Thursday, April 22, 2021

Today’s Thursday Thoughts are about the Target app! Do you have it? I keep it really simple when it comes to apps and I don’t have that many, nor do I use that many. Mo’ apps, mo’ problems, you know?

Are you an app person? Many times I prefer to just use a web browser instead of a company’s app.


I love Target and I love their app. It is very user friendly.

I mainly use it for clothing. I rarely buy Target shoes anymore. I think you can have some wins, but the comfort isn’t what I need in a shoe ,usually.

I have really been trying to be careful with clothing purchases lately. I must love it and it must fit perfectly, fit my lifestyle, and I must be able to think of several ways to wear it.

I love Universal Thread (Madewell vibe), Knox Rose (Anthropologie vibe), and A New Day. Target has been so on point lately. The quality is high and I really like the styles.

I use the app to order things to be picked up at the customer service desk (it usually is ready in 2 hours) or to ship to my home. It often takes longer to ship to store?

I never need a receipt for returns. I simply pull up the purchases section on the app and there is a bar code for returns. I never mail anything back and simply return to the store.

I think Target is great for summer shorts – athletic and casual. I love my new athletic shorts here (I have black and olive green and I want more colors because they are what I put on every day after school) and I love the Universal Thread cut offs in white and blue denim (working on getting back into those for this summer! Quarantine15, you know?) I think Target is also great for swimsuits and cover ups and they are really doing blouses well this season. Don’t forget those basic tees that you always need, too.

I love to order two sizes in the same item and return the one that doesn’t fit. It’s often really good to see the comparison at home in your own mirror and to try it with your other clothing pieces.

I ordered this cover up. I am hoping to pair it with my bright hot pink one piece from Aerie. I thought the pink would look cute under the white. I also have white rubber Birkenstocks coming!

The app tells you delivery estimates, gives you tracking information, and then tells you when it has been delivered.

This is what the returns look like on the app. I return more than I keep because it’s not a big hassle to return things for me.

Do you use the Target app? You all may be maximizing it way more than me. I have never done Curbside pickup but I hear it is great!

What are your thoughts today?


10 thoughts on “The Target App

  1. I don’t have their app but was thinking of seeing if they had one since I have a return to do in store today and was wondering how to get that barcode from my laptop to my phone.

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    1. You should get it! It’s really great. I have had luck taking a photo of the barcode on my laptop for other retailers – like Amazon – if your info isn’t on the app yet.


  2. I agree, Target is on point in so many ways and the app is marvelous! I just learned last week that you can see the next week’s sale ad on the app! It’s called “Sneak Peek” – I think the sneak peek is available towards the end of the week but it’s a great way to prevent buying something that will be on sale soon!


  3. I also love their app, and frequently use the curbside pick up. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go in the store again. Have a great day!


  4. I love the Target app and use it frequently. If you link your debit card to their Target Red Card you will also get free shipping. Make sure to use their Circle offers (coupons ) that are on the app.


  5. I love the target app! For all the reasons you mentioned. I especially love not having to keep up with receipts. Also, the kids sometimes scan items while we are in the store and I “favorite” them to remember as suggestions for gifts later.


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