Friday, April 23, 2021

Happy Friday! It’s everyones’ favorite day in blogland – link up day with Andrea, etc. right here!

This was a good week and I think my word of the week would be grateful. I have felt grateful this week! It’s a good emotion.

Here are a few favorites and I would love to hear yours in the comments!

Favorite dish this week…

Egg Roll in a Bowl with ground turkey. I didn’t think I liked ground turkey but I do! I am trying to find more recipes with it. This was my lunch most days this week. Yes, I can eat the same thing for a week and then change it up the next!

Favorite snack this week…

I have mentioned these before, but do you like Sugar Smacks cereal? That is what these taste like!

Favorite splurge this week…

The lather on this shampoo is the thing of legends. I think I am using too much product and I probably only need a dime sized amount. I have never had a shampoo suds up like this does. I love it! I don’t notice much about the conditioner and I need a detangler I think. I also like its minimalist design.

Favorite surprise this week….

It snowed between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning! It melted very quickly!

Favorite meme of the week in regards to above weather…

Favorite Strange Moment I found myself having this week…

I hope you don’t think this is insensitive. I truly respect all religions and cultures. I just have a weird sense of humor and try to always look for the funny in life.

I went in to the library this week to pick up a request and browsed the new release section.

Did you know there is a category of books – Amish Romance?


I found myself skimming almost every page for a love scene because I had told Tom and Molly (my youngest sister) about this category of books a couple of years ago. Tom and Molly are two of the funniest people in my life and they carried on quoting what they thought would be an Amish love scene… “He slowly unbuttoned her 76 buttons…” Anyway… I guess you had to be there, but I was trying to find a love scene to take a photo of and send to them. Spoiler: I couldn’t find a love scene like that.

This is the book I had requested and I am anxious to learn about the Enneagram.

I love checking out cookbooks to see if I like them!

And this is the fun chick lit book I picked.

I am in a reading rut! I returned like four books I started and didn’t feel like finishing. Life is too short to stick with books you aren’t into – at least in my opinion.

Favorite self-care of the week…

I changed my periwinkle blue mani for this light highlighter coral color. This is a dip manicure and my last one lasted exactly 3 weeks.

Favorite canine of the week….

Ernie! We walked to the baseball field one day.

Favorite sandals I might buy….

I am still trying to be intentional. I love my Reef flip flop sandals that I bought – they look like a sandal but feel like a flip flop. These are Billabong and they are the same. I love this woven trend and think this would be a good way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

Favorite much needed purchase…

I cannot find any of my lunch bags or soft sided coolers. I think I may have donated all of them because they were old and bad. I found this for $10 at Target and it is a little large for a lunch bag but will also serve as a cooler and will match my orange Bogg bag.

My kids are still at college, but Mason spent a few of the study days at home with me (they had four study days) and it was so nice. I went to school, of course, but hung out with him after school and in the evenings. Jack stayed at school to study. Their finals start today and they need to move out by next Thursday night. Mason already brought some things home to help the move out process. I am grateful they are close because it makes so many things easier, like moving out!

Their college gave them the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine Wednesday. They were having some side effects yesterday and I asked if they needed to come home and they both said they thought they would be fine to stay. I hate the timing of their second dose with finals starting, but it was also important to get it taken care of at college and on time.

So, that’s it for me!

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading,


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Wow, that snow is crazy! Glad it melted quickly. I listened to an audiobook this week from my library and it was a lot of fun! I am too cheap to buy an audible subscription but I really enjoyed it. I am liking the author Natalie Barelli, her books are more of a thriller/mystery genre. I loved The Accident, listened to Unfaithful, and now I’m reading The Housekeeper. It sees I cannot be without a book!
    I read The Road Back to You last year in my women’s group at church, it is interesting. Take the quiz and have Tom and the boys do it too!

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    1. It was crazy! I have never done an audio book but I should try it. I don’t want another subscription either. I don’t read many thrillers because I scare easily!
      Tom took it and he is a 5 and it is spot on. Mason said he is a 2 and that’s what I think I am. Now we have to get Jack to do it! That will be hard. What are you and your family?


