Monday, April 26, 2021

Hello Monday? Not sure I’m ready for you. Linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more here.

Friday after school I relaxed while catching up on some t.v. I missed during the week. Then, I went outside with Ernie but it was overcast and a bit chilly. In fact, I had wanted to go to the first Food Truck Friday with music at a nearby neighborhood but I was tired of being cold after my cold classroom all day.

So, we went to a little taco place that also serves homemade ice cream.

We got homemade chips and guacamole – excellent!

I got a grilled fish taco. Do you know how hard it is to find grilled fish tacos around here? They seem to be fried at many places and I want grilled. It was delicious.

Tom got carne asada and pork, I think.

And, we got ice cream for Mason, too, because he came home Friday night! Mason is ready to be done and home for the summer. Four more days of online finals or papers for them. Jack is staying in his dorm to focus, which is a good choice for him.

Saturday morning has become my time to go to Trader Joe’s. I’ve been sleeping in until 7 on weekends and then I go around 8:30 and there is no line.

Jen inspired me to get tulips. This bouquet is huge for $6!

I got rice, veggie burgers, and zucchini spirals from the frozen section.

I got all the fresh vegetables. I am trying the Tik Tok sensation smashed brussel sprouts this week and I am excited!

Saturday was gross and rainy. It seems like lots of our Saturdays are like this lately. I set myself up on the patio to read and Mason joined me. He was watching Star Trek, though. One of the best things we did last year was to get a WIFI extender that goes to the patio.

My white Birkenstocks arrived!

I don’t mind the rain too much.

We picked up all of Jack’s musical stuff to make move out easier. He had two guitars, an amp, a keyboard and stand in his room.

This is the fountain in front of the boys’ dorm.

Then, the four of us went to a pizza place for dinner. I can’t remember the last time the four of us went out to eat.

I tried this and it was really good!

They didn’t know I took this. They were lost in conversation. Their bond is something I am so thankful for and I hope it doesn’t change.

I got a slice with banana peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Tom got an individual pizza that is big for one person.

The boys got a medium and did two different things. There was a lot left over to take home!

We said bye to Jack and Mason watched this with me at home. It is really heart warming. Has anyone watched Worn Stories on Netflix? It is about clothes that mean something to people but it goes deeper into relationships. One episode involves the lack of clothing and centers around some people who live in a nudist colony in Florida.

I woke up Sunday morning and read a bit. I am already half way through this and I really like it! Finally!

Then, I did Kroger because I can’t get everything at Trader Joe’s. I know it seems kinda weird to start both of my weekend days off with grocery shopping but it’s kinda nice to be there so early and then be done with it.

Then, it was meal prep time – homemade light egg mcmuffins for me, turkey chili, turkey taco meat, and egg roll in a bowl with ground turkey. I have fallen in love with ground turkey. Also, I am bringing meals to a colleague who was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I wanted to give him these low carb meals.

The Real Housewives have rubbed off on me and I decided to make my iced coffee (instant coffee granules with half of a Premier Protein caramel – I love vanilla, too) in a wine glass. I’m so fancy. I swear it tasted even better! Starbucks who?

Then, it was time to work on school stuff. I like to feel ready for the week early in the day so it isn’t hanging over me. Are you like that?

This will be a busy week because we don’t have Wednesday Asynchronous Day. We go four consecutive days! Gasp! We have off Friday for the Kentucky Derby Oaks race. This is why colleges in Louisville have to be out by Thursday; it is a big deal around these parts. So, I have to work four days in a row and help move out two college kids after work. I haven’t been this busy since March of 2020 maybe!

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

As always, thanks for reading and for your comments!


19 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. 4 days in a row? OMG!!! Ha, how funny, right? I started watching a bit of worn stories, I know that nudist colony pretty well. When I worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center in the 90’s I had patients who lived there and would tell me all about it. All I’ll say is: interesting.
    Anyway, looks like a busy and fun weekend for you, nice that both boys will be home soon and the first year of college will be in the books!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, it’s really hard with mask on all day and all the talking we do in language! Also, it’s very repetitive with half classes and doing the same lesson 9 times. But, I will be fine.
      I don’t get the nudist thing and I like clothes! They look weird naked with shoes on and walking around in just a t shirt.
      It was! I can’t believe one year is almost done! Have a great day!


      1. Oh no I get it – after working from home for 3 years I find it hard to be ready to go anywhere by 9am! I could never wear a mask all day and teach.
        The nudist thing? It’s gross. Really gross but they are all super happy. It is something I could never imagine myself enjoying!


      2. Yes! I can related to that. Can you believe I leave my house at 6:45 a.m. now? It seems way too early for work! I agree – I am happy to let them do their thing but I am not interested in anyone sitting on my couch naked! They had to put down a towel! Lol!


  2. Well, I’m back in school, still half classes which works out fine. Three of my classes are reading books, which I enjoy a lot (Holes and The Fault in Our Stars – both are just fantastic! Even after reading them for the 10th time…).
    I love your Birkenstocks! I want them badly! I bought cheap copies last year, and of course the quality was crap… When will I learn!?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The half classes are kinda nice but the repetition is hard – teaching same lesson so many times, right? Those books would be fun to teach. They are not real Birkenstocks but the quality seems good!


      1. Yes, repetition can drive me crazy… But hey – it’s almost summer! Enjoy your Monday! (love that coffee in a wine glass btw – will do it this afternoon!)


  3. Good luck with the four straight days! I am not really feeling the Derby this year. Are you? Can’t believe the boys are home already. L. still has 3 more weeks on campus.


    1. I will let you know how I feel after two! I am not either! They will be home by Thursday which is crazy early. I will feel like I should be in summer mode, too!


  4. Yay! For Trader Joe’s flowers. We were in Louisville Saturday night to Sunday. We ate at boombozz pizza on Saturday night (bardstown road) and watched the UK volleyball game. Sunday, after hadleys competition, we ate at The Cafe. It was so good! You are so lucky to have Friday off. I hope you have a great week

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    1. I need to treat myself to them more often! Oh man, I would freak if I saw you in person probably. We were just down the road at another pizza place. I have a Boombozz right by my house, too. How fun! I have not been to The Cafe since they renovated. I am excited about Friday. Are you going to Oaks or Derby?


      1. Awe that would have been a fun coincidence! No Oaks or derby for me this year. Travis is going to thurby for fun and then maybe oaks for work. Saturday & Sunday I will be living the dance mom life 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. There is really nothing like homemade tortilla chips. I agree…I always need a regular grocery trip after my Trader Joe’s trip. Have a wonderful week!


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