Friday, April 16, 2021

Happy Friday! I am happy to link up today with Andrea, etc. right here for…

How was your week? I will be running out the door after school today much like this:

Things are going well and it is so fun to be with the kids again, but I am end of year teacher tired.

How was your week? Did you have any favorites?

Here are a few of mine:

I got a sweet text which led to a phone call to help a student who graduated last year.

She was so sweet to reach out to me and she told me about a paper she had to write. I asked if she could call to brainstorm and we had a great conversation. THIS is what it is all about. I love keeping in touch with former students.

And, this sweet current student took the time to message me:

I feel weird sharing these things, but it is so important to give people words of affirmation in all aspects of your life. I am encouraging my college kids to reach out to high school teachers and thank them, too.

I am on 2.5 weeks of my periwinkle/blue dipped manicure. Gosh, this is vain, but I have enjoyed having nice nails again – that last for more than two days at a time!

Everything is so green and beautiful. I am trying to get outside after school as much as possible and we have Wednesdays to work from home.

I really, really like these Target shorts and I saw them in store in olive green so I scooped those up, too. They run slightly big, but I like that. I love the fabric and the pockets. Check them out below and here on the website.

I am not sure if I will keep this or not, but I wanted to share it. The color is stunning and it is a ribbed one piece from Aerie. It fits great and is great quality, but the color is out there. It also comes in a dark green. I am kinda tired with my standard black, you know? You should check out their cute suits at very reasonable prices. I am so impressed with all of the quality of my Aerie goods.

I went to the mall this week for an errand. You cannot enter Anthropologie from inside the mall. You cannot enter Sephora from outside the mall. I wanted to go in Anthropologie but I was inside the mall already!

I went to my favorite department store – Von Maur. I tried these on and they were too narrow at the top of the foot. I am liking the square toe trend. They are Steve Madden.

I tried on these Chinese Laundry sandals. They are backless which I like.

And, some of you know how much I love Reef brand flip flops. These are Reef below. They are so comfy!

The department store was all decked out for the Kentucky Derby and their piano player was playing “My Old Kentucky Home”. I think it is really hard to get tickets this year with limited capacity due to Covid.

I had a late lunch/happy hour with my friend Elizabeth on Wednesday. We went to BJs and had sparkling sangria.

I had a wonderful Asian salad with chicken that I can’t wait to get again.

One day I curled up outside with a blanket. I lit my new beer can candle and it smells so good!

I love the flowering trees we see this time of year.

And, I have a shoe problem. I love these but haven’t tried the on yet. They are Kork-Ease and a local boutique carries them.

I would love to hear a favorite of yours!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend,


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I say keep the bright swimsuit – of course I do – black is boring after awhile and as much as y’all are out on your boat you need it! #enabler
    I love the text messages from your students and you are right to share those – it is inspiring and hopefully it makes us all wish to be a bit better in the doing and the thanking departments!
    Have a super weekend Amy!


    1. Thank you! Yes, it is. The pink color is amazing and it really makes me happy just seeing it in my closet. I love a shopping enabler!
      Thank you! I try to reach out and tell people when they have made a difference but it’s easy to forget when we get busy.


  2. The messages from your dear students filled my heart!!! I need to tell my college son to reach out to his high school teachers that really helped me and stand out!! Talk about making someone’s day!!

    I LOVE your nails! SUCH a fun color!!!
    And…..your yard is soooo green and looks AMAZING!!!! We need to get a new set of yard furniture!! Yours looks so comfy! We just have black wired chairs……..not comfy! :-0

    Thanks for your posts! They are so fun for me to read and learn from! You inspire me!!


    1. Awww! I know! It is a bit harder for boys I think.
      Thank you – I have loved this color. It is so green this year. I am all about the comfy outdoor furniture and it is $$$$! We found pretty good deals, but it is still a lot to drop money on.
      Thank you so much. That makes my day.


  3. Aw, that is so sweet your old student reached out to you! I went back to visit my favorite high school teachers a few times when I was in college (one of the great things about commuting to a local college).


  4. I am with KellyAnn! Keep the bright pink. I do not buy any trendy sandals for the main reason of my plantar fasciitis. I wear my knock off Birkenstocks that are SOOOO DANG GOOD And comfy. I call them Ferkies ……lol Taylor and I both have them (amazon) and they are the best. I also have real Birkenstocks over at the beach house that are 5+ years old. My favorite of the week is getting back out with the 9 holers group at my country club for golf and then coming to the beach house yesterday for 5 nights and hosting our besties who will arrive today thru Sunday. Our first beach weekend with them since Dec 2019! Have a great weekend!


  5. oooh! keep the bathing suit! i would think alot of colors would coordinate with the pink, and if you accidentally got a little tan with that suit, well….
    i am waaay older than you, but i still have such fond memories of some of the teachers i had throughout the years. some of them have shown up to our high school reunions in the past and i try to never miss the opportunity to tell one what an impact they had on me!
    i hope when you read this your have already followed the dog and made the 50 yard dash!!
    have a terrific weekend!!


  6. Oh, what an inspirational post: bathing suits, sandals, bubbles and patio time, wonderful! Keep the bathing suit, it will look great on you on the boat this summer!
    How sweet that you helped your former student, you’re a sweetheart. And I always tell my colleagues when I get a compliment from a student, of course this should be shared! It means so much!
    Enjoy your Sunday!


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