      1. Nolan and I are 3s and honestly it fits us both to a T! I can not honestly remember what Brian was – possibly a 5 but sadly I have forgotten so much of what all the types are like. I know that when I was really into it (last year as part of my group) I knew exactly what he was and when he took the quiz it turned out he was1 I don’t think we ever got Collin to take it but my guess is that he and Brian are the same.

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  2. Your nails are so pretty! I use ground turkey in just about all our recipes now including that egg roll in a bowl; which I had planned to put on next month’s menu. I love a good zero point dinner like that.

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    1. Isn’t it? Ha! Thank you! Someone commented that they are popular – maybe lots of people want a cleaner romance? I get that! Maybe you will have Hadley read those as a teen? Lolololol!

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  3. Your nails look great! That coral color gives off warm-weather vibes. I’ve been using Olaplex for a bit now and I’ve been really happy with their product(s). That target bag is cute and perfect for picnics.

    These are some of the books I’ve recently read and enjoyed. Thought you may be interested.
    Rules for Visiting by Jessica Kane
    Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
    Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown
    Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
    In Five Years by Rebecca Serle
    Ordinary Girls by Jaquira Díaz

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  4. Well, with a title that ends in “happy ending” it could only get more hilarious as it went! HAHAH! I’m sitting here giggling like the 13 year old boy that lives inside of me. ;-P I need that recipe!!!

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  5. That’s so crazy that y’all had snow this week. We had unseasonably cool temperatures with lows in the 40’s. Amish romance is definitely a strange genre, but also very popular. I remember shelving these when I volunteered at the library. Have a great weekend.

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    1. I know! It was! That is cold for you. That is interesting – I guess lots of people want a cleaner romance book. I get it! I don’t like gratuitous scenes in a book!


  6. I literally LOL’d at that amish book! True story: I used to live in Hershey Pa and Lancaster Pa is a huge Amish area. It so interesting to me. I had a great week! I played golf 1x at the coast on Monday and legit beat Tony by 2 strokes! and today I played with 3 other ladies at the country club and then had lunch. I played “ok” but it was so much fun being out there with new ladies. WE are having neighbors over tomorrow night for charcuterie and wine. Sunday is golfing but the high is only 60! WTH! Right now its 81. Mother Nature is bipolar. HA! Have a good weekend! Do you have the egg roll recipe? It looks so good. Could you send me the link on My IG direct message? Thank you!

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    1. Me too! We have a lot of Amish in Northern In but not like PN. It is so interesting and I really admire the culture! I shopped in an Amish store in Kentucky with our German relatives and they didn’t understand their dialect.
      Never beat your husband! Lol!
      You are having fun lately and I love it! I used Mel Larson’s recipe I think! Will do!


  7. I just finished a Beatriz Williams book. I recommend her if you historical fiction.
    Also, The Wife Before Me (a thriller). It was fantastic.
    The Christian romance is definitely a genre. I don’t read it lol.
    Tom sounds like he has a fantastic sense of humor. There aren’t enough funny people around these days. 🙂


  8. Your nails look great. Gorgeous color! We eat ground turkey here and found that it’s a good compromise between beef and chicken. We didn’t see this year because you know Covid but it’s good to see it even if it’s on a picture. Something so beautiful about white snow and looking forward to when we see it next year. I just finished reading The Hating Game. It wasn’t a fast read but worthy of one.

    Maureen |


  9. We’ve also had some snow, but it’s not cold enough for it to stay on the ground – but still! We’re having a cold spring, bummer…
    I’ve been reading so much lately, it’s wonderful! Have you read “In five years”? It was really good and thought provoking! Today I finished American Royals, that was a fun read. Tomorrow I will pick up The Great alone at the library. I checked out a book about enneagram, but it was to tiresome for me… But please share if you think I should give it a try!
    I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!

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    1. Come on spring!
      I have considered those books. I think the book I got on the enneagram is shorter and more interesting than others but I don’t know if I will read the whole thing or only the numbers of my family.


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