Monday, April 19, 2021

I am linking up with Heather, Tanya and many more here today!

How was your weekend? Mine was really good, but as usual, it went by too quickly.

Friday after school I asked these two co-workers if they wanted to have a quick drink on my deck and they did. Sometimes spontaneity is the best policy! It was warm and sunny and it felt great to be done with the week.

Then, I talked Tom into going out to dinner. Captain’s Quarter’s (the place where we boat to) had been closed all winter and had recently re-opened. This is Tom in his coach’s mask that I think looks like Hannibal Lecter. They have adirondack chairs for while you wait that overlook the river.

Our friends met us and we had to eat inside because they don’t have much outdoor seating right now. We stayed out until 9. Who are we?

Saturday morning was hair day!

Why can’t I make a decent face in photos?

While my hair was processing, I got to watch some of Prince Philip’s funeral – which I had forgotten about. I went home and watched the rest. Did you watch it? Are you a royal watcher? I was happy to see Harry and William chatting afterwards.

Oh, I splurged at the salon and bought Olaplex! Again, who am I? I will report back on my thoughts. Anyone use it?

I wore my new sandals on Saturday.

Mason came home on Saturday! We had a vanilla latte on the patio with my new candle.

Then, Mason and Tom picked up Jack for sushi. Mason and Tom went to see The Courier at the movie theater and really liked it but Jack had work to do at school.

I had a girls’ night with my besties at a Cuban restaurant. I had sangria!

We shared some plantain chips and queso and I forgot to take photos of the rest of our food.

Sunday was Kroger day! I went in the store instead of doing pick up.

And, we got the boat out! I don’t think we have ever done it before May. It was cold, but the river was calm and it was nice to be out.

So, it was quite a full weekend!

What was the highlight of yours?

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. I’ve only used it once, but the lather/suds from the shampoo was pretty amazing. The conditioner didn’t seem too impressive at first use. I’ve also recently been thinking about whether your shampoo and conditioner have to match? Maybe not?


  1. Hi Amy. Love your blog! Question, I struggle with spontaneous happy hour on my deck because I’m always nervous I won’t have enough or the right drinks/snacks. We have a small home so I don’t buy or keep extra of that kind of thing because of space issues. I want to do more of this but never feel prepared. Any tips?


    1. Hi Paige! Thank you! This might be a good blog post. I would say start with inviting just one person. And, remember these are your friends so they won’t judge. I didn’t plan on feeding them anything but I went in the house and cut up some cheese and found some crackers. I do almost always have some little cocktail napkins and little paper plates. I gave them two choices of drink and knew they both liked bourbon so I offered a Kentucky Mule (like a Moscow Mule but with bourbon instead of vodka) or bourbon and gingerale. So my advice would be to keep it simple – one bottle of wine, beer, or a cocktail you know they like. Also, keeping it simple makes it easy for them to reciprocate. If you make it too complicated they will think they can never match your happy hour. You know? Oh, and remember outside is the key because your house doesn’t have to be spotless. They may have to use the bathroom, though!
      Let me know if you do it sometime soon! Go for it!


      1. These are great, thank u! Especially the part about keeping it simple so they don’t feel overwhelmed in reciprocating. Been there! I’m going to try to keep the essentials on hand. Can’t wait to try it out.


      2. Thank you, Paige! It really is better to keep it simple – maybe that applies to all aspects of life. My house is very small, too. And, my kitchen is horrible. That is why I really only entertain in the nice weather. We just have to work with what we have.


  2. What a fun weekend! I love your new sandals – that print is so fun! All the socializing sounds so good, our weekend was not nearly as fun. I spent most of Saturday cleaning but it had to be done!
    Have a super week!


  3. You do so much fun stuff! Carpe diem! I am a bit jealous I must confess…!
    Tell us about Olaplex, I’m really curious. You’re hair looks great, btw!
    My highlight is spending time with 16 years’ she’s a very bright and interesting person! I love the picture with you and Mason and two lattes! (Remember when you didn’t share their names? :-D)
    Have a great and productive start of the week! I’m going to cabin with wood for patio after work – I love these long light days!


    1. Thank you! Yes, carpe diem always! I hope spring arrives soon for you!
      I will tell you about Olaplex. I have only used it once so far but the suds/texture on the shampoo was pretty amazing.
      So fun that you had time with your 16 yo. I do remember! Seems so long ago now!


  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So exciting to have the boat out and that you got to see both of your boys! I love your shoes, and your hair looks great!! Have a great week.


  5. I laughed at your Hannibal Lector imagery.
    You totally rocked your hair-do and cool blue nail polish on your fun weekend. Sangria and plantain chips! So yum!
    Watching Prince Philip’s funeral, my heart broke for the Queen who looked so sad sitting on her own. My daughter performed in a choir for the Queen and Prince Philip when they last visited Melbourne in 2011, and the Prince stood right next to her and told the kids he thought they were so good because their performance sounded like a recording and not live. LOL


    1. It looks like that, right?
      Thank you for the sweet compliments on hair and nails! Yes to sangria and plantain chips!
      It was so sad. Why didn’t one of her kids sit by her? That is so cool about your daughter!
      That’s funny!


  6. Hey you’re empty nesters! LOL that’s who you are! Love it and enjoy it. You’ve earned it! Taylor loves the oliplex shampoo and conditioner! I haven’t tried it yet. Sounds like you had a great weekend! My highlight was having our friends over to the beach house and we had AN AMAZING TIME with them! They loved all of our updates and especially the fireplace!! It was a great weekend!!


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