Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Have you bought any summer shoes yet? Of course I have, but I will also show you what I still love from last year.

I would say 2020 saved me money on shoes!

Top to bottom:

New this year olive faux Birkenstocks from Hobby Lobby! for $5.

Black Soda brand sandals from two years ago

Sam Eddleman criss cross sandals from two years ago

New this year Coconuts woven wedges

Red Dr. Scholl’s from last year

New this year consignment cow print wedges

red Saltwater sandals from last year (last year I had a red obsession)

MIA clog sandals from two years ago

I have more than this but these are my favorites!

Me wearing the Sam Eddlemans:

I noticed Chinese Laundry has a version of my HobbyLobbys so I think I had a good instinct! Look how much money I saved that will go back in the shoe fund.

I didn’t have these in time for the shoe photo above. These are the black Reef flip flop sandals.

I love these but feel like they are so similar to the MIA clog sandals except these are backless and $$$$ coming in at $120 because the brand is Kork-Ease.

Then, I did order these from Amazon – white faux Birkenstocks. I think I am now on a white kick in 2021.

What are your favorite summer shoes? What do you end up wearing the most? What do I need? Yes, I said need!

Solely yours,


19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Summer Shoes!

  1. I love your summer shoes! You’re covered I would say!
    Well, flip flops are my definite favorites, living in a cold country it’s wonderful to bare your feet for 3 months a year! Favorite brand is Havaianas.
    But… when I’m working I mostly wear light sneakers like Stan Smiths.
    At the cabin I will wear my new red clogs! I might wear them to work too…

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  2. Great shoes! I am currently wearing my D’Orsay summer flats by Crocs for the second day in a row to teach in- one of my faves, cute and comfy!
    Have a great rest of the week!

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  3. I am planning a summer shoe post soon; I don’t own any Birks but I have considered getting the waterproof ones for the beach. I had a pair of shoes from Kork Ease and they were very comfortable. I feel like I have the shoes I need but I am also really loving the Steve Madden studded sandals, they are so pretty!

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    1. Can’t wait! Love shoes! I have heard kork ease are great. I think you should get the waterproof for beach. They rinse right off. Sometimes flip flops annoy me at the beach. I want studs, too! Haven’t found just the right ones yet!


  4. I love your red dr scholls! (& your fiesta shirt!) 🤣 I haven’t purchased any new summer shoes but have so many I love already ! I have the white faux birks from amazon and love them. Are they the rubber kind? That’s what I have. Hadley has those too + regular faux birks from amazon that she loves

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    1. Thank you! They are a bit of an odd shade of red – very light – and that sometimes affects my wearing them. I want the non plastic faux Birks. I have the plastic or rubber now. I may order those. I can’t stomach the price for the real ones!
      What is it with white? I love it right now!


  5. I just got the “clog” type sandal in red from Walmart, you influenced me!!! Well, I think they are great and for less than $20?! I bought Target white faux Birks sandals last summer and like them. I bought a children’s size this year, and are a bit nicer looking. I have liked some of the Target sandals and really don’t need anymore.

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  6. How do you like your red saltwater sandals? They are so darling!!!
    I LOVE red!!!!
    I love everything you post!!!
    Do you recommend those cute sandals from Hobby Lobby?

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    1. I think Saltwaters are awesome and the price is great! They are very flat if you need more arch support. The Hobby Lobby’s are great – mainly wear to store and around the house. I don’t know if I will wear them anywhere nicer?
      Thank you Michelle!!!!


  7. I love my Firkies from Amazon. If my navy ones become available in my size, I am buying them. Other then that I only have bought 2 new pair of golf shoes. and my BELOVED Golden Goose that I wear EVERY DAY. I have an appointment at the new GG store in Austin and I am hoping I can get some fall/winter ones! I like your white Birkenstocks! I have blue ones from Nordstrom that I bought 4 years ago at the N Sale. I still wear them all summer long!

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    1. Well now I think your GG are worth it since you wear them every day! You need an appointment to shop there? Ay!!!! I just ordered faux regular leather ones and now I should be almost set for summer shoes!


  8. I love your summer shoes! I really want a pair of Dr. Scholls. I had a yellow pair in high school and I am kicking myself for getting rid of them. I have a hard time justifying summer shoes because I wear flip flops every single day. There isn’t one summer day that goes by without me wearing flip flops for the majority of it. Have a great day!


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