and my groceries which are in the same shopping center.

-I have decided that if I can do my big grocery run during the week it makes me happier. I like going in to the weekend with fresh groceries.

-This does require some planning and of course there may be a few things you need, but I have decided if I can do grocery pick up for the bulk of it I don’t mind running in for a few things and in fact, it can be enjoyable.

-Pick one weekday to do the cleaning so that Saturdays are not all about that life. When I was totally virtual, I did my cleaning on Friday after my last class so I could go into the weekend with an already clean house.

-Pick one day to do your laundry. I have been doing mine on Wednesday mornings.

Why are we such a society obsessed with productivity? I thought we learned our lesson in 2020?

I think you all will appreciate this…

I told my students I would do a “life lessons” session for them because they were interested in this. We don’t really do a good job with this in high schools of 2021, in my opinion. So, I asked them to submit questions about college, finances, and other general questions. These were anonymous and I am using this to prepare my power point.

One of my sweet teens asked, “How do you achieve a healthy work/life balance?”

You all, I love teenagers! They are so smart and so aware. I have really enjoyed reading their questions and they are so excited to talk about this. Yes, I teach Spanish, but our principal told us to not try to make up for lost time, to pick the most essential standards for our courses, and to help the students with what they needed to close out the year. So, I am squeezing this in while they are preparing their final presentations.

I think the secret to achieving a healthy work/life balance is using your time efficiently – bundling errands, outsourcing, etc., knowing yourself and when and how you work best, compartmentalizing work and trying to keep home and work separate, and taking time to re-charge your batteries and do things that fill your cup.

What are your best tips for less errands and more weekend?

Thanks for listening to my Thursday Thoughts,


13 thoughts on “Less Errands, More Weekend

  1. Well, planning is everything! I try to do as much things in advance as possible: pick out clothes the day before, fix the coffee machine the evening before, use my calendar for everything, book things well in advance… I even plan how I move things around the house; you know, since I’m going to the bedroom to fetch something I might as well bring water for the plants, etc. But I don’t know if this is something you can teach people? I mean, it works for me…
    You’re a star when it comes to taking time for yourself! I almost flipped about that comment you overheard about you meeting friends after work…! Such a mean jealous person! Well, we have to move through those moments with grace…
    Enjoy your Thursday (only spend time with nice and loving people!).


    1. It really is. I am the same – it makes mornings so much easier. That is true – we need to consider house placement in our efficiency. Some people it comes naturally for and others it doesn’t.
      I hope you don’t mean I am lazy! It has taken me a long time to get to this point – when my kids were little all I did was work and family with very rare friend time. I don’t think the friend meant it maliciously, but I have tried to help her so much. She can’t even make time to read my blog.


  2. I tend to do 2 loads of laundry a day M-F so I have no laundry on the weekend. Same with cleaning the house. We tackle a few rooms each day so by the weekend everything has been cleaned; in just 15 minutes or so it’s easy to get a lot done and “clean the bedrooms” seems like so much less to tackle than “clean the whole house.” I am a big fan of breaking down chores into smaller more manageable tasks. I also do most of my errands on off-hours/ days when stores are empty an I can get in and get out– which means no weekend grocery trips if I can help it.

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  3. I always feel like weekends should be 3 days for this very reason but since that’s not likely, I agree we need to streamline and get more done during the week so we can enjoy freedom! Since I work from home and have a flexible schedule I do a lot during the week but that’s hard for others in different situations. No matter what I think we are always trying to strike the right balance of work and life.


  4. I love this post! So many great ideas. A few months ago I started picking up groceries on Saturday instead of Sunday. It’s been nice to have fresh groceries for Sunday lunch, meal prep, Sunday dinner, etc. I do the same thing with errands. I try to knock them out during the week if I can. Some weeks are super busy and I even just do one errands after school per day in order to make Saturday and Sunday errandless (besides groceries) I agree…we are obsessed with productivity! It makes it difficult for me to shut my brain off…but, like you, I take my relaxing seriously as well! Haha


    1. Thank you! I love having fresh groceries for the weekend. Will you do the same routine in the summer or will you change it up? I like the idea of bundling most errands for one week day!


      1. I usually stick with my regular routine in the summer but love that I don’t have to panic if I don’t get to it on the weekend…so sometimes I even do grocery pick up on a Monday (& feel like such a rebel) 😂

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      2. That is probably healthy. I change mine up or get crazy and have no routine sometimes. I feel like a rebel, too. I even call myself “Summer Amy” in the summer!

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  5. One huge thing that helps with my productivity at home is having someone clean my house once a week. This is a non-negotiable!!! I will do without something else in order to have this luxury. Such a weight lifted when you don’t have to spend all afternoon or all day on Sat/Sun trying to clean. I tidy all week long but get everything spic-and-span on Mondays when my house cleaner comes. I am also very good at bundling errands. Living 10 miles from the nearest town and 30 miles from the closest town with a bank, Wal-Mart, etc. will make you get everything done while you’re “in town”. And not making multiple trips per week. I also take my Sunday afternoon relaxing sessions seriously!!


    1. I want that so bad and had one 3 times last year for the first time ever. I am a bad house cleaner. I just can’t justify the exorbitant rate here in my city right now with two in college. They want $200 or close to it! I believe you live in a small town? I am a good tidier/straightener, but the depe cleaning stuff eludes me and I hate how it gets dirty so fast. I do try!
      You do have to bundle! I hope you get some things online, too!


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