Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Here is a short and sweet What I Wore! Linking up with Kellyann and more right here!

Here are the Cliff Notes (showing my age; I hope the kids today have an online version of Cliff Notes – maybe I will ask my students but maybe that would be mean I was a bad influence):

-High School Spanish teacher

-Returned to in-person instruction on April 5

-Trying to wear a different outfit each of the 32 days of in-person instruction. I can repeat a basic solid colored bottom like my black pants.

-My spring/summer clothing plan was thwarted by the ice box temperatures in my room; we think it has to do with less kids in the room, better filter and circulation.

This day I went pretty springy but had a black cardigan that I wore most of the day.

I almost didn’t show this one. This will be my “before” photo if I ever get to the “after”. It was a Friday. I wore my school shirt with a fleece vest. The half zip was not straightened before the photo was taken. I hope I didn’t look this bad all day!

One upside to the cold classroom is that I have two horse scarves for Derby week! This day I wore white J.Jill capri leggings, an Old Navy long sleeve dress, a vest, and the scarf. I was still cold.

And, finally, this day I just went full on winter. I have on warm leggings, a black tank top, and my Target poncho. This outfit coupled with the 80 degree day and a window open and I was finally perfect! Lol! This is my favorite outfit and the clogs were comfortable for all day.

After school this day, I changed into these favorite pants for happy hour. I got these a few years ago at Versona for maybe $8. This print makes me happy. I wore them with a white blouse and my new woven wedges by Coconuts by Matisse.

I can’t remember if I told you I ordered and love these Sunday shorts by Aerie. I wish they came in more colors, but I think this is it. I didn’t get the sweatshirt and I know this photo isn’t great. They have a rounded hem and pockets! They have a real 70s vibe. I continue to be impressed by Aerie’s quality.

I continue to love my faux Birkenstocks from Hobby Lobby. So random!

I think I hit every season’s clothing in this post!

What have you been wearing lately?

Thanks for stopping by!


13 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. The print on those pants you wore to happy hour is all kinds of fun – I love the colors! I’d rather have a cold room than a hot one – the a/c was constantly broken at my last school and it was such a bummer. I bet your students love seeing what you’re wearing. Not repeating an outfit for 32 days is impressive!

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    1. Thank you! I love your blouse and shorts outfits this week!
      I agree! I have taught when it’s so hot that I had to shower immediately when I got home. I would always rather be cold. It’s just been such a surprise to all of us! I am not getting many outfit comments this year! I think my mask ruins every outfit! Lol!


  2. You can never go wrong with black! Today I actually look like you did on that all black picture! Minus the red clogs… I have them on display in the living room, but I haven’t worn them yet – I haven’t had the stamina to fix my feet :-D.
    Great post btw, you are a delight!

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  3. I was presenting to some high school kids and said “cliff notes”… blank stares all around. Sheesh, I’m old! Now they’re called “spark notes”. Haha! I’d rather be cold than hot since my internal temp these days is ~115F. Love your Derby scarf & red shoes!


  4. the black outfit is my favorite, and i think it is because you are rocking those red clogs!! they really elevated that look and look so good on you!
    give me the cold room every time. i think you can keep adding clothes if you’re cold but there is only so much you can take off if it’s too hot.


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