Thursday, April 15, 2021

I did a post last week about consignment shopping with my sister and I had the idea to show you as much as I could from my current closet that came from consignment! Now, I have been shopping this way for years and many of the items I have let go if they no longer fit or no longer fit my style aesthetic.

I have had great luck with shoes and that is the area I always go to first.

I got these brand new Volatile sandals most recently. They were around $20.

Gosh, it’s maybe been 6 years ago that I found these black Birkenstocks? I would say they were $18 if I remember correctly.

One of my best buys were these Tory Burch Millers that I found maybe 8 years ago for $70. These retail at over $200 and I liked that these were unique. I have worn the crap out of these. They are great when you need a flat but want to be a bit more elevated.

These sandals retail for quite a bit and I got them for $18 I think. The heel is very high so I mainly wear them out to dinner in the summer.

These are super flat and not very comfortable. Also, I don’t wear silver that much. But, for only $15 I couldn’t pass up these Tory Burch flip flops.

My best score ever are probably my 3 pairs of Tieks ballet flats. Oprah calls these a favorite thing and they retail for over $200. I saw all 3 in my size n the shelf and I decided to just get the gold. They were brand new and priced at $30, but I knew my brands and knew this was an incredible bargain. Someone must have ordered the wrong size or found out they didn’t like them? Someone spent $600? Wow!

After taking the gold ones home, I couldn’t stop thinking about the grey below and the plain black (not pictured). I went back and scooped them both up before they could be sold. So, for $90, I have $600 worth of Tieks. I love these flats. I have worn them a bunch to teach in.

Now for the clothing…

I would say I bought each of these things for $6-$12? The clothing are priced at a lower price point than the shoes. I have also found a few purses for great prices. Once I found Ray-Bans for $60 from $200 but I scratched them up after a couple years of lots of wear. I can’t figure out how I scratched them. Anyway, I tell you this so you know what can be found.

This dress:

This blouse:

This kimono:

This Target blouse: I really liked the design.

This orange blouse:

This Walmart sweater with the cute floral hem:

This poncho:

So, this is just a small snapshot of what I have been able to find over the years.

Are you convinced to give it a try?

I hope so!


P.S. – I love that the high school girls have embraced second hand shopping. I think it’s a great thing to teach your kids. It can also be a fun bonding experience.

6 thoughts on “My Consignment Finds

  1. You have had great luck with shoes! My boys love going to some vintage shops and have fun treasure hunting. The Goodwill in our area is always packed with college students – I feel like this generation enjoys it way more then mine did when I was younger!

